Cau Hai Lagoon in April

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Every April, I return to Cau Hai Lagoon, Hue to live in the floating life of local people and capture all of this area.

Text and photos: Thang The

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I first traveled to Cau Hai lagoon in April of five years ago. It was when I first captured beautiful photos. The beauty of Cau Hai has strongly impressed me since then and I have taken many photos of it.

Cau Hai Lagoon is rather large with Bach Ma mountain on one side and the coastal land on the other side. The lagoon is connected to the sea via Tu Hien gate, where features special ecology and people. Cau Hai is beautifull all day. The scenery and people are mixed to create thousands of striking features that enchant guests.

One time, I visited Cau Hai at noon of the early summer, when Hue is scorching. I stood on Tu Hien bridge and squinted to look at the lagoon in the shining sun. It was an enormous mirror with numerous boats as small crescents. Nets created interesting lines that turned the lagoon into a magnificent embroidering painting.

In another visit, I drove around Cau Hai from the early morning till late afternoon. Sometimes, I arrived at dawn, hired a boat and floated on the lagoon until late afternoon. Then, I came back to Da Bac to see local people washing nets. They returned from the morning market near Tu Hien seaport.

I returned to Cau Hai last April and hired a boat to view the lagoon in the morning sunshine. Then, I traveled to Vinh Hien floating market near the sea port at midnight. I lied on the boat to look at the starry sky fell into a good sleep. At 3a.m, the entire wharf was crowded with fishermen, who came to sell what they caught in the evening. The wharf was bustling until sunrise, when boats left the market to somewhere around the lagoon.

I am always lovesick of Cau Hai and trying to keep in the closest position. Even when I take flights via this place, I always choose a seat near the window to witness the entire Cau Hai Lagoon.

Further information

Cau Hai is the largest lagoon of Tam Giang Lagoons with a surrounding area of more than 100km. It is located in the South, in Phu Loc district, Thu Thien – Hue.

You can follow two ways to this lagoon. From the T-cross of Phu Bai international airport, take Phu Bai – Truong Ha street to the sea. Then, turn right at the 49B national road and travel about 30km to Tu Hien seaport. It is the best place to capture photos of Cau Hai. You can also take the 1A national road from Hue to Danang. You will see Cau Hai Lagoon on the left of Cau Hai station. Take about 8km to the 49B national road to turn left to Tu Hien seaport.

Some of the best places for taking photos:

- Tu Hien Seaport, Tu Hien Bridge

- Da Bac, Cau Hai, Thua Luu

- Tuy Van pagoda (near the sea, about 3km from Tu Hien seaport in the north)

- Vinh Hien floating market (under the foot of Tuy Van pagoda)


- You can enjoy a variety of dishes in Vinh Hien beach at reasonable price.

- You can buy seafood at the morning market. Local people will help you cook at a very cheap price.


- Phu Loc town is about 7km from Da Bac. You can choose a hotel or a guesthouse here.

- Besides, you can book a room in a beautiful resort here to view the wonderful sunrise.

- Hiring a boat of local people and sleep on the lagoon.


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