Tomb of Khai Dinh Emperor - The only tomb with East - West architecture in Hue

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Khai Dinh Tomb, also known as Ung Tomb, built during 11 years, some materials are from France, Japan, China. This is the only tomb in Hue City has a combination of East-West architecture. 

Khai Dinh Tomb, also known as Ung Tomb, built during 11 years, some materials are from France, Japan, China. Khai Dinh Tomb where to get in Hue

Once coming there, visitors can easily realize the prime location of the tomb, there is a low hill in the front, two statues including "Left Dragon" and "Right White Tigers". From tomb, visitors can have a panoramic view of a vast hilly area, surrounded by woods in harmonious natural surroundings. 

Khai Dinh Emperor is the 12th king of the Nguyen dynasty, ascended the throne in his 31-year-old. Once in his throne, he had commanded people to build the mausoleum at Chau Chu Mount. 

The mausoleum was built in more than a decade by many talented craftsmen and artisans all over the country. Compared to other tombs, though Khai Dinh Tomb is smaller but is the most meticulously constructed tomb.

Khai Dinh Tomb the only tomb ih Hue with east-west architecture
Visitors will walk through the imposing gate, 37 stairs and the citadel covered with the big dragon statues up to the outside lobby.

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From there, if you continue to climb 29 steps to reach the yard, where the stone statues of troops put in lateral symmetry.

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In the middle of the yard, there is an octagonal tombstone built by solid concrete along with ancient style.

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The two high pillars are carved exquisitely, majestically in the two sides of the yard.

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From the main yard, go forward up to 15 stairs to get to Khai Thanh Palace which is built meticulously, blending many different architectural styles.

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The outside space of the palace is the place for worship and display the photo of the Emperor, the highlight here is the flat wall decorated with mosaic art of ceramic glass. Along with the paintings on the wall, ceramic tiled on the ground, Nine Dragons  hidden in the clouds painted on the ceiling . All of these space has created a world of art.

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The room behind the Khai Thanh Palace is the place where the statue of Khai Dinh Emperor cast in France in 1920 is displayed, the grave is right under the statue. The deeper space is the alter and the ancestral tablet of the Emperor. 

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A dragon carved on the octagon tomb with the exquisite patterns.

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All statues inside the tomb are made of precious and rare stones with great appearance.