Varanasi - Mysterious city by the Ganges river

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In my first visit at the wharf of the Ganges river in Varanasi, I felt like I was floating between the mysterious yin and yang worlds

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Text and photos: Le Thang and personal documents

Regarded as the “saint city of India”, Varanasi has a very rich history. The daily life here reveals extraordinary features with narrow and old streets, where both local people and animals live. All streets in the city lead to the river through long stairs. It can be easily seen that in Varanasi, the daily life of local people is connected closely to the river and when they ends their life, the river holds all of their things.


Varanasi, also known as Benares, Banaras or Kashi, is a must-see destination for any guest, who visits India and those, who would like to discover the special 1000-year culture. It takes about 1 hour by airplane and 10 hours by train.

Dead people of the city are often cremated on Ganges river’s wharf and then water-buried every day. The wharf is a special places for local people to live, christened and prayed every morning. In the evening, the whole Ganges river becomes a big stage for sacred rituals and the wharf is a huge fire estrade burned overnight.

Many people not only have a bath and take the water in the river to bring home but also drink with a respected mind. Pilgrims, who come from remote areas and must return home in the day, often bring small plastic cans to hold water of the Ganges river home.