Don't miss 16 cuisines in your trip to Japan

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Japan is not only famous as the homeland of cherry blossoms,but it also is known for a culinary tradition background. It has many unique cuisines which make visitors can’t ignore. Today, will show 16 special foods that you should try to eat in your trip to Japan.

1. Ramen

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Each region in Japan has a different processing method of ramen noodle; with 4 main types are shoyu, shio, tonkotsu and miso. Chewy noodles and tasty broth that is suitable for eating in the days.

2. Okonomiyaki

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This attractive pancakes dish is made from raw materials such as pork, octopus, shrimp, and even cheese.

3. Nagi no kabayaki

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Eels meat are laced sweet takoyaki sauce and then roasted, creating flavor and smoky. This dish is usually served with white rice.

4. Yakitori 

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In tradition, yakitori is grilled poultry meat. However, the meaning of this word has been extended, using for all the other vegetables and meat. Most of the restaurants cover on meat a special sauce is soybean, rice and mirin wine, but gourmets have often sprinkled a little salt on the meat.

5. Sushi

Renowned as a cuisine of Japan, a delicious sushi piece bases on two main factors: the freshness of ingredients and the chef's techniques. Coming to the land of cherry blossoms, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and explore variety kinds of sushi with different prices.

6. Sanuki udon noodle 

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What makes a sanuki noodle dish is supple and silky soft. Slick noodles, easy to eat, it has both firmness look like spaghetti and flexibility as mochi cake. Noodle is covered with broth dashi sauce and sweet taste.

7. Tonkatsu

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Pork meat is sliced a big, then it is laced with flour and fried in flood oil until golden brown color. The meat has soft part of inside, the crisp outside; spicy sauce is sweet sprinkled which makes this dish more interesting, very well to eat with white rice

8. Beef tongue 

Sendai is considered the homeland and the place to taste the best beef tongue dish in Japan. Beef tongue has a good taste, chewy and less fat than other beef

9. Natto


This fermented soybean dish has a nasty smell for those who eat for the first time. This dish is familiar to Japanese breakfast and often is served with white rice.

10. Gyoza

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Having a similar shape and processing method with Chinese effervescent, gyoza dish usually is made from pork, cabbage, and shallots, sauté for a surface gold and dotted with soy sauce which makes with vinegar

11. Nabe

This is one of the popular dishes on the public gather occasion in Japan, especially in winter. Nabe typically includes vegetables, mushrooms, and meat, is given in a ceramic pot and heat, and then dipped in kinds of sauces.

12. Tempura

Vegetables, seafood is breaded flour and then fried, often dotted with soy sauce. Tempura is served with many dishes, from drinking beer, wine, or you eat rice, noodle.

13. Miso soup

This is an indispensable dish in Japanese meals. This soup is made from dashi broth which is cooked with miso and some other ingredients such as tofu, seaweed,mushrooms.

14. Soba noodle

This type of noodle is made from buckwheat, very popular in Japan. Soba noodle can be eaten hot or cold depending on the season.

15. Taiyaki

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Fish cake is snacks which many people much love much, with crunchy and yellow shells and sweet azuki bean. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of other factors such as ice cream, cheese, green tea ...

16. Matcha cream

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Slightly bitter taste of matcha green tea flour is balanced by the sweetness of red bean sauce. This is an ideal dessert for hot summer days