15+ pictures that prove Japan looks better on film

Curated by BuffaloTripJuly 12, 2016 Viewed: 621

I really enjoy taking my trusty Minolta on trips overseas. I love the grainy look of a film photo and the effort and time I put into taking photos. Especially when I only have a single shot left. With Digital photos I tend to become lazy and complacent: I’ll take 400 photos of a tree and never look at them or do anything with them or even think about them when I’m shooting. I want my photos to count, even if only to me.

Written by Gemma Saunders

So when I was planning my recent Intrepid trip to Japan– a 12-day journey from Tokyo to Osaka – I knew I was going to pack my trusty old Minolta. The trip turned out to be a blast. I ate the best Ramen of my life, cried my eyes out at Hiroshima and fell in love with every dog I saw, even if it was in a pram. Every piece of food was a piece of art, every bit of technology was impressive and every day I was there I thought about ways I could get back to Japan. 

A few weeks later it was time for my favourite moment – getting the freshly developed rolls of film back. This is what I captured.

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