Top places to see autumn leaves in Japan

Top places to see autumn leaves in Japan

Autumn in Japan (Fall in Japan) also known as red leaf season Momiji because this time across the streets, hills, and mountains of Japan whole space are dyed a mainstream red from the maple leaves and petals tidbits. Coming to Japan on the autumn days you'll be witnessing the replacement of the plant's leaves in here, from dark green turn to yellow, finally brilliant red.

However, this is not simultaneously switching to change color which changes color from north to south. The first is the replacement of the maple leaves forest over the mountains, gorges where you can just walk to admire this brilliant beauty. Close to the middle of autumn, the red is now already spread in the cities, parks, and temples. For the Japanese, this is the best  time for the whole family travel together because this is the most beautiful season of the year. 

To be considered as one of the country's most beautiful autumn, Japan is a great destination to enjoy a beautiful autumn leaves season, romance and glamor.

Autumn leaves season in Japan can be enjoyed in many different locations. In the early autumn, the red color is mainly found in the mountains, where entire forests maple leaves turn orange, yellow and red, and it also offers some wonderful autumn sceneries. Walking is the best way to see the colorful leaves on the mountains, but many places you can also move conveniently by train, bus or cable car.

In the late autumn, the red has spread to the cities of Japan, where you can be watching this miraculous change are in parks, temples, and national parks. One of the most prominent locations is in the garden of the temples, where the Japanese people look to fresh natural in between the tall buildings.

Immersed between the brilliant red maple leaves, watching the ancient architectures and the transient winds promise to be an enjoyable experience and the most memorable to those who came to Japan in the fall foliage season. It is also the most appropriate moment for those who love taking pictures to get an album of the most beautiful season of the year of the land of cherry blossoms. The ancient capital of Kyoto, the city of Nikko, Mount Fuji, Five Lakes, Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Tohoku ... are the appropriate places for tourists to feel beautiful moments and most genuine about Japanese autumn.

Here we pick up the list of the best places to see autumn leaves (Momiji – fall foliage) in Japan.