Top places to see autumn leaves in Kyoto

Top places to see autumn leaves in Kyoto

In the period from mid-October to November, the ancient capital of Kyoto was covered in the red maple leaf. In the Autumn, Kyoto is the real spirit "party" for visitors with the most unique "food" is the red color of the maple leaves.

Referring to Japan, people think the right to the land of cherry blossoms. But besides that, this place is also known by season maple leaves change color in the old capital of Kyoto, many people even commented that it is the most beautiful season of the year in the land of the maple trees. If the spring in associated with sakura (cherry blossom), then autumn in here in associated with Momiji (red leaf forest or red fall foliage).

In the period from mid-October to November and lasts until mid-December, the maple trees in here will enter the season change color of leaves, fallen from yellow to brilliant red. Combined with traditional ancient beauty is preserved from the days of old, the beauty of Kyoto shows up as paintings that visitors can not help being overwhelmed. The best time to see red leaves is in mid-November each year. So if you're traveling to Kyoto too early before "the time is ripe" you can go to Kitayama Mountains, where there will be the maple trees change color earlier than elsewhere. Similarly, if you go to later than the end of December, please come to Nara or Uji to see the residual trees.

The great pleasure in the tracking of maple leaves change color in the autumn is called Momijigari by the Japanese people. Like cherry blossom season, the fall, many of the Japanese TV channels often spend a lot of air time to report on the situation to change the color of maple leaves. Not only tourists but also the local people are excited to enjoy the deciduous forest landscape, at this time, visitors traveling to Kyoto will increasing, especially in the temple areas.

Here we pick up the list of the best places to see autumn leaves (Momiji – fall foliage) in Kyoto.