A trip to Lang Co

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More than 16 hours on the train from Hanoi TN1, we were “compensated” with endless beaches, Lap An lagoon blue and Bach imposing mountains of Lang.


1. The trip Lang – member club of the world’s most beautiful bays is determined lightning – just two days before departure. Seven agreed to go slow train TN1 to save costs. Many people in the group feel the time as when first stopped the rocking chair sat prescription, no conditioning.

More than 16 hours on the train from Hanoi, we were “compensated” with endless beaches, Lap An lagoon blue and Bach imposing mountains of Lang. An endless stretch of coastline extending from Hai Van Pass to the north bay Chan shows up in the early morning sunshine.

Even after throwing out the furniture in the rooms, seven people we ran into the sea, immersed in the green water over the whole sky and feel every wave of her leaning over.

Just as that, all the chaos, noisy and dusty as being washed clean. For me, happiness is simply helped put her drop-by waves, and looking to the blue of the sky that fills the eyes.

Lang Co Beach dozen kilometers long stretching from the Hai Van pass to Chan May port – Photo: Le Hong Thai.

2. Where Lang But only that. Take the group can not swim forever. On the deserted beach Chan area that housed the cuffs. They run very fast and burrow right on the beach.

We are actively involved in a race against floods cuffs. Not easy to catch because they hide in the cave when someone appears.

Shambled dig and look how not to be sandwiched by the increasingly huge, we also caught a dozen children. Although the amount is not large, but they all gloating and happy. We bring the spoils of roasted fish, as suggested by the locals.

Enjoy the hand cuffs caught attention, not merely a stronger taste of the sea that it is the employee’s sickness, you win the race with two more species of eight feet.

3. Nature has endowed Lang tens km long beach with sand and smooth comfort. It would be remiss if I did not go the full length of it.

Luckily when borrowed a bicycle in spot, I could not hesitate plunge right into the sea, drunk with the pedal on the beautiful sandy stretch that is lined world.

Under the gentle sunshine of the sunset, the sea breeze blowing non-stop, I’m approaching from Lang Co beach in the town center near Chan May port.

Topography from comfortable, flat beach in the south to the rugged, fierce waves than in the north. I thought I had lost in the dreamland, where only you and the vast ocean.

When night falls, people prepare opaque green furniture, firewood to start the campfire on the beach. Firelight flickering around, we lift up singing together click the sip local beer and lounging sea heard singing.

The party lasted until late at night in the tipsy of yeast and sea breeze.

4. Located on the West side, separated from the sea east by the town of Lang Co, Lap An lagoon is enclosed waters with abundant seafood of about 800ha. People are hired motorcycles around dress in the morning.

Sunrise red dye a corner of the sky. In the distance is the soup huts of local people. Every now and again there are boat collecting nets filled with fish and shrimp. When the tide withdrew, Lap An out right is muddy swamps and mangrove roots bristling.

After two hours of discovery of Lap An, we along the sleeve bends, the slope even ten percent of the Hai Van Pass. More sluggish pass up not down the road just 10km, the group touched Hai Van Quan.

Standing on top of the pass visible white Lang Co beach, turn around 180 degrees is the high-rise buildings, magnificent bridge spanning the Han River and Danang Bay arc.

Sea sky splendid voice …

Lap An lagoon covers approximately 800 hectares, is home to many types of seafood. In the distance is the Bach Ma mountain

Bow Danang bay view from the top of Hai Van Pass.


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