Autumn gold season in Sang Ma Sao

Curated by BuffaloTripSeptember 11, 2015 Viewed: 1674

The terraced fields in Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province of Northwestern Vietnam have started a blaze of yellow, formed a picture with gorgeous colors and lines.

Even though it is earlier in August, terraced fields in Sang Ma Sao commune are turning from green to yellow.

From high looking down, terraced plains in Sang Ma Sao are gorgeous in a sunny afternoon.

Wave layers of rice surround the small house.

Ethnic Hmong village is between prosperous fields

Grain painting includes contours and beautiful colors of early autumn.

Terraces are foothills of the majestic San Quan Ky

Rice on the hillside and valley in Sang Ma Sao are ripening.

Charm of the golden autumn on Sang Ma Sao highlands


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