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Luang Prabang, Laos


Ban Aphay, Kingkitsarath Rd, Luang Prabang, Laos (by the Nam Khan river - follow the signs from near Hive Bar)


+856 20 23 881 771



More information

http://www.utopialuangprabang.com/, https://facebook.com/UtopiaLaos, http://www.flickr.com/utopia/


From $10 and up

Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 8:00 am - 11:30 pm

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Utopia is quite likely the most unique bar and restaurant in South-east Asia, and certainly Luang Prabang’s premier place to relax!  Utopia is centrally located and yet tucked away on a private strip of land on the banks of the Nam Khan river. The restaurant features beautiful views, great music, sculpted gardens, yoga, free Wi-Fi, games, a volleyball court, a peaceful atmosphere during the daytime, and a great crowd and groove for the night life.

Utopia's zen-like garden restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy morning yoga, eat a healthy breakfast, and relax during the day. At night, Utopia becomes Luang Prabang's most popular night venue.

Utopia's attractions: yoga, tiki huts, beach volleyball, great menu, relaxing atmosphere, river view garden, boardgames including giant jenga, shisha pipes, guitar, great music, outdoor movie theatre, documentaries, and community projects.

Set on the Nam Khan riverbank, Utopia Bar and Restaurant is a peaceful place where you can enjoy good food and drinks and relax in their tropical gardens or at the bamboo river decks taking in the lovely upcountry scenery. Utopia also has a range of different activities such as beach volleyball, shisha pipes, live music and movies/documentaries.

Aims to be a relaxing garden by day and tropical jungle lounge by night, when it fills up with backpackers. Gorgeous views along the Nam Khan River. One of the best located bars in Laos and creatively decorated. The food and shakes are great, especially the burgers. Cocktails are on point, too. Caters to backpackers wanting to chill, but other than the beer there is nothing Laoatian about this place with a clichéd backpacker facilities including board games, scatter cushions, giant Jenga and volleyball court. Free and fast Wi-Fi


Enjoy a beautiful yoga session in Utopia’s tropical garden overlooking the old bridge spanning the Nam Khan river’s mountainous background. Yoga mats are provided, but bring one if you have one! Classes are dependent upon weather, but even if it rains a little, it can still be enjoyable as you can see at here.


Utopia is located along the Nam Khan river on the "other side" of the Phousi Temple hill. You can get around the hill from either side of the night market / main street. Do not cross the river at any point, or you are definitely going the wrong direction! The walk is less than 10 minutes unless you stop to enjoy the views! The streets and pathways are well-lit, and you will be well-rewarded once you find Utopia!

Path #1. From the corner near the Aussie Bar, walk down the hill about 50 meters and turn left down the alleyway next to the internet cafe and follow the signs.

Path #2. Same as #1, except if you go past the internet cafe, continue 15 meters past Martins Pub, and take a left down the alleyway and turn right after the tiny bridge. If you see the gas station, you missed the alleyway.

Path #3. From Lao Lao Gardens, go across the street and down the alleyway past S-Bar. Walk across the temple grounds, down the stairs, and follow the signs to Utopia.

Review by visitors

Me & my partner had a great night at Utopia watching the football on the big screen. There is a great atmosphere and the drinks are cheap. 

The only let down was the food in our opinion.. I ordered sausage & mash but my plate was swimming in sloppy, lumpy mash potato! Disappointing as I had heard good things, however we didn't rate the food at all.


This place could be more chilled if it wasn't for the management's decision to encourage staff to repeat stock phrases to customers in order to get tips. Both the menu and receipt box state the staff are requested to chat to customers, (whether or not the customers want this) and that should they do so a tip is expected. Unfortunately, since many of the staff don't speak English, this chat involves the standard tuk-tuk driver questions "Where you come from?" and "How long you stay?". The one waiter I had repeatedly asked me these questions every day I came. I finally answered him "You asked me this yesterday." but he couldn't understand my meaning. Who does this benefit? If the management feel the staff need more money they can raise their salaries. If the management wants staff to have conversations with customers, they must provide staff with English lessons. Otherwise staff are just repeating well-worn and annoying phrases in hopes they get a couple of bucks. This isn't good for anyone. It makes for an uncomfortable experience and treats the Laotians like children.


I went here a few times during my stay in LP. It is a very chilled out place with floor seating as well. There is a place for yoga twice a day and the volleyball is a lot of fun.

The cocktails are awesome and the staff is friendly. Must visit.


Nice drinks and nice place 

Prices is inexpensive

I go to here with friends from England, Brazil, Germany, Portugal and Thailand! So lucky to meet cool people from around the world, here in utopia, Luang Prabang, Laos


Short distance from the main road, down an alley, and you'll wonder why you didn't come here earlier. 

They have a FANTASTIC, open bamboo terrace view of the river. You can even nap here on the cushions in the afternoon. 

Food and drinks reasonably priced.

They also have yoga here at sunset, but it looked crowded.

~vivi c

It's nice during the day and a party and a half at night.

Best Places to sit depend on what you enjoy. There is beautiful balcony overlooking the river with no fence to protect you from falling a significant distance to the ground below. So at night just be careful if you get too tipsy or else. Kinda nice without the fence as the view is unobstructed. There is volleyball, there is good music, drinks are a little pricy and no entrance fee. After lots go bowling where they continue to serve drinks. It can get full pretty fast so if you want an ally you might wish to leave the club a little early.

I think if like this sort of thing you'll have a blast!

Safe Travels!

~michael g

The drinks are more expensive than you an find elsewhere but the location makes up for it. Lovely views of the river, enjoyed lounging on the mats, nice atmosphere. We had western food which was done really well, would suggest eating before the sun goes down as afterwards there's tons of bugs.


Love this place, first visited years back and have returned a few times since then. If you want a great place to hang out and meet people, go here!


One of the most serene and beautiful bars we have visited throughout our travels. Arriving around 8-9pm you can sit beside candlelight on low chairs or soft Asian mattresses with pillows, and chat quietly with friends beside the river. Very dark, cosy and romantic. 

It closes at 11, and by this time there are areas which have become more dance-orientated. You can follow Utopia with an evening at the bowling alley if you fancy...


View and food was great, however during may the weather is very hot if you're visiting for lunch. 

Good place to chill! Overall great unique experience in Luang Probang.


all the backpackers will gather here during the evening for drinks. chill atmosphere. you can go here during the day to chill on the lounge pads on the deck overlooking the river, or under the big sunroof


We went to utopia to have some rest in a sunny day and we were surprised. Burger was SOO good but pizza was a bit tasteless. After lunch we just chill for a while, (we almost took a siesta) read and have a coffe with banana


I don't really see what all the rave reviews are about. This has a nice setting when the sun sets, be prepared to get bitten by bugs. Night time is ok, it's very dark and there are large groups of people at the tables. I've been 3 x on my trip thinking it would improve but I don't see why people rate this place. Drinks are average and the food is bad. Atmosphere is ok if you're drunk

~Emma D

We first came here in the evening when the bar was packed, such a beautiful lay out and relaxed atmosphere. We came the next day for lunch and loved sitting in the garden by the river. We ordered fish and chips which tasted amazing and a jug of draft beer. My partner ordered the Bangers and Mash, our only criticisms are that the portions are slightly on the small side and maybe a tad over priced.


Best food we have had in a long time after 3 months of travelling, the menu is sooo good with such good choice !! Good drinks menu too and atmosphere is great both day and evening. Staff are super cute and friendly, the best place by far that we visited in Laos!!

Pip C

It's an awesome bar/restaurant that has a very cool vibe about it, I only went there to have drinks (which were fairly priced) the location and scenery were awesome over looking the river. It has 2 areas, 1 area where there's loud music, and another area on the porch that is much quieter and good for talking. Only set back is that it closes at 11:30 which is fairly early for a bar and the only place open is the bowling alley. (which is hilarious) all in all great place to grab drinks with friends or meet new ones!

~Chris F

I went there alone for very first time, very hard to find the place while raining but finally I made it. There is stunning to me at first, decoration and vibe are this is what I am looking for, for the chilling out. Drinks and foods are nice, pizza are awesome.


Utopia is a quintessential backpacker hangout spot. Met a group of travelers first day of a 4 month SEA trip in bangkok (Nappark Hostel) and a month later I ran into a bunch of them, unplanned, at Utopia. This is the spot to go to after a day or walking around LP or hanging at the waterfalls. Like everywhere else in LP, Utopia closes around midnight due to their city regulations - Utopia is also the launching pad for the out of town late-night bowling 

- Cheap beers and great evening vibes
- music videos on wall projector and lots of triangle mats the hang out
- beach volleyball court
- no shoes allowed
- excellent for solo travelers and launching pad for late night bowling

~Zach B

I went here my first time last night and loved it. The atmosphere is just so chilled, it's amazing. It's full of younger travelers so it's a super friendly place where it's easy to meet new people. I ended up drinking with an Aussie, some French guys, an American, and a pro volleyball player from China. Super good time. Also had dinner there -- the Lao Laap -- the best I've had anywhere. EXCELLENT staff service, too. They always get your order right and they are super friendly. But what tells you the most about this place is that everybody I talked to has been going there every night since they found it. As will I!


We were lost walkin to find it as it's quite hidden. When we did find it we were so happy. Sitting with a cocktail on little mats, fairy lights etc lovely place for a calm drink! 

Quite expensive but is a lovely little place.


Open space restaurant along the Kan river view. They have all day serves not so various but have both local and international menu. It is great if you go after 6 pm. I have been for lunch and i think it's too hot!!!

~Sari S

We came to utopia on 2 occasions during our visit to LP. The atmosphere at this bar is really chill, there's plenty of space to sit with friends, a volleyball court and good music. We never bought anything off the menu besides beer so I cannot comment on that aspect. The only negative I have about this bar is that it closes just after 11 pm and the staff are quite pushy to get people cleared out. When you leave they allow you to take your beer so long as you pour it into a plastic cup (makes sense) and as soon as you come out from the alley way your continuously approached by tuk tuk drivers to catch a ride to the bowling alley. It can be chaotic sometimes with a bunch of drunk people trying to find the cheapest ride.

~Sarah O

Nice bar. I came here three times, twice at night and once during the day. The staff are friendly and the owner was nice, he was genuinely interested if our food was alright (and it was very nice). Definitely pop in for a look when in Luang Prabang

~Eoin B

we were pleasantly surprised with this bar. what fantastic views and the service also was very good. Must try is the river weed with tomato salsa! There are cushions to sit on and just relax(they could be a little cleaner) They will even put a fan right beside if requested. Well worth the trek in from the road


My brother read about this place in the lonely planet guide so we decided to check it out and so glad we did. 

This place is awesome!!!!! We were lucky enough to get a spot looking out on the river. Such a cool vibe. There's not seats - you chill on mats etc. 

The pizzas were good, the service was top notch!!!! 

Wish we could visit again.


Originally came for one drink and ended up staying for far longer. Staff were friendly and efficient, didn't mind when we moved tables a few times and always kept track of us.

Average prices for both food and drink here, the pizzas were tasty but thin crust so not necessarily filling for the hungry ones in our group.

Very chilled atmosphere of mostly young backpackers, indoor and outdoor spaces were both full by peak time. Go if you can for a fun, relaxed evening with good staff.

~Emma C

Very nice bar to chill out with friends, have beers or cocktail, sit on soft pillows on the floor.

bar itself is very well done. They have tables looking on the river, low tables inside where you can sit on soft pillows on the floor, motorbikes hanged all around the bars,...

There is also a beach volley court!

Prices are fine, not cheap, not too expensive. A must go in Luang Prabang!


It's a bar over looking a river (which u can't see at night) Loads of bugs in the trees (bring insect repellant) Food is good! from previous reviews I expected Sth really unique!


Good ambience, food is pricey but with good crowd and environment. Quite famous. But better check the weather before you hit the place. We went to utopia and there's a very heavy rain. We couldn't finish our food, everyone ran into the shed, the bamboo blinds got blown away, and half the town blacked out! Quite an experience. Very very important, make sure you also bring your torch light and mosquito repellent!!!! Very dark and a lot of mosquitoes with occasionally a visit from the cats.


Sitting on the bamboo deck or rather lounging on the comfortably arranged recliners, with an ice cold beer Laos and a good book, whilst taking in the peacefulness of the view over the Nan Khan is just what is needed on a sweltering hot day in Luang Prabang


Couple times I visited this place ,the food was so good and delicious and the staffs were so friendly and they have a good view towards Nam khan river .try to visit this restaurant ..you will not regret


Couple times I visited this place ,the food was so good and delicious and the staffs were so friendly and they have a good view towards Nam khan river .try to visit this restaurant ..you will not regret

~jack w

If the idea of sitting / lying on dirty mattresses looking at a pretty average river view is your thing, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, Luang Prabang is a relaxed place already, so don't waste your time, find somewhere better to get a drink.


Went to yoga, great setting! But really not for beginners, also personally found it more of a stretch & tone session than yoga. 
At night it's great for drinks & chill out. But if you're wanting to get off the tourist trail then this is not the place for you!

Food was ok but we just had some snacks with our drinks.

All in all great bar


We have spent 2 afternoons here and loved just relaxing by the river front, reading and enjoying the views. The service is very good and the food is great- try the Tuna melt, it's absolutely delicious and filled with copious amounts of fresh dill! The wild mushroom omelette is also divine and jammed with fresh veggies. This is a wonderful place to chill out, unwind and escape the heat for a few hours.


Frequented by many but worth the hype 

We spent 3 hours here and had good food. Drinks and watched the mekong river unfold.

Great views!!! And very relaxing. You are left to chill as long as you want to with plenty of space.


We visited around 2pm and stayed for 3hours. Watching the monks in the river and just relaxing. Great chilled atmosphere with a few electronic fans around! 

There are triangle sunloungers with tables too. 

Wifi is a little temperamental. 

Food menu is brilliant, drinks a little pricey! 

Yoga is on sun, tues, thurs, fri at 5pm on the decking. 



I ordered a burger, the only Western food I ate on the whole trip and it did not taste very good. My kids had a good fish and chips and brochetta and my wife had a good sticky rice and mango. The seats are either stools with no backrest or sitting on the floor with back cushions. Cool hippy ambience.


Fairly average priced drinks here but if there are a couple of you, their towers can provide good value. The view over the water is great and inside decor has been nicely done. Slightly ruined by the hipsters over taking the place slowly.


Sign posted from the road it was relatively easy to find. They've got great good, a large variety of drinks and plenty of space to chill out on the decking. Even a beach volleyball court. Definitely head over if you're in Laung Prabang, have a couple drinks and watch the Mekong flow by.


Spent most of the afternoon lounging in their riverside bamboo lounge - what a wonderful way to escape the afternoon heat. The place wasn't crowded at all, a couple of tables in each area, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the vibe. I wouldn't recommend going if you are in a hurry or are starving, as the staff seem to enjoy the chill vibe as well ;) All in all a wonderful place to mosey in for a relaxed bite or drink


We had an evening drink sitting under the thatched lean-to area. It features squabs and triangular pillows for the young couples and reclining chairs and tables for the more mature - AND thankfully, mosquito candles and coils. Very pleasant indeed watching the light fade and the evening come to life.


Place is nice and cocktails and food are good but the place is simply too popular and too crowded. Only with tourists ! Good place to party if you are a group and want to meet people.


I was on Kingkitsarath road yesterday and apart from the Hive bar the rest of the places had a handful of customers. Utopia was packed and it didn't take me long to figure out why. The saying "location, location, location" hold true by overlooking the Nam Khan river. However, this only. the start. The place is barely lit and the music is at low volume. Overall a really cool place where you can chill out. FYI all this coolness comes with a premium. For the large bottle of Beerlao I paid 15,000LAK which I found steep!


Amazing! The place to be, during the day or during the night! Finally a good place to have a drink, meet old and new friends and be happy! the drinks are very cheap, the area is nice.


Visited the Utopia Restaurant and Bar for dinner with friends. As Utopia is a little off the beaten track being down a few side alleys it was pleasant to see a fun, chilled out restaurant full of travellers sharing their tales and life stories over food and drinks. The restaurant/bar also host a number of other activities through out the week like pool, yoga, movies, etc. The tables are low to the ground with futon like cushions to sit on and had a very bohemian feel to it with a Japanese influence. This is a nice restaurant/bar and can imagine chilling out in the shade with relaxing music and a drink in the day would be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of travelling the streets. The staff were friendly and helpful, but felt that communication was an issue at some points in the night. The service did suffer a little due to communication problems with our server, which took a bit of effort to rectify. As the time between ordering and receiving the food was longer then usual, but they were busy. Unfortunately the food didn't help improve our impression of the restaurant side. Overall I would say that the bar element of Utopia restaurant/bar is better then the restaurant element however it doesn't make the restaurant side of Utopia bad just not as good as the bar side.


I visited the Utopia bar during a stay in Luang Prabang on our intrepid group tour.

Be mindful it's quite difficult to find so definitely plan your route (we nearly gave up!).

We ordered a collection of dishes: plantain chips, wontons and spring rolls which were all delicious.

We then laid on futon like seats and drank local beers.

I would highly recommend Utopia.


Passing through town with my husband. Met up with some other backpackers who introduced us to this place. Hidden away but worth the little walk from the main drag. Chilled music, relaxed vibe and cold drinks. Full of tourists eager to share there travel experience and life stories.


When we first arrived here we loved the place. It's got a really cool location, very laidback and ideal for relaxing in the afternoon. It's definitely a great place for a few drinks with friends. The staff is eager to seem like friends and kept hanging around our table to talk to us. And then the bad stuff...The food on the other hand was boring and my bluecheese burger came without any cheese and sauce. So it was quite dry. The bathroom was a horrible experience, very dirty and smelly. And one more negative, we both ended up smelling a lot like mold after having sat on the cusions.


Based on the reviews, we went there for dinner while a yoga session was going on. The atmosphere is very relaxed and nice. We ordered three items highly recommended, but the food was so tasteless, especially the chicken laap, which is supposed to be flavorful. The bill was almost $30 for a family of three (a child), which is not cheap for the tasteless food. If anyone is going there for food, please save your money.


This restaurant / bar/ yoga zone / volley ball court is an excellent way to spend a day relaxing by the river. Cushions and comfort in the sun with excellent food and drink on offer. Spend the day reading and writing in the sun or shade whilst enjoying a beerlao or challenge another group to a game of volleyball. Very good atmosphere here during the day and night.


What a great place to chill out, day or night. Relaxed atmosphere with several different areas to sit, or lie and soak up the chilled vibes of this lovely place by the river, where you will not be hurried or hassled, and will undoubtedly meet like minded fellow travellers. The garden area is beautifully lit at night, and deactivated bombs add to the landscaping and give pause for thought.


It's a bar with a bunch of different seating areas, music, lots of people from all over the world. The staff was friendly and even though it was very busy didn't have to wait long for a drink. Leave your shoes outside. When Utopia closes everyone heads over to the bowling alley just outside of town.


A must visit if your in Luang Prabang. Utopia is very big, with many different seating area from tables to benches, beanbags and grass areas. There is a beach volleyball court there which is always in use and they also do 2 Yoga classes a day which are cheap and very very good. The evenings and day times are bustling with people and there is a fantastic atmosphere. The food is nice (although a little more expensive) and the staff are lovely.


If you're visiting Luang Probang and you're looking for a touristy, interesting, vibrant bar look no further.

Good selection of drinks and music, awesome beach volleyball court free to play for all. 

Plenty of space to chill out or have a dance. The bar is down some quiet alleys, and tuk tuk drivers will descend when closing time arrives (early ish around 23:30) which can be a slightly annoyance. 

More expensive than other bars in relatively close proximity, hence 4* and not 5.

A must visit for backpackers.


Good atmosphere with nice music. A bit tricky to find as you have to walk along street as you do in Laos... but that is part of the trip


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