Poetic Mai Chau Valley in the new season

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The fields in Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh Province are in the new rice season. Everywhere farmers are transplanting rice seedlings.

About 130 km from Hanoi, after about four hours on the bus, you will see Mai Chau located in a peaceful valley next to Highway 6. The distance is not too far, combined with spectacular views. Mai Chau has become the favorite destination of tourists.

From above, you can enjoy panoramic Mai Chau valley with fields covered by water to prepare for transplanting rice seedlings.

This is one of the best times for traveling to Mai Chau valley to see beautiful images.

A small village amid the vast fields like an "oasis". Mai Chau valley is mainly inhabited by Thai ethnic group, in addition to a few Muong people.

In the next few months, the fields will turn yellow in the harvest season.

Around the valley are pretty small villages. In the evening, kitchen smoke emanates from the houses, creating a warm atmosphere.

The peaceful sunset in the valley. The late sun rays reflect off the water, looking like a giant mirror.


Huy Hoa Ngo