Backpacking: Visit cloudy market in Thung Khe and enjoy Northwest specialty

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Thung Khe saddle is a rugged turnoff road, is covered by fog throughout the year. There is a interesting market, a lot of tourists visit here call it by the name: cloudy market, sell specialties Northwest of Vietnam.

Thung Khe saddle (in Hoa Binh province), is one of the most dangerous saddles in Vietnam as well as O Quy Ho Khau Pha, Ma Pi Leng, Pha Din... Not only attract skilled racer seek to conquer dangerous ramps, Thung Khe saddle also is an interesting destination for tourists to explore because there is a market in foggy mountain top.

At first time, the market has not yet formed, just a piece of land to the northwest bus to stop and rest. When Mai Chau (a district in the north of Hoa Binh province, about 130 kilometers from the center of Hanoi) becomes an attracted  homestay resort, the roads for two days and one night in Mai Chau are always crowded by bus.

On the street, Thung Khe saddle is interesting stopover with a small spontaneous market. That's when the local people come to here, sell the agricultural and forest products and food... to have additional income for family life.

Moc Chau is cool throughout the year, high mountains in here are always covered by fog, especially in winter, so the Thung Khe market has been called by a romance name: "market in cloud". In addition to selling all kinds of produce of Moc Chau mountain, the market is also a place for travelers to stop for resting after a long journey, eat small dish with a fresh boiled corn or bamboo-tube rice, kebabs ... the great thing in here is when eating, guests can enjoy panoramic views from the peak of the mountain to the valley below.

Fragrant bamboo-tube rice is cooked by sticky rice on upland

In many highland markets, everything is tasty local produce. Fragrant boiled corn has been harvested from fields. Bamboo-tube rice is cooked from rice in upland fields so it is very fragrant. There are wild vegetables, honey, pickled bamboo shoots, pork plums and lots of Northwest specialties that you can buy as gifts for family.

For many visitors, it's interesting when talking with salesman speaking Vietnamese language (Kinh) as a foreigner and receive their friendly smiles though guests can purchase or not. So you should stop in this house in the cloud market, between the hospitable local people, in Moc Chau mountain beautiful scenery. Although Thung Khe is cool, visitors still find the heartwarming feeling. And you have to come back here although you have not yet gone.


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