Let's come to the Mekong Delta in the floating season

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While the days of September bring Hanoi the cold autumn breezes, the Mekong Delta river region has prolonged rains. Rains spread across everywhere and the floating season comes back this land. Travelling the Mekong Delta, at this time, tourists can enjoy distinguished beauty here. So where should we go in floating season? Let’s discover it!

1. Tra Su cajuput forest - a green party

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One of top attractions that tourists often choose when they come to the Mekong Delta in floating season is Tra Su cajuput forest where tourists can stray into the vast of green land and blue sky separating from the business and hurries and noises of city. 850 ha of forest is covered with the fresh green of water-fern.

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Sitting on the boat floating on the immense of water and enjoying the fresh beauty of the forest, listening whistles of birds closely and contemplating cork flowers leaning to be reflected on the water. These are interesting things that you cannot miss in these days of September.

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The sampan can contain from two to three people each trip, slipping among thick canals of cajuput forest, hundreds of birds whistle on trees all day and night. Sometimes, you are surprised by birds aggressively alighting on branches of trees or on clusters of flowers on bank. This peaceful moment makes land and sky become calm and gets people drifting with oar swimming in the water.

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2. Bung Binh Thien – Immense God Lake

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Being the riverhead of Me Kong River when flowing into Vietnam land, An Giang is also the place where we can distinctly feel the beauty of floating season. If you want to enjoy deeply the beauty of sceneries of the river region and native people’s special culture, it had better choose Bung Binh Thien (Binh Thien Lake). Bung Binh Thien is also called Ho nuoc troi - God Lake (Thien means God) and water in this lake is very clear and quiet like a mirror. Particularly, this lake never dries, water is always immense covering a river region.

Fishermen’s boats are small among immense blue water and morning mist or flowing in the time of sunset, which bring tourists many romantic feelings. Along with bank of Bung Binh Thien, there are typical houses on slits of Chăm compatriot who embrace a faith of Islam. Chăm compatriot together with ethic Vietnamese compatriot, Hoa compatriot and Khmer compatriot creates typical culture for this river region.

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Cham girls with big eyes, charming long dress and weaving scarves, kids playing on country lanes and pure and calm lake with clusters of cork flowers flowing on the surface of the lake -  all mixing together, which makes Bung Binh Thien fanciful, peaceful and familiar. Come to Ho nuoc troi (God Lake) and come to the Mekong Delta, tourists will feel completely peaceful.

3. Chau Doc City and neighboring regions

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Long time ago, Chau Doc is famous for Ba Chua Xu Temple festival Nui Sam (Sam Mountain) - the largest festival of South Vietnam which attracts over 2 million people each year. Chau Doc is the place where owns many national historical and cultural monuments and special tourist attractions. However, it is not known that Chau Doc is the ideal tourist attraction when visiting the Mekong Delta in floating season.

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There, you can enjoy the life on the river of native people, understand specific architecture of Cham people’s houses of stilts which they often use to avoid rain-water on days of continuous rain. Let’s visit ritual monuments of Cham people to learn about beauties of culture and rituals.

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In floating season, specialities of the river region are bought in Chau Doc market, which makes tourists unable to miss the opportunity. The local specialities like salted fish or kinds of dried fish will be meaningful gilfs for your friends and relatives after Chau Doc tour.

4. Tan Lap floating village – primeval beauty of the river region 

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Tan Lap village tourist area is located in Kien Tuong town – Moc Hoa district, which is the beautiful and the most favorable destination to discover floating season in the Mekong Delta. Across thick indigo forest, tourists will come to the floating village where we can understand more native people’s life living in the river region.

At this village, tourists can walk along bendy plastic road to discover the indigo forest. Being lost in historical forest, sunlight slips into leaves reflecting the fresh green of leaves and soughs of leaves dispel distresses of life. In the middle of the cajuput forest is a watchtower where we can observe all of scenery clearly.

Tan Lap floating village like an oasis hides in vast of cajuput forest and this is an attractive tourist destination for those who love space of wild nature and want to experience river life.

5. Tram Chim National Park – a miniature Dong Thap

Probably, the floating season is the time that Tram Chim National Park attracts the most tourists. During the floating season on paddy fields, lotus ponds, water-lily ponds, sedge fields and cajuput forests thousands of white storks cover on the green background of cajuput forest creating a wonderful scenery. Floating on the boat, tourists can enjoy purple swarmphens with their chanting symphony.

Come to Tram Chim in the floating season, rare birds are flying on the sky, fishes are waggling their tails in the water and variety of colorful flowers is creating a simple picture on the water surface: yellow of cork flowers, purple of water-lilies mixed with pink of lotuses and fresh green of cajuput forest. Sitting on the boat to squeeze through thick and interminable cajuput forests and enjoy special and specious ecosystem, which makes you feel that the Mekong Delta tour to come to Dong Thap is not useless.

With immense rivers of the Mekong Delta in the flood season, coming to above destinations tourists are going to feel the airy space, freshness and peace of the nature here. Not only being contemplated sceneries but also being tasted interesting dishes of each local region. Why do not you take your backpack and come to the Mekong Delta with us? 


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