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Introducing Moc Chau

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Moc Chau (Mộc Châu) is a big plateau of Son La province, Where is famous for poetic nature, big cow flocks are reared by giant and endless grass steppes. Moc Chau Highland situates 1050m high above the sea level. About 200 km to the Northwest of Hanoi, this highland is 80km in length and 25km in width. The area covered by fields is about 1600 ha.

It is not overconfident to state that MocChau is the greatest resource for Son La’sand North-western Vietnam’s tourism. Among all the special characteristics of the highland, the most precious resource of MocChau is its climate. This land has an annual average temperature of 20oC and a much more favorable winter compared to other parts of the region.

The most typical tourism activity in MocChau is sightseeing. Indeed, there are hundreds of natural sites that can take your breath away. In addition, the highland’s collection of traditional festivals is another thing that attracts tourists from all over the country. Some of the places to check out are: Son MocHuong Cave, ChienVien Pagoda, Dai Yem Waterfall, PhiengLuong Peak, endless pine forests, and the villages of the Dao ethnic groups. The music of ethnic people spreads all over the highland while the delicious traditional dishes and the local souvenirs enchant the tourists.  

Besides, the highland is also close to many other attractions of the province such as XuanNha – Sop Cop ecotourism site. This is another place where you can find an immense area of primitive forest and many scarce animal species.

Attractions in Moc Chau

You shoud rent a motorbike to go more, visit more, watch more, play more and photo more. 

Ba Phach village (bản Ba Phách). There are 2 roads. the roads will be very difficult to move if rain. 2 sides of road have many beautiful cherry flowers.

Pa Kha (bản Pà Khà) and Long Luong (bản Lóng Luông) villages are close to 6-highway, on the road from Hanoi to Moc Chau, you will pass these villages. These are 2 H’Mong ethnic where have many beautiful flower gardens of damson. 

Ngu Dong Ban On (Ngũ Động bản Ôn) is a forest having many caves, you will have to park and trek about 3km to visit the caves. On the road to Ngu Dong Ban On, you should visit heart-shaped tea hill. 

Dai Yem waterfall (Thác Dải Yếm) located on road to Song Lap border gate. The waterfall is very beautiful in rain season. 

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