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Getting around

Get around

You can't get lost in Mui Ne, since the whole place consists of one long strip along a main street, Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Motobike taxis (xe om) are everywhere and their drivers will bug you each time you leave the hotel. Bargain hard to get appropriate prices (10,000-15,000 dong is more than enough to pay for a ride from one place to another along the main strip). Taxis are also abundant, with fares slightly higher than HCMC, but still reasonable (starting at 12,000 dong up to around 20,000 dong).

You can rent motorbikes and bicycles at many resorts and tour agencies. Since traffic is light, motorbikes or bicycles are a pleasant way to explore the surroundings. Motorbikes cost anywhere from 60,000-150,000 dong per day depending on how late in the day you start, how many hours you need, and age/type of motorbike (automatics can cost 230,000 dong). The locals say it's getting harder to rent because of bike thefts and police driving license enforcement. Your hotel might rent to you, which may be a bit more convenient since they already have your passport.

Be careful when riding a bike in Mui Ne. Traffic is light, but nobody pays any attention to traffic rules. For example, it's common to see Vietnamese riders turning left from the right lane. Also, Vietnamese riders don't stop or even look when entering the main road from secondary one. Traffic fatalities are not uncommon. Rumours are that up to 30 people die every month in accidents. If you plan to ride a bike here, investment in medical insurance, if you can get it, is a wise move.

Even-numbered addresses are on the sea side of the street, and odd numbers on the inland side. Even and odd addresses are not aligned, thus 39 on the odd side can be several hundred metres from 40 on the even side.

Getting around Mui Ne is easy. Alot of what you need - beach, bars, restaurants and shops - are in walking distance, but if you're not keen on doing the legwork, after a hard day on the water, there are plenty of other options:

Taxi - Meter taxis are plentiful in Mui Ne, and the flag drop (minimum charge) is 10,000VND (50 cents USD), thereafter about 12,000VND a kilometre.  If you do a downwinder to Phan Thiet, you'll also have no problem finding one there to take you back to Mui Ne.

Xe om - Motorbike taxis are everywhere in Vietnam, and Mui Ne is no exception. When you can't find a regular taxi, at 4am on a Sunday morning outside Pogo Beach Bar & Grill, for example, then a Xe Om (literal translation: "Bike Hug") is a great option. Bargain hard, BEFORE you get on the back - in the daytime you should be able to go a couple of kilometres for no more than 10,000VND, at night they tend to charge a bit more.

Motorbike hire - If you want complete independence of movement, its no problem to hire a motorbike, by the day or for longer periods. We can help you find a reputable hirer with decent quality bikes. Nearly all bikes in Vietnam are below 150cc, with semi or fully automatic gearboxes and very easy to ride, so you can concentrate on the traffic. The driving style in Vietnam is chaotic, and nothing like you're used to, so a great deal of caution is advised.

Car hire with driver - You can arrange an air-conditioned 12 seater Mercedes van for $60USD per day - great for exploring out of the way kitesurfing spots, or visiting Taku Mountain's reclining buddha.

Jeep - for trips to the sand dunes, or an escorted downwinder it is possible to rent a jeep with driver for part or all of the day.

Local tour operators

"Go Ahead" Tours
418/3 Thu Khoa Huan, Phan Thiet (Mui Ne Street Nguyen Dinh Chieu)
tel: +84 (918) 310 655
fax: +84-(062) 374-3452
Email: dttlyodgc@yahoo.com

Dang's Ocean Tour
Cell: +84-(098) 384-7849
Visa Renewal Services

Victor Tours
Across from Full Moon
121A Nguyen Dinh Chieu
tel: (098) 959-1599

Guided tours

Mr. Hung
Tel: +84-(090) 443-4895 

Mr. Binh Sahara Tour
81 Huynh Thuc Khang
cell: +84-(098) 929-7648

Taxis & shuttles

Saigon 2 Mui Ne

Door 2 Door
Airport Pick-up,
Private Taxi & Shuttle.
HCMC, Vung Tau, Dalat, Nha Trang & Mui Ne.
VN: [+84] 0126 552 0065
Intl: [+852] 8127 7557

Mai Linh

Tel: +84-(062) 3 89 89 89

Recommended bus companies

Tam Hanh

Mui Ne
Vietnam-Austria House
88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
Tel: (062) 384-7560

199 Pham Ngu Lao street, HCMC
(08) 3920-5653

Phuong Trang

Mui Ne
97 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
Tel: +84-(062) 374-3113

274-276 De Tham street, HCMC
+84-(08) 3837-5570