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Mui Ne useful information

Banking in Mui Ne

Banks can issue cash advances on credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). The Industrial and Commerical Bank is next to the Wind Champ Resort (has a 24-hour ATM on site) and the other bank is near the Swiss Village Resort--are usually closed Saturday and Sunday. There's a new 24-hour Vietcom ATM now next to the Saigon Mui Ne Resort. The Industrial and Commercial Bank in Phan Thiet (261 Tran Hung Dao St.) may be open Saturday Mornings. Banks close at 4 or 5 pm. This means that if you arrive in Mui Ne on a Friday, well it sucks to be you. Actually, tour offices like Hanh Cafe can give cash advances for higher rates. 

America Dollars are generally accepted in Mui Ne, but you usually get a better bargain using Vietnam Dong. It is nearly impossible to get change for something bigger than a $20 US. Try to carry lots of $10, $5 and $1 bills. The larger the bill--the more it is scrutinized. Counterfeit money is very common in Vietnam. Locally, coins are often not accepted. Merchants prefer paper bills. 

Post offices in Mui Ne

There is a small post office in Mui Ne, east of the Ham Tien Market. You are probably better to go to the large post office on Nguyen Tat Thanh St. in Phan Thiet. It is probably easier to send than receive. Packages received in Vietnam are highly taxed, regardless of the method they are shipped. Fedex is the most "reliable" and fastest method but still leaves a lot to be desired. Fedex will often drop off packages with neighbors or leave them at the provincial post office, rather than the specified address. If you use the postal service to send or receive, your package will be opened and thoroughly inspected. In Vietnam, the post office handles the phone systems, and all public phones are available there. Internet cafes now offer overseas calls as well. 


Coco Café at Victor Tours is the best conventional internate cafe in Mui Ne. Most large resorts and at least half of the restaurants and bars in Mui Ne now have wifi. Likewise, numerous cafes in Phan Thiet city also have free wifi.


Please note: that our phone systems have recently changed. Most numbers now have a "3" added in the middle if they begin with "062" (these are landlines--cell phones are not affected), for a total of 10 digits. Example: (062) 3XX-XXXX. 

You can make international calls at Coco Cafe via the internet. The closest conventional public phone are at the Post Office in Phan Thiet.