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Introducing Nam Du Islands

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Nam Du Archipelago, around 40 kilometers away from Phu Quoc Island, is becoming an attractive destination for backpackers heading to the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang. The immense blue sea and sky, imposing mountains erupting amidst the ocean, endless evergreen primeval forests, long stunning beaches and splendid rock cliffs of Nam Du Archipelago in Kien Giang Province have seen it compared to the ‘new wonder of the world’ that is Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province.

Nam Du Island is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also local products are extremely rich. You can go fishing in the morning to eat all day. In addition, seafood here is very cheap, and easy to buy at fishermen's nets. At the end of Nam Du journey, you cannot miss to visit the Nam Du lighthouse. This is the highest point of the island. Here, you can observe the panoramic scene of this place. You will never forget the moment of seeing dawn or a dreamy sunset.

The archipelago stretches over two communes of An Son and Nam Du with a population of 10,000 people working in fishing and sea-related services. Formed from a volcano, it has numerous six-meter creeks which are advantageous for transportation. As it is endowed with high mountains, Nam Du also is suggested as a great spot for offshore fishermen to flee rough storms.

Cu Tron Island is the first stop on the boat from Rach Gia and the largest island. There tourists can visit many sites such as Ngu Wharf, Ngu Well, Chet, Gieng and Co beaches. From the dock, a three kilometer paved road leads up into the hills, ending at a 300-meter peak that provides a panoramic view of the archipelago. There are fishing villages on the east and west sides of the island and at night a lighthouse illuminates the sea.

A must-see location is Dau Islet which is 95 percent forest and also boasts shady, picturesque coconut gardens. Tourists should also take a boat trip around the whole archipelago, cruising along Nom Ngoai, Dam, Hang, Moc, and Tre islands’ beautiful rocky beaches.

Visitors can go to Ngang Islet to rent rooms for an overnight stay. There are no real hotels on the islands, just some local homes that residents have opened up as guesthouses.

There are two boat trips daily to Ngang, one at 7 a.m. and the other at 3 p.m. On the way to Nam Du, try to make a stop at Mau Islet, which is 20 minutes from Rach Gia by boat. The 200-hectare islet has a fishing village, two sandy beaches and three rock beaches. 

Attractions in Nam Du island

You should rent a motorbike to travel in Nam Du, price about $8 – $10 / day, You can ask your hotel. 

Nam Du lighthouse (on peak of Hon Lon) is 2.5km (1.5miles) from Nam Du dock. You can get the lighthouse by walking (very tired), motortaxi (hugged vehicle, about $4/pax both off and on) or motorbike (you should be a good motorbike driver, because of very steep road). 

Cay Men beach (bãi Cây Mến) is most beautiful beach of Nam Du archipelago with green row of coconut, white sands and blue sea. 

Visit islets in the archipelago

To get islets, you have to rent a boat. If you travel in big group (about 10), you can contact Mr. Ngai, +84163.6977.859 or Mr. Phong Vu, +8491.9138.369. Else, there’re many fish boat at the Nam Du dock, you can rent 0ne with good price. 

Hai Bo Dap (Hòn Hai Bờ Đập) is a beautiful islet, small waves, suitable for fishing and camping. 

Nom islet (Hòn Nồm) is very pristine, often uninhabited, however, very difficult to dock on the islet because of many reefs. 

Son Islet or Son Rai islet (Hòn Sơn) has many residents and good roads. You should rent a motorbike to stroll around islet. Price about $8 – $10 / day, however, you need to rent just half day, it’s enough to visit all sites on islet. If you want to take overnight in the islet, it’s fine, you can consult few good hotels on Son Islet.

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