Summer on Ngoc Vung Island and beach

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Ngoc Vung Island in Van Don District, Quang Ninh has the area of 45 square kilometers and also known as Gem Island.  The reason for this name is that according to the island legend, the ancient region had many rare species of pearls illuminating the night sky. Today, pearl farming thrives here. In addition, the island has a lot of fresh water so people could plant. Seafood such as crabs, shrimps, fish, and squid are planted on sea cages to help the island be self-sufficient.

The simple blue buses take passengers on the island among the peaceful scene.

After more than two hours from the port of Van Don (Cai Rong) to Ngoc Vung Island And Beach, you will have exciting days on the pristine island. While the neighboring islands such as Co To and Quan Lan have developed tourism for several years, Ngoc Vung island and beach is still obscure. The island is inhabited by a few households. The town is small and there are not a lot of motels. Thus, it is appropriate for young people who love adventure and camping than families who want to go to resorts to rest. The island is pristine had has a path running along the coast. The only means was the blue bus. 

Ngoc Vung beach is almost 3 km long  Ngoc Vung beach is almost 3 km long, unspoiled and uncrowded but the most attractive thing on the island. The sea blue water, smooth sand, and the waves slapping constantly make young people eager to come to the island, can not wait to be rushed into the sea. Ngoc Vung Beach curves like a piece of a moon with whispering casuarinas. If you're tired of the waves, let's walk on soft sand, picking up countless sea snails or building charming castles.

The vast coast with light waves.

To visit a small island with the simple houses, there's nothing more enjoyable than having a cycling trip. Do not be afraid to step into a certain house and ask to borrow or rent a bicycle leaning a fence, enthusiastic people are willing to lend you. Wander on a narrow path close to the sea. You can rush down any maritime segment, unleash waves on the beach. The newly harvested rice fields and jackfruits are fragrant while children wave to strangers and dogs are dreamy in a dim nap. You can order dinners at home with affordable prices. Dinners are simply with a soup, a plate of fish and fried vegetables but delicious. Ngoc Vung Island night is quiet, no modern audio-visual equipment, no internet. There are only the moon, waves and sounds of frogs. Occasionally, you can catch fireflies making a space more magical. The days on the island are simple and peaceful.

The food here is quite expensive, averaging 100,000 VND / person / meal. You can ask people to cook more cheaply.


Words and photos by Tuan Dao.