13 delicious dishes only in Nha Trang

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Nha Trang Cuisine has been known around the country long time ago, if you have the opportunity to come here at least once, you should definitely try the following 13 dishes. Certainly this dish will make you feel happy about this beautiful land.

1| Grilled Fermented Pork Roll (Nem nướng Ninh Hòa)

Nem Ninh Hoa is famous dish of a coastal district north of Nha Trang, diners while eating this dish is sure to be attracted by the taste characteristics are generated from materials and meticulous processing of the locals. 

This food has 2 types, which are Nem nuong (grilled pork) and nem chua (fermented pork). Nem nuong is made from pork grinded till it’s smooth, which are marinated in special spices, then grilled on charcoal fire until the meat becomes yellow.

Nem chua is made from thigh and skin of a pig, which are marinated in spices then rolled in gooseberry leaf and wrapped by banana leaf. Ater being fermented naturally for 3 days, nem chua is available to serve.

2| Seafood

Referring to the coastal city of Nha Trang, we have to mention to the diversity and variety of seafood or seafood of fishing village attracts any tourists visit here. If you have been here at least one time without eating seafood, you can not say that you was in Nha Trang. Seafood here is extremely rich and fresh such as shrimp, crab, sea urchin, ...

3| Can Cake ( Bánh Căn)

Nha Trang City attracts tourists not only by famous place names such as Hon Ngoc Viet tourist resort, Po Nagar Cham Towers but also by the extremely attractive dishes including simple and also unique Can Cake. Can Cake is served not only in stores, restaurants in Nha Trang but also in a lot of small shops along the sea.

4| Dap Cake (Bánh Đập)

Dap Cake is a popular snack in Nha Trang, this cake is not greasy, easy to eat and tasty, is widely referred as steamed rice paper, southern stuffed pancake very interesting you definitely have to try if there is an opportunity to go to Nha Trang.

5| Thuy Trieu Oysters

Thuy Trieu Oysters Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province is one of the famous dish with high nutritional value, is known as a king of seafood species.

Besides high nutrient content and tasty meat, oysters are used as specialties in restaurants, hotels and an valuable export commodity. Oysters can be processed many dishes such as sweet and sour oysters with tamarind sauce which is special flavor of Khanh Hoa province.

6| Salanganes Nest Nha Trang

Salanganes Nest Nha Trang is a rich food source, come from more than 30 nest islands around the city of Nha Trang in particular and Khanh Hoa province in general.

This is a dish that you can enjoy right in the city or maybe use as a gift for relatives and friends.

7| Nhum Khanh Hoa (Khanh Hoa Sea urchin)

Referring to cuisine of Nha Trang, people usually remember to sea urchin of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. Gourmets will miss delicious dishes such as sea urchin soup or sea urchin salad.

The meat of sea urchin can be cooked with sauce and served with steamed rice or mixed and cooked with eggs. But the most interesting is that eating uncooked - fresh meat of sea urchin eat with pepper salt, lemon and herbs, together with a glass of rice wine is the best. If you do not like to eat uncooked liek that, you can eat sea urchin soup which is also very delicious.

8| Grilled Fish Noodle (Bún Chả Cá)

Grilled fish noodle Nha Trang is mentioned as a certain delicious dish having to try when traveling Nha Trang. Strong taste of fresh fish, skillful way of processing make grilled fish become more attractive customers, who have to leave but the heart just want to stay.

A delicious bowl of grilled fish noodle is the harmonious combination between fish cake which is made from fish such as sardines, mackerel, machete fish, barracuda, flying fish and sailfish mixed with noodles; broth and sauces. To process a really delicious bowl of grilled fish noodle, the chef must have their own recipes in each stage.

9| Lac Canh’s Grilled Beef (Bò nướng Lạc Cảnh)

Lac Canh's Grilled beef of Nha Trang is a famous culinary delicious food of Nha Trang. Though it is neither the specialty of marine region nor the traditional dishes of the local, but the taste is called a unique, make people nostalgic if they have tried it before.

10| Nha Trang squid pancake (Bánh xèo mực Nha Trang)

When preparing for a trip Nha Trang, anyone will get certain advice to try this famous pancake. Everyone will feel eager when they heard about this dish. Squid pancakes in Nha Trang are similar to pancakes in Saigon but the size is smaller , more crispy. In addition to the required ingredients, these pancakes also have fresh squid and shrimp. All squid are fresh and taken from the wharf.

11| Crab with tamarind sauce (Ghẹ rang me)

Whether you have traveled Nha Trang once or not, all know very well that Nha Trang has many delicious dishes make from seafood. Among the delicious dishes of the land of blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine, the dish of crab with tamarind sauce probably conquer diners the most.

Crab with tamarind sauce is delicious food, easy to eat and not be fed up. The dish of crab has orange red color look attractive, the meat of crab is white with delicious taste and fragrance, sweet and sour taste of tamarind is very attractive. The fragrance of this food pervade create bold flavor of the sea.

12| Grilled fish cake soup ( Bánh canh chả cá)

Referring to Nha Trang grilled fish cake soup, it is sure that you will hear great taste of famous grilled fish cake soup in Nha Trang. Nha Trang Cake soup is specially tasty thanks to broth which is cooked from fresh fish so tasty, grilled fish maked from fresh fish so it is tough, soft and sweet of fresh fish. Additionally, Nha Trang cake soup served with meat of fish. Eat a bowl of grilled fish cake soup with tuna or mackerel, add a little chili sauce Nha Trang, you can feel all the coastal cuisine. Therefore, the local away from home or the guests have been enjoying a bowl of cake soup often want to eat directly when think about Nha Trang.

13| Shredded chicken rice with chicken egg butter sauce (Cơm gà chiên bơ)

One of the famous delicious dish you should taste when coming to Nha Trang is Shredded chicken rice with chicken egg butter sauce so delicious. This dish is the combination of yellow- colored rice cooked from chicken broth and white rice, together with attractive white shredded chicken and onion. This dish is served with pickles , laksa leaves, onion ... More special is that sauce made from non greasy chicken eggs butter which make the food more tasty and delicious, make a special feature for this food.


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