Don't miss 4 ideal places to admire autumn in Osaka

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From mid - October to the end of November each year, visitors come to Osaka, Japan will enjoy the brilliant fall colors as the maples, tidbits simultaneously moving red leaf color, yellow.

1. Mino Park

This is a valley located in the north of the Osaka city. From Umeda Station in central Osaka, you catch the train to the Ishibashi station, then changing the train to get the Hankyu Mino, takes about 30 minutes and 270 yen (nearly 60,000) you will reach the magnificent forest. From the station, you start walking to discover the beauty of ancient autumn here. One side is the river with excellent restaurants and another side with the typical traditional houses of Japan. After about 3 km, a majestic waterfall will open visitors' eyes. At a height of 33 m, the waterfall is the highlight of the Mino park.

Located in the middle of the trail to the waterfall is Ryuanji Temple combines with a red bridge in a scarlet color of maple leafs, forms the backdrop of ancient moss. Additionally, two roadside is typical foods which are sold as Momiji tempura with the fried charismatic maple leaf.

Address: Mino-Koen, Mino-City, Osaka Pref

Opening hours: Daily from 10am to 4pm

Telephone: (+81) 72 721 3014

Entrance fee: 150yen/pax


2. Osaka Castle

A symbol of the city of Osaka, the castle began to be built in 1583 of the Toyotomi clan until it burned down in 1665 by the part of the war. Until 1931, the building was restored and reinforced inside with concrete so that visitors can visit and learn about the process of building the castle in the history of Japan

The beauty of autumn here can not match the spring with 600 cherry trees are planted around. But you can enter into another world when autumn begins to turn color, the entire castle like being rolled in yellow red velvet curtain. The ancient stone walls and magnificent creating a mesmerizing fall shade. The nearest station is Tanamachi 4 and a 10-minute for walking to the Osaka park, where has this ancient castle. You can move easily with the subway routes or JR train when you are in downtown Osaka.

Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 540-0002, Japan

Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 5pm

Telephone: (+81) 6 6941 3044

Entrance fee: About 480yen – 600yen

Website: http://www.osakacastle

3. Midosuji Avenue

Photo: Flickr

Apart from the red forests, the blooming yellow ginkgo trees is also a special beauty of the Osaka earth in autumn. Midosuji Avenue is an ideal destination where you should mark, with 4 kilometers long and 44 meters wide, stretching from north to south, linking two Osaka’s largest entertainment centers are Namba and Umeda.

Strolling under the trees with colder air and the leaves gently fall creating a romantic scenery. Along the road is a busy shopping area. Combining with tourism, shopping and enjoy Japanese cuisine are the great things when you come here.

Address: Midosuji Street, Osaka

Telephone: (+81) 6-6932-1421

4. Kanshinji Ancient Temple 

This is an ancient temple located in Minami-Kawachi region, southwest of Osaka. You can catch the train route Nankai Koya from the station Namba and stop at Kawachinagano station, then catch a Nankai bus route to go to the temple, takes about 15 minutes. It was built first in 701, the temple was restored and preserved up to now.

Along with the ancient architecture, the temple is located on the gently sloping hills also attract tourists when it is combined with the red yellow color of autumn. Guests look like to enter the world of the Buddha, a peaceful and unconcern. in 2014, temple was elected to the top attractive spot to explore in autumn of Japan. Admission is 300 yen (more than 60,000).

Traveling to Osaka for exploring the autumn scenery, travelers do not forget to enjoy the traditional dishes such as takoyaki or tempura Momiji.

Photo: kyuhoshi

Address: 〒586-0053 475 Teramoto, Kawachinagano City, Osaka

Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 5pm

Telephone: (+81) 721-62-2134

Entrance fee: Adults 300yen, elementary and junior high school students 200yen. Special admission fee for the day of the principal image is opened in every April 17th, the 18th are 700yen.

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