Around KIX – An architectural masterpieces of Japan

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Start counting at your very first steps at Kansai International Airport – one of the largest airport investments in the world. They leveled 3 mountains and used thousands of tons of concrete to build an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay. The airport is renowned for its high-end service. It has more interesting things to explore than the fact that no one has lost their luggage at KIX since it was opened 21 years ago.

*KIX: Kansai International Airport

Text and photos: Cac Truc

Designed by Renzo Piano who designed the Centre Georges-Pompidou in France, KIX looks like a ship hovering in the ocean. The airport’s architectural highlight is the continuous arrangement of the main buildings and lounge gates, offering you unlimited views of the entire airport.

KIX Airport Lounge 24/24 services with massage chairs, bathrooms, reading rooms, computers with wifi, and children’s rooms will wipe away all your weariness after a long flight. There are even automated machines selling fast food such as instant noodles, drinks, and snacks for passengers travelling at the airport after midnight when most restaurants are closed.

You can borrow blankets from the Information Desk and take a short rest on the sofas of the 24/7 Lawson convenience store to save money.

Further information

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