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Penang, Malaysia


828 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia

Getting there

Access: Coming by Car from George Town: Take the northern coastal road (Federal Route 6) from George Town via Tanjong Tokong, Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Bahang. At the Teluk Bahang Roundabout, take a 9 o'clock turn and head south till you see the Escape sign, a distance of around 900 meters.

Coming by Bus from George Town: Take Rapid Penang Bus 101 to Teluk Bahang Bus Terminus, then change to Bus 501 heading in the direction of Balik Pulau. Inform the driver to drop you at Escape Theme Park.


+60 4 8811 106



+60 4 8813 106

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Future Kid (0 – 3 years old): Free

Junior Kid (4 – 12 years old): RM55

Big Kid (13 – 60 years old): RM83

Super Kid (61 – 100+): Free (if accompanied by a paying guest)

ESCAPE Passport:

Promotional rates of RM320 (Adult) for annual pass (Passport) for unlimited entries.

Promotional rates of RM240 ( Kids 4-12 years old ) for annual pass (Passport) for unlimited entries.

Opening hours

Tue - Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed every Monday

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ESCAPE is a world-class tourism destination that provides loads of fun and adventure while promoting environmentally sensitive values.

ESCAPE derives its meaning from the activities of childhood's past and the integration of these into the modern age. Days playing in outdoors, splashing around in rivers and nights spent camping under the stars are all happy influences and memories.

At ESCAPE, we subscribe to the notion that growing up is optional. There are no rules here, just act like a child and have fun!

ESCAPE provides visitors with an opportunity to ESCAPE into an enjoyable and refreshing family experience worthy of a world-class quality destination. We are about responsible tourism to give back to the community via a positive impact on the local economy and promotion of positive environmental and social values based on ESCAPE key principles.

The Fun Activities at Adventure Play

Penang Escape Theme Park Atan's Leap, become like Atan (the hero of the park) and leap through the air. Experience the exhilaration of an exciting rapid descent with a featherbed landing secure in the knowledge that our safety procedures are second to none.

Penang Escape Theme Park Monkey Business, learn to climb like a pro and perfect your balancing skills on this challenging rope course. There are three levels for you to try and it’s suitable for monkeys of all ages as well as for team building.

Penang Escape Theme Park Go Ape, climbing trees will bring out the young ape in you! You can climb quietly and enjoy the view as you go or friends can race each other to the top. This activity is for all ages – and the auto-belay harness ensures your safety at all times.

Penang Escape Theme Park Gecko Tower, Become as sticky footed as a gecko on this climbing tower. You choose your own path to the top, safe in the knowledge that there is an auto-belay system in case your geeko feet lose their grip!

Penang Escape Theme Park Tubby Racer, enjoy an exhilarating journey downhill on the back of this tubby tube. You can even link several tubby tubes together for more fun than any family should have!

Penang Escape Theme Park Zoom Bug, it’s always fun to go-kart and this one is human-powered which adds to the challenge! You can race or just have fun going fast and making hi-speed turns on this highly manoeuvrable ride. Note to parents: it’s very addictive!

Penang Escape Theme Park Foxy Burrow, caves are exciting – and this themed one even more so. You will have to climb over rocks, squeeze through gaps and duck under obstacles to complete this caving adventure! Don’t worry – the safety equipment will protect you from any harm.

Penang Escape Theme Park Tots Trail, if you’re a young child you will love practising your climbing, crawling and balancing skills in this multi-activity play structure.

Penang Escape Theme Park Discovery Dig, Pan for treasure in this activity which takes you back to the early days of Malaysia’s mining history. You will need to bring out the secret prospector within you to find the gems and ‘gold’ hidden in sand, soil and streams.
Tattoo, get a fun tattoo – don’t worry, they’re not permanent and will fade in a week. Their experienced tattoo artist will spray the tattoo of your choice onto you.

Safety is at the heart of what we do.
They only use the highest quality of safety equipment at ESCAPE yet we incorporate it so to minimise the impact and inconvenience of the visitor.
The attractions at ESCAPE have been built to comply with the Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) installation guidelines and all relevant requirements of the latest Euro Norm Standards: EN 15567 for rope courses and EN 12572 for artificial climbing structures.
Their rigorous safety audit and preventative maintenance schedules ensure that all attractions are inspected and serviced on a regular basis and prior to each opening day.
Although they do advise visitors to follow the park rules and use common sense to prevent the potential for injury, ESCAPE takes its responsibility seriously and maintains on onsite medical facilities for first aid and insurance.

The Hotel

A stay in the hotel moves visitors into a new and exciting environment where the sights and sounds like birdsong and seeing animals in their natural habitat.

How to get there

  • Coming by Car from George Town:

Take the northern coastal road (Federal Route 6) from George Town via Tanjong TokongTanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Bahang. At the Teluk Bahang Roundabout, take a 9 o'clock turn and head south till you see the Escape sign, a distance of around 900 meters.

  • Coming by Bus from George Town

Take Rapid Penang Bus 101 to Teluk Bahang Bus Terminus, then change to Bus 501 heading in the direction of Balik Pulau. Inform the driver to drop you at Escape Theme Park.

Reviews by visitors

There is so much offered here... high elements, speed, water, thrills and plays. For the faint hearted, there's something for them too. And of course loads of stuff for the brave! 

The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously because there's so much to do, even for them! 

Only thing is, we can't bring our own water in!
~ mumseword 

Spent 5 hours at the park and still didn't do everything! Awesome fun for kids and adults. Great family day. Highly recommended.
~ wooharty

I came with my family including my 65-year-old mother. The entrance ticket price was quite expensive but totally worth it to enjoy for the whole day! We went on Monkey Business first because we had heard from others that it was an exciting challenge! We also went on others which were also enjoyable!
~ darryl

My 8 year old son enjoyed the activities. The facilities were well-maintained and there were a pool of friendly crews.
~ khengboon

A great place to go out of the city. Challenging but nice! Love it! The staff there are really nice and encouraging. Thank you sooo much!!! I will definitely visit again!
~ sarah

If your an adrenaline junkie, this is the right place for you.
With multiple levels of difficulties are present for visitors. So, you dont have to worry about your fitness level to try the activities there. All activities are monitored by trained staffs. Safety is their main concern and they will not tolerate any misuse of any safety equipments there.
~ naveen raaj

This is a must-try for thrill seekers when you're in Penang! We really enjoyed it. We did a lot of climbing, obstacle challenge, jumping and hanging on mid-air. 
~ grace

Brought my 2 sons aged 6 & 8 to Escape. They had a great time. Although the younger one could not do the more challenging stations, there was one called Monkey school catered for the younger ones. This was challenging enough to keep the younger ones entertained, but safe at the same time. And for adults, it's not all kids stuff, a few of the stations will definitely keep your pulse racing and adrenaline pumping. Well worth the money!
~ raywee

The title says it all... SO. MUCH. FUN. I didn't even mind I was under a hot-beating sun and I was sweating bullets. 

We started a bit late so did not manage to try every single attraction on offer. Go early to avoid queues. Definitely do the smaller ones first and do Monkey Business last. I spent almost 3 hours on this attraction alone and I only covered about 50% of the obstacles (granted most of it was waiting for people in front).

Staff members are really friendly and take your safety seriously. Just take note of the staff's instructions and you'll be safe.
~ jay

It is as much thrill you have as to the fun you get here regardless of your age as long as you are ready to play. Did a lot of climbing, jumping, hanging etc throughout the park and the staff are really friendly. Buying ticket online is cheaper even just one day ahead, and the discount is larger if the ticket is bought months ago on their website.
~ sjiun

We spent the whole day having real fun with the kids. The place is very interestingly designed where lots of attention were given to the environment. All the games require a lot of physical exertions and they are absolutely FUN. Toilets are spotless (rare in Malaysia)! Staff are helpful and the safety features are excellent. Great place.
~ john

We were a little skeptical at first thinking that the park was going to be crowded and catered towards teens and children. In the end, we had so much fun with all the high elements we wished we had more time.
~ melissawongct

ave great experience. Come over my fear and have fun. Need to get full energy before come here because you will be shocked with "the games", especially for coward people like me.
~ minh

Swing from tree to tree like a monkey, leap like Atan (the hero of the park), go ape on the rope walks, bounce down slopes on tubby racers, become a cave explorer, and even pan for treasure. It’s a world class tourism destination where you rub shoulders with everyone. And yet your experience will be unique.
~ azzalysmail

Very impressed with the setup/layout & the staff. I'd say this is a MUST Go place in Penang. I'd recommend these top 3 MUST try challenges 1. Monkey Business (level 3) 2. Flying Lemur 3. Kite Flyer.
~ rojak

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