Adventure travel in the Chay river - Dark cave

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Been put into operation since 2011, the Chay River Ecotourism – Dark cave of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park (Quang Binh province) is increasingly attractive foreign and domestic tourists. Thanks to the form of sports tourism combining natural discover and visit spectacular caves.

Journey of exploring the Chay River tour - Dark cave often start at the ranger station become thin, Phuc Trach, Bo Trach district.

Chay River originates from the ancient limestone areas in Phong Nha - Ke Bang, emerald green river water has very special characteristics as constituent of limestone at here. Along the length of about ten kilometers of waterways, there are rich corn fields and the lush tree canopy.
Guests are swing and kayaking on the Chay river.

Guests are swing and kayaking on the Chay river.

Go to the end of the river, visitors will feel a change in temperature when the boat in close to Dark cave. Like many other caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave with water and dry system. Because the cave is very dark, darker than the other new cave called Dark Cave.

In the entrance, darkness was overwhelming. If there are no stairs to go up and is no guide, certainly it is nobody who dare to step into the press.

Not long time ago, the Dark cave was offered road systems from the entrance, visitors can trapeze overhead about 400 meters to come in the cave completely. Inside the cave, surroundings are very impressive, landscape with stone columns thousands of diverse shapes and characteristics.

Stalactite in a cave not spectacular, magnificent but the emulsion layer of gold flowed from the ceiling near the foot makes a reference to the stream of gold poured down from above...

Swimming on Chay River

Dark cave has a length of six kilometers, with an underground river flowing from the river carrying amount of sludge was purified by limestone blocks tens of kilometers long.

Through the mountain journey, the river adds natural mineral make up the convergence one kilometer from the entrance of mud becomes pure and abundant minerals.

Wading through a deep underground stretch waist, we continue to turn right to climb towards cave puddle. No one think that in the high cave like that has a different path because it is a very narrow slit cave, many places in the background are just enough to put a foot.

At this point, the foot is cool slush flow by low temperatures and cold cave of stalactites dripping from. And so, the muddy is winding, winding, lasted about 10 minutes, to a wider area, full of more mud.

The cliffs have a thick layer of mud, inadvertently becoming trough slide, we drop people off in the trough and then plopped down mud wallows. End of road mud, a mud pit about 20m2 wide open. Everyone eagerly slid down. Cool mud hole abdominal deep at transverse.

A corner of Dark cave

Soaked mud, visitors can go to Thuy Tien Lake to clean the bath. After exploring Dark cave, who love adventure can play zip-line rope swings, kayaking explore Chay river blue short break, or rowing across the lake in the cave Thuy Tien.

After nearly four hours of sightseeing, Chay River - Dark cave tour is not only help travelers have moments of relaxation but also gives those who like to explore a treasure trove of useful knowledge in geology and the biodiversity in Vietnam.


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