Tu Lan caves' discovery

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After 3 day - journey, all the team felt that they have seemed to be beyond their ability, connected with the locals entirely and been shocked at the nature, landscapes.

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Tu Lan cave complex is 70km far away from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, near to the ethnic minority village “Tan Hoa”. Tu Lan includes 10 caves with different measurement, some of them have been found and developed since 1992, the others found in recent years. The visitors are from investment funds’ company who picked this place for their holiday instead of being in the coastal resorts. In this discovery, they experienced in 6 caves including: Chuot (Mouse), Hung Ton, Kim, Ken, Tu Lan, Bi Mat.

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To reach the cave, they had to trek through the great valley, then swimming over the river and climbed over the slopes& mountains. Being in an abrupt mountain slope or a soaking wet road, the visitors mostly used their body to crawl up and down. Almost people became “the prey” to the forest mosquitoes although they had already worn all kind of the insect sprays.

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During 3 days, each one totally swam about 2km inside the cave and in the dark. Luckily, no one was bitten by terrestrial leeches or snakes.

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Approaching each cave’s landscape swept away all their sweat and tiredness. Here is the picture of the team leaving Hung Ton Cave - the 1st camping night.

On the entrance to Chuot Cave (Mouse Cave), each one had their own feelings before the imposing scene of the nature. This place was selected for the background of the film “King Kong 2” which will be recorded next year.

There are many stalactite inside the caves formed over million years. It’s pity that no one took any specialized devices to capture them. The only thing which helped them to observe is the light from the lamp on the protection helmet.

Everyone felt very small and couldn’t understand “Mother Nature”.

After hours of exploring the cave, everyone was immersed in the warm & fresh water. Most of them experienced the feelings of dipping in huge swimming lake or waterfall to massage their bodies and take the surrounding sights also.

The journey has been taken place in lunar month of July by chance. In the first night, they were gazed with veneration at the valley which was bathed in the moonlight, heard the waterfall while sleeping and birdsongs echoing the forest corner in an early morning.

This journey gave a chance to the member of meeting the lovely tour guides& carriers in Quang Binh. In the last night at Tan Hoa Village, they had an unforgettable farewell with the moments& meals in the forest.


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