Va & Nuoc Nut caves under camera lens of first travelers

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Recently, Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park of Quang Binh province - Vietnam is prominent as a new hot hub of adventure travel thanks to its wild, amazing, stunning systems of caves, comprising Son Doong and Hang En – the biggest and the third biggest cave in the world in turn. People use prettiest words to praise beauty of these caves, "like a paradise", or "like Avatar word". But the most special thing is that every cave has its own unique, precious traits. Therein, caves of Hang Va & Nuoc Nut is striking by its enchanting system of white stalactites. The cave was newly permitted to open for traveling. 

Hang Va – Nuoc Nut officially put into operation from 17th July. The first group conquers this cave including 7 travelers of both Vietnamese people and foreigners under guidance of the speleologist Howard Limbert. 

Through camera lens of first travelers, Hang Va – Nuoc Nut discloses dearly and authentically, but also gloriously very mych as a scarce wonder. Owning to this masterpiece of millions of years is vulnerable, the numbers of travelers entering the cave will be limited at a maximum of 8 travelers per tour. There will be 3 tours per week, held in the time from February to October annually.


This trekking trip lasts 2 days 1 night, in which, travelers will have to trek 10 km, ascend a hill 150 m high and wade 3 km along a subterranean river. Hang Va & Nuoc Nut cave has a same system of water to Son Doong cave.

Members in this group were supplied helmets, gloves and head lamp to start the exploration. The first stopover ís Nuoc Nut cave. The forepart of this cave is dry but moving deeply inside, expeditions will encounter a lake. Travelers will have 2 hours to discover and shoot photo here.

Things that travelers surprised inside the cave have still been a mysterious treasure to many people. With this picture, someone guests that these are thin stalactites while others believe that a certain kind of insect spits out fibers on stalactites.

An offset with white leaves grows inside the cave.

Travelers would start to discover Va cave in the second day. Although the distance of the two caves is quite short, approaching Va cave will be a challenge to many travelers. 

Before reaching marvelous stalactite of pillars in the core of Va cave, travelers will have to wade across a subterranean river. 

After that, climbing over giant limestone walls with support of professional equipment.  

The expedition requires that travelers need to have a good health and some basic skills of hiking. 

When seeing pillars of stalactites relatively equal in size, travelers will know that they reach the most beautiful location in the heart of Va cave. With the length of nearly 17 km, many experts valued Va cave as an excellent and unique cave thanks to its system of stalactites with quite uniform sizes. The cave’s interior is inky. So to take photos, explorers need to set up a system of light with support from many people.

The speleologist Howard Limbert would guide some principles of easy moving so as to avoid creating negative impacts to stalactites here. Mai Trang, the first woman traveler discovering Va cave uttered: “Visionary scenery unfolds before our eyes. Thousands of stalactites jut out from the ground. Everything in darkness makes me feel like I am standing in a palace buried underground.