Paradise Cave – Heaven on Earth

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We took a few steps through the small entrance and were pleasantly surprised by the magnificence and miraculous beauty of Paradise Cave. Gazing up multi-shaped stalactites, one can observe a strikingly colorful image, which reminds me of a poem written about this paradise: “Tien canh hu hu noi mong ao/ Tran doi thuc thuc chon thien khong/ Non non nuoc nuoc dau hon nhi/ O chon tran gian ngo o troi.” (” There is no place like the Paradise Cave on Earth”).

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Text and photos: Phuoc Long

Heaven on Earth

Just hearing its name makes me feel anxious to see the cave. One of my colleagues whispers, “The name itself is exciting. It must be very fabulous!”. Our car took us from Ho Chi Minh city to the North West to Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh. We passed by the brilliant scenery and numerous mountains on one side with green rice paddy fields on the other side. Sometimes, crooked streams with blue water appeared by the slopes; perfect for taking pictures from our car…

From Dong Hoi city, it took us about one hour to get to the cave. Friendly girls with lovely voices welcomed us at the entrance. Four electric cars, which can hold 4 to 8 passengers, were waiting and ready to carry us through the 2km forest. From here, we had to climb up more than 500 stone stairs to Paradise Cave.

After reaching the last step, an imposing limestone mountain range reaches to the sky. We burned incense to worship the Mountain God before entering the “heaven on earth”. The entrance was so narrow that we had to follow one another and walk slowly to go inside.

“That’s marvelous!” This is what I heard over and over again from my colleagues. A magnificent and mysterious cavern with various stalactites is what we found inside. It made us feel like we were wandering through another world.  Certainly a celestial palace on earth.

We took a wooden path and were amazed by the beautiful and spectacular cave. I wondered how the stalactites could be so stunning and whether they could ever possibly fall down if we touch them or how long it took  them toform … More questions sprung to mind the more I explored Paradise Cave.

A Miraculous Gift of the Creator

It is difficult to describe the beauty of the Paradise cave. Each rock and stalactite has its own strange and unique shape which people can imagine in different ways. They might remind some of the communal houses in the Vietnamese Highlands, a huge waterfall, an elephant, a unicorn, a curtain or a Christmas tree or the image of a happy mother holding her child.

During our journey through the wooden streets, there were some pools of water for which we could not find their source and in some places, cool water drops down to the stone floor to create creepy, echoing sounds inside the cave. Our guide told us, “The rock formation and growth continues in this cave”. Stone builds off of huge rocks or stalactites and slowly drops down so the cave is constantly changing and reforming.

According to the company that maintains Paradise cave, they built a wooden road and use a white beam for a light source to keep the natural features of the cave intact. Some places are lit by colorful light to make the cave even more spectacular. Visitors can walk only along the road and are not allowed to touch the stalactites or the white lights.

The Paradise cave is located in the World Natural Heritage National Park, Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Quang Binh), dated at about 350 – 400 million years old on an ancient karst topography. The cave is about 360m above sea level, 31.4km in length; the width varies from 30 to 100m, with the highest part up to 150m wide.  The height from the bottom up to the ceiling of the cave is about 60m.

Paradise cave is absolutely a masterpiece of nature. toThose, who research, preserve and develop tourism for it using scientific methods of preservation, especially to maintain the structure and beautiful scenery of this splendid cave.

The Paradise Cave is operated by Truong Thinh Group, the investor of four-star Sun Spa Resort in Quang Binh. The cave was officially open to the public on December 24th, 2010. On this occasion, Truong Thinh Group celebrated the opening ceremony for a new five-star Sun Spa Resort. It provides tourists many tours in Quang Binh.

One day tours of Sun Spa Resort - Tam Co Cave- Paradise Cave- This is a form of spiritual and historical culture mingling with ecotourism to discover an diversified and magnificent cave system.

Roots tourism: Sun Spa Resort, Nguyen Huu Canh Temple, Truong Son cemetery, Quang Tri citadel- Cu Chi tunnels

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The famous four-star Sun Spa Resort is located on a stunning beach, facing the sea. It includes 234 international standard rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, outdoor pools, other recreational facilities such as a tennis court, jet skis, etc. It is blessed with long coastline, white sandy beaches and romantic spaces. Besides, with luxury and closed travel services, Sun Spa Resort annually attracts a large number of tourists to Quang Binh. Its new five-star villa zone has an area of 8ha which has green trees, forest ecology, bamboo clumps, reminiscent of peaceful villages. There are four public areas, including: reception, two-floor restaurants, luxurious spas with high-end Pevonia cosmetics and accommodation with 34 villas, 75 five-star bedrooms. Sun Spa Resort has been proud to be recognized as a member of World Hotel since 2008.

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  • In Ha Noi: 6th floor, Building 169, Bui Thi Xuan street, Hanoi. Tel: 04. 3978 4852 – Fax: 04. 3974 2455
  • In Ho Chi Minh City: 1A Nguyen Van Dau street, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan Dist. Tel: 08. 3550 0670 – Fax: 08. 3550 0671

Additional information

+ The Paradise cave was found by Ho Khanh – a local person in Quang Binh. Since 2005, the Association of British Royal Caves led by Doctor Howard Limbert has been responsible for exploring the cave in the limestone mountain. It wasn’t until 2010, that the association discovered the entire cave of 31km in length. According to them, this is the longest dry cave in Asia.

+ To visit the Paradise cave, please book a tour at:


190 Pasteur, Dist.  3, HCMC. Tel: (08) 3822 8898. Website:


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