15 must-visit destinations of Phu Quoc island – The pearl of Vietnam

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Phu Quoc island draws a huge influx of tourists every year for its attractive landmarks such as: pepper garden, Sao beach, Dai beach,…

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1. Pepper Gardens

Phu Quoc pepper farms. Photo: phuquocisslandguide.com

Wandering around the green pepper garden, seeing how the farmers look after their pepper is such a liberating experience to anyone. The largest pepper garden of the area is Khu Tuong, which is located about 15 km north of Duong Dong town

Phu Quoc pepper farms. Photo: Salindaresort.

2. The shrine of Nguyen Trung Truc

Nguyen Trung Truc temple. Photo: Phuquocnews

Local residents built this temple to pay their respect for Nguyen Trung Truc, a Vietnamese historical hero. It lies 25 km from Duong Dong town, on the route to Ganh Dau

3. Dinh Cau Temple

Dinh Cau Temple & Lighthouse

A prominent landmark of Phu Quoc. Dinh Cau temple offers multi-shaped rocks, an ancient temple, hundred-year-old trees, and a breath-taking large view over the sea.

Sunset at Dinh Cau Beach

Dinh Cau beach

4. Hon Thom Islands

A group of small islands in the north of Phu Quoc. Scuba-diving to see the coral reefs, visiting marine fish and pearl farm are among many of the most interesting experiences to have in Hon Thom. It takes you 30 minutes to reach Hon Thom by getting on a boat from Phu Quoc fishing harbour. Photo: Salindaresort.

5. Tranh Stream

A magnificent landscape with wild flower, forest and stream. It is located 10 km from Duong Dong town on the route to Ham Ninh. 

6. Da Ban Stream

This untouched stream is not only a romantic natural destination, it is also associated with a local legend about a group of female angels who indulged in the water of Da Ban fall once upon a time. From Duong Dong town, go backwards to Bac Dao according to the guide signs and you can arrive at this beautiful fall. 

7. Da Ngon Stream

Da Ngon stream. Photo: Phuquocexplorer.

The spectacular and mystery beauty of the seven streams in Da Ngon is bound to surprise you. You can visit here at any times of the year, but the most ideal time falls between November to April. Da Ngon stream lies in the north-east of Phu Quoc island

8. Dai Beach

This one of the 10 most secluded and stunning beaches of the world that has been nominated by BBC. This outstanding spot is found in the northwest of Phu Quoc island.

9. Coi Nguon Museum (Origin Museum)

The 9th private-owned museum in Vietnam. This offers more than 3000 antique in which there are 300 precious themes on Phu Quoc and its human life. This museum is located on Tran Hung Dao st., Duong Dong town


10. Coconut Tree prison (a.k.a Phu Quoc prison)

Coconut Tree Prison

This prison draws a huge influx of tourists every year for its truthful evidence on the savage methods that French colonialists used to martyre Vietnamese Communist soldiers. They reconstructed the jail sentence scence, the torture, the tiger cage,… You can pay a visit to this historically-valuable prison in Cay Dua (meaning “Coconut tree) village, An Thoi town in the sourthernmost of Phu Quoc island

11. Sao Beach

Sao Beach, one of best beaches in Vietnam and the world

Extending 7 km in length, this beach offers tourists with fine golden sand and the tender curve-shape. This is known as the most crowded beach in Phu Quoc. It lies 30 km far from Duong Dong town.

12. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh Fishing VillagePhoto: Salindaresort.

With its poetic and secluded beauty, you will not regret visiting this beach and trying fresh local seafood. This interesting fishing village is located 20 km in the northest of Duong Dong town

13. Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factories (Barrel Houses)

This is where they produce one of the most famous Vietnamese traditional sauce – “nuoc mam ca com” (sauce made from anchovy). There are around 100 fish sauce factories in Phu Quoc. You can come here to explore the production method and of course, to buy some tasteful sauce as well. Photo: Salindaresort.

14. Rose myrtle garden

Alcohol made from rose myrtle is a famed specility of Phu Quoc call Sim Wine. Rose myrtle blooms all year round and the biggest blossom falls in Lunar January. You are able to wander around the rose myrtle garden, pick some flower and fruit to have a taste of nature. Photo: Anhdola.

15. Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land

It is such a serious mistake to forget to put Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land in this list. It is open to public in the end of 2014, covering an area of 170.000 m2 inside the Dai Beach. The amusement park consists of a water park, an aquarium, movie theatre, fairy tale castle,… Photo: Vinpearlland.

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