Common questions when visiting to Phu Quoc

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Phu Quoc is a beautiful archipelago located deeply in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang Province. In the southern coast of the country, Phu Quoc Island (Jade Island) - the largest island of Vietnam, which is also the largest of 22 islands at here. Crystal clear water, peaceful streams and unique variety of seafood are great advantages of Phu Quoc.

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In the southern coast of the country, Phu Quoc Island is one of the attractions and amazing resort. Traveling Phu Quoc, you can immerse yourself in the blue water, breathe the fresh sea breeze, sedentary soul in streams Painting and enjoy fresh seafood.

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When is the appropriate time to travel to Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: the dry season from November to April the following year, the rainy season from May to August 10. You can be assured to travel to Phu Quoc at any time of year because the annual average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius only, pleasant weather all year.

What should you choose for public transportation? 

There are 2 ways to the island: by air and road + sea.

To save time you can go by air. Currently in Vietnam, there are 3 direct flights to Phu Quoc International Airport: Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat airport (HCMC) and Can Tho airport (Tho). You should take flight at noon to Phu Quoc, which is just coming hour check-in and check-out hotels that do not take long to wait.

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For road and sea, you should buy tickets on the bus 45 seats, select by bus around 10 pm and 5 am to Kien Giang, then ride transit pier. The speedboat trip to Phu Quoc starting at 8:00 AM and 1:00 pm. Buy tickets near the pier, there is a lot of box office.

You can rent a motorbike for 120,000 - 150,000 VND / day (excluding petrol) to visit the island.

Which hotel should you choose in Phu Quoc?

International visitors and dometic tourists who often resort to focus on selected tourist town along Tran Hung Dao resort with best beach followed the town area. If you are in elsewhere but want to go to the beach in Tran Hung Dao, you have to go beyond ten kilometers of new roads. If want to rent accommodation cheaper and near entertainment, visitors can rent a condo hotel on Nguyen Trung Truc Bach, 30/4 ...

The motels, hotels and resorts in the town of Duong Dong are plentiful, including those where luxury and affordable destinations for the backpacker. On, Phu Quoc hotel room prices ranging from 278,000 VND / room / night.

If you do not wish to visit or explore the view but just want to spend the entire time in Phu Quoc to rest so choosing a desired hotel should be considered to experience a seaside holiday. Most 3-star and 4-star resorts have a private beach. A few hotels in town do not have beaches but certainly much cheaper room rates.

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Notes when booking Phu Quoc hotel

From October to April is the wintering time of Westerner, most of 4-star hotels have increased prices. 2-star, 3 star hotels most remain stable prices throughout the year or if have any increase in price, it is insignificant and does not affect to the spending budget of your trip.

In the summer, from May until the end of October, the 4-star hotels dropped prices to suit affordability of Vietnamese customers. So this is the time you can choose to stay in 4-star hotel without having to worry too much about the spending for the trip. The top hotel in Phu Quoc as Salinda Resort Phu QuocLa Veranda ResortChen Sea ResortSai Gon Phu Quoc ResortSasco Blue Lagoon ResortEden ResortFamiana Resort simultaneously offer attractive promotions at this time.

What do you discover in Phu Quoc

Central Phu Quoc is Duong Dong town with bustling Duong Dong market, Dinh Cau night market bustle, where has resorts close together on Tran Hung Dao. Along with the local beaches are many options such as Dai beach, beach Lang...

- North Island: Northern Phu Quoc Island is rich land with primary forest ranges and rich flora and countless beautiful hidden beach behind the forests. Coming to North Island is coming unspoiled nature. North Island journey of discovery include: the garden, excoriation, Duong Dong, national forest primeval, nose Ganh Dau Nguyen Trung Truc Temple ...

- East Island: It is an appropriate destination for people who want to find peace, enjoy cheap seafood in Ham Ninh fishing village or visit Tranh stream, cave bats.

- South Island: You can not ignore the following locations: Long beach, a pearl farm, Phu Quoc Prison (Coconut Tree Prison), a barrel of fish sauce, Sao beach, fishing port of An Thoi, An Thoi archipelago.

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Which dish do you enjoy in Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc Island attracts tourists by rich seafood specialties and many other unique produce. Phu Quoc specialties are herring salad, apricot horn wings, Ham Ninh crab, five hundred, pinch (urchin) and cobia. The diner you should visit is Quoc Anh diner, Zen restaurant, Gio Bien restaurant, Vietnam Xua restaurant. Besides seafood, there are many other typical dishes such as steamed shrimp with coconut milk, green mango seafood salad, fried squid eggs salt shock... you should choose.

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What should you buy special gift?

In Phu Quoc, you can buy raw walrus to immersion wine, Melaleuca dried mushrooms, raven beak fruits to make drug alcohol (Sim Wine). These are special only in Phu Quoc and many buyers as a gift. Fish sauce can be purchased at Triumphal sauce processing facilities - Hung Vuong street or order before that.

Besides the abundant food store in Duong Dong market, there are wide variety of dried fish, dried squid, wine sim for tourists buy as gifts relatives. Phu Quoc pepper is also very famous. On the way to pepper Ham Ninh Duc Ninh garden, located on the right, there are nine black pepper 200.000 VND / kg, nine white pepper price 260,000 VND / kg.


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