Raw herring in Phu Quoc

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In the abundance of food sources of the sea and the unique way of processing, long, pillow herring became a food’s flavor of the dark waters of Phu Quoc island is popular because it provides for many nutrients essential for human health. This dish of Wildlife considered specialties of Phu Quoc, a lot of customers known. This has contributed to the rich cultural beauty of Phu Quoc island cuisine sea.

Herring has a lot in the waters of Phu Quoc and fishermen can be exploited throughout the year. Thus, the selection of the new fish is caught fresh called for not very difficult. This is also the advantage of the sea and the island of Phu Quoc are also favorable conditions for people here think that the processing of raw herring.

Herring scales bring clean shaved very clean and wash, then chop into pieces one. Next to get squeezed lemon juice, chilli chop into fibers, finely chopped onions and stir up the status herring available. Rice paper, vegetables, dried coconut is indispensable in this dish of Wildlife. Vegetables are always there in the primeval forests of the island, the palm is planted many residents, they must also roll a roll of the self-employed people from Phu Quoc roll here for a taste so unique with other places, both thick plastic Left just has to. Therefore, when rolling with herring salad, roll without break, and delicious food. Is also the features of the profession to roll in Phu Quoc.

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Herring salad sauce is very special, it is made from peppers, garlic and roasted peanuts. Everything was fine then stabbed mixed together, added the name of Phu Quoc fish sauce will create a medium spicy flavor concentration, aromatic back and hard to forget the dot with raw herring

Features of the residents of Phu Quoc is when eating raw herring to drink alcohol sim, because herring are also many proteins and fresh, when eating raw fish using small amounts of good quality men to digest, and make so the excitement, feeling the family after the day off. Gather the tray table is the opportunity for fishermen to weld the Tam and exchange experiences with each other about fishing and your partner moved out of the upcoming.

It can be said as salad herring and alcohol sim has adhered tightly to each other in the family meal on Phu Quoc Island, which is hard to match the food does. Moreover, the sim will have a lot in the forests of the island of Phu Quoc and residents here know how well self-processing of results into a second sim nine drinking water has a characteristic flavor, closer to the wine.

Wildlife food from the fishermen’s fishing village of Phu Quoc, as salad herring dishes have become more export of the guests. Not only that, as salad herring currently dominate the menu of the restaurant, luxury restaurant in Phu Quoc. The throne of raw herring has helped enhance the inherent beauty of Phu Quoc in the perspective of tourists. This helps to extend the arms Phu Quoc welcomes the guests, because herring salad and wine goes with fish sauce sim fame of Phu Quoc Island will create an unforgettable brand every visit Phu Quoc – an island the pearl of Vietnam.

Health benefits of herring

Herrings are very good for you as it provides high levels essential fats (omega 3) that play an important role in normal brain development and function. Another benefit is that because they’re relatively small fish and near the bottom of the food chain herring do not accumulate the contaminants that are so common in large, predatory fish.

Where to try

There are few restaurants in Duong Dong Town and near Long Beach Village that sell this dish, however the best place to try Herring Salad would be at one of the beach side restaurants at Khem Beach

A plate of herring salad costs from 80,000 VND to 100,000 VND. You can also buy fresh herring at the the Duong Dong Market for 60,000 VND per kg.

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