Phu Quoc fishing guide

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Your complete guide to fishing on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

Phu Quoc is known for its seafood and as such the Island is great for fishing as well. Some tourists actually come to Phu Quoc for a fishing holiday. There are 3 types of fishing related activities that you can engage in here on Phu Quoc:

1.    Shore fishing – small fish
2.    Deep sea fishing – tuna, marlin/swordfish, grouper, kingfish, cobia, snapper, etc
3.    Night Fishing – squid

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Bait & Tackle

Where to buy tackle

If you are like us then you have probably packed your collapsible fishing rod with you. However if you have forgotten your rod and reel back home you can always purchase a new one at one of the many fishing equipment and supply stores in Duong Dong Town. There are a few shops selling fishing gear, line, and tackle at the Duong Dong Market and there is one sports fishing supply store selling gear on 30 Thang 4 Street. New shops open and close all the time, so please ask around.

What bait should I use and where can I buy it?

If you are fishing from shore then you can use small shrimp, snail meat, insects, or an artificial lure. If you are planning on going deep sea fishing then you can use squid or small fish as bait. You can purchase bait at the markets in Duong Dong Town.

Shore Fishing

The following are some of the spots where you can fish from shore on the island:

Duong Dong Town Fishing

Duong Dong River: The Duong Dong river mouth in Duong Dong Town is a great place to fish from shore at sunrise or sunset. Here you will see a lot of locals fishing as well. The key spots here are 1) End of North Long Beach, 2) by the Dinh Cau Temple rocks, 3) at the end of the Duong Dong pier, and 4) along the Duong Dong riverside (see picture below).

Off the Cua Can River Bridge

Cua Can River is a river that is easily accessible as it cuts through Cua Can Road, which is a major road on Phu Quoc island. You can fish right from the bridge here or by the river bank below.

Ganh Dau Beach

Ganh Dau Beach has a lot of corals close to shore and you can fish from on top of the rocks here. Just work your way down the beach and to the rock outcrop and cast your line.

An Thoi Port

Down south in An Thoi Town you can fish from the pier along with the other locals. The best time to fish here is during sunset.

Ham Ninh Jetty

In Ham Ninh Village you can fish off the long Jetty. It is a popular spot during the sunset hours. Fish typically caught here are small groupers, octopus, and even squid.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Thailand is an awesome experience. Here you will have the opportunity to catch king fish, tuna, snapper, grouper and marlin. If you are interested in deep sea fishing, please contact any one of the tour operators on the island and they will arrange it. Since deep sea fishing is not a popular tourist activity you will need to charter your own boat. Chartering an entire boat costs between $200USD to $300USD and includes all bait, tackle, and food. You can also go to Duong Dong Port or An Thoi Port and privately commission your own boat.

Night Fishing For Squid

Fishing for squid at night is somewhat of  a popular tourist activity on Phu Quoc. You can purchase tickets for this tour at any one of the tour operators found on the island for around $15-$17USD. This tour involves boarding a boat at Duong Dong harbor, watching the sun set, and having a light snack. Once the sun has set you begin to fish for squid. If you are prone to seasick, we suggest you take motion sickness pills before going on this tour. The chances of you catching something are slim. If you do catch something you can keep the squid.

If you want a better night squid fishing experience with the chance of catching a larger squid then head over to An Thoi Port, Ganh Dau, or Thom Village and commission your own boat.

Fishing Tours

The Phu Quoc fishing tours  are normally bundled in with the snorkeling tours. When you arrive at An Thoi Port and board the boat, your first stop will be at a nearby island to “fish”. The aim here is for tourists to experience the sport of fishing and maybe catch a small fish. The tour operators will provide you with a small plastic reel with line wound around it and a metal hook and small weight at the end. Squid is used as bait. “Fishing” involves throwing the baited line out as far as you can and then waiting for a fish to bite. If you have never fished before then you may enjoy this experience, just be careful when you are reeling your line back in as the fishing line may lacerate your fingers.

Typical Fish Caught

Plastic Reel


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