Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Island

  • Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Island
  • Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Island
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  • Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam


Vinpearl Resort at Bai Dai Beach, Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang, Vietnam


+84-0-776 567 505


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Vinpearl Land Ticket Prices: The generic ticket price is 500,000VND for most people, 400,000VND for small children and seniors, and free for kids under 1meters. You can purchase tickets at most travel agents found on Phu Quoc or directly at the Vinpearl Land main entrance.

Opening hours

Opened from 9:00 am - 11:30 pm

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The new Vinpearl Land on Phu Quoc Island is an amusement park similar to Disney Land but on a smaller scale. This theme park, which is part of the Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort, has a 5D Theater, Indoor Games Zone, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Amphitheater, Outdoor Games Zone, Water Park (Vinpearl Water Park Phu Quoc), and a Shopping Street. Imagine a magical place on a tropical island that has fast water slides, heart stomping roller coasters, a castle, and some of the best local and international food found in all of Vietnam. That place is Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc. If you ever get bored of the sun, surf, and beach living on Phu Quoc then this is the place to go to. Vinpearl Land is located in Ganh Dau next to the 5 star luxury Vinpearl Resort and adjacent to the Vinmec International Hospital. The amusement park even has its own shuttle bus that will pick up guests along Tran Hung Dao Street in Duong Dong town.

The Water Park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc)

  • One of the key attractions at Vinpearl Land is the “Big Tornado” water slide.
  • Other water park attractions include: combination spiral water slides, big super bowl water slide, multi racers slides, aqua loop slide, a kids pool, wave pool, and a lazy river.

Amusement rides

From Ferris wheels to roller coasters, there are quite a few outdoor amusement rides to thrill visitors of all ages.

List of rides at Vinpearl Land

  • Mini Ferris Wheel
  • Flyin UFO
  • Rotary Bees
  • Tea Cup
  • Jumping Machine
  • Keep Spinning Ride
  • Bumper Cars
  • Merry Go Round
  • Condor
  • Disk O Coaster
  • Storm Energy
  • Swing Carousel
  • Kids’ Roller Coaster
  • Space Travel
  • Main Roller Coaster
  • Speed Windmills
  • Wonder Wheels

Shopping street

The shopping street is an area in Vinpearl land where you can buy souvenir items and try international food.

Underwater world

From penguins to sharks, discover the animals you will not see while snorkeling or diving in and around Phu Quoc.

Vinpearl Land ticket prices

The generic ticket price is 500,000VND for most people, 400,000VND for small children and seniors, and free for kids under 1meters. You can purchase tickets at most travel agents found on Phu Quoc or directly at the Vinpearl Land main entrance.

How to get to Vinpearl Land

There are 3 ways to get to Vinpearl Land

  1. Directly going there yourself. Vinpearl Land is easily accessible off the main Phu Quoc Road: the Duong Dong – Cua Can – Ganh Dau Highway. There is plenty of parking onsite for your motorbike, bicycle, or vehicle.
  2. Joining a tour. There are a few organized tours that will take you to Vinpearl Land.
  3. By taking the Vinpearl Land Bus. If you purchase a ticket in Long Beach Village or Duong Dong Town there is a shuttle bus that will take you to Vinpearl Land. Pick up locations can be found along Tran Hung Dao Street.

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Review

Having explored the beaches in Phu Quoc we (two friends and I) decided to visit Vinepearl Land having read the reviews on TripAdvisor.
As you will see there are some mixed reviews but if you have a spare day, even if you don't have a spare day make one, and visit the Vinepearl Land. 
1) 500,000 VND for a day pass, a complete steal; 
2) Some great water slides, four really good ones;
3) There is an aquarium;
4) There is an amusement park;
5) There is an arcade games hall and all the games are free;
6) There is a great water musical show in the evening; and 
7) It's really good fun and little to no ques!
There are some height/weight restrictions on the water rides but seems a good place for all the family.
There are a number of restaurants and cafes on site with locker and changing room facilities.
Go and let your hair down, you won't regret it.

We only just decided to go to Vinpearl Land. Others have written mixed reviews and so we were unsure. Turned out to be a real highlight of our family trip to Vietnam. Very glad we went. Especially the water park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc). 
If you've been to Disneyland or Universal Studios and you've ever wondered what it would be like to trade the long lines for less slick rides this is it. 
We got tickets from the local dive shop/tour operator. Pretty sure most tour places like that sell tickets. Price includes the bus ride there. They knock 50k off adults tickets. But not kids. Bus leaves about every 20 mins in the morning. First bus from our area was 8.42, timed to get their for the opening. My tip would be to get a slightly later bus. There were so few people during the day in hindsight most must have been on the 1st bus. So we had to stand all the way and it's about 40 minutes. That was the biggest negative. 
The rides are fun and with no wait time we did them again and again. The best part was the water park. It's so cool. Entry fee is worth it just for the water slides. 
We were worried about towels. You can rent them there. Price is 10,000 dong, but they hold a deposit. Refund once you bring the towel back. Fair enough. 
There is a locker service. We had a lot of gear and they hold it out the back. 
Food was nothing special but definitely value for money compared to Disney. 
One of the waterslides where 4 people load onto a raft required you to be 50kg+. So our younger kids found that frustrating. It was strictly enforced and they even had a set of scales for that ride. Have to say it was excellent fun for those heavy enough to ride. 
Aquarium was great. 
Free video games great. 
Lights and fountain show at the end great. 
A+ 5 star rating. If you've got a chance to go GO!

We visited for our youngest daughters 16th birthday along with our 17 year old and the 2 of us in our late 40's. We were all pleasantly surprised to find that we had a fabulous day. The water park is exactly the same as DreamWorld in Australia less about a million people. There wasn't a single ride where we had anyone in front of us. The place is almost deserted so not sure how they plan to make any money.
All rides seemed well maintained, safe and great fun. Plenty to do in the whole park. The water slides were out favourite, the aquarium is very much worth a visit. The free arcade games were a lot of fun and a chance to escape the sun. There are also a lot of scary rides (roller coasters etc) plus dodgem cars and equally fun rides to spend time on. Lockers are only 10,000 each time to access. We caught a taxi from Sun Sense for around 200,000.
Highly recommend a visit for the young and the young at heart.

We tried out this place after driving past a few times. It looks a little spooky as its so quiet and vast, but turned out to be an awesome day. 
We started in the aquarium which was excellent, then went into the arcade to play on the games in there which are all free. After this we went to the water park which was so much fun. No queues and about 5 huge slides, a wave pool and a lazy river to entertain us. It was slightly gutting as a couple to be not let on 2 slides straight away as it has to be a 4, but we had no trouble finding people to jump on with us. **The kids pool was closed for renovation when we was there, so double check before you purchase your ticket. All of the slides are over 140cm in height so you only have the choice of the lazy river or the wave pool with small children. 
We then went into the theme park and tried out a few of the small roller coasters, which was pretty fun. More aimed at kids but we still let out a scream or 2. 
As we was leaving a lot of dressed up characters came out for the kids with music on ect. There was also a light show on but we left 2 hours before as we was so tired.
All in all for 500k dong it was totally worth every penny. There is something for everyone there.

Before I get into writing a review, here are our tips for maximizing your day at this awesome amusement park: 
Our tips are based on a family of five with children 12, 10 and 8. 
Wear or take thongs! The paths are piping hot and you'll be skipping from grassy bit to shady bit all afternoon otherwise. Thongs can be worn up the stairs to every slide and easily slipped over your hands and wrists to go down a slide. 
Get there late morning so you can stay until the light and water show at 7pm without being worn out. It's plenty of time to enjoy everything the park has to offer. 
Don't catch the shuttle bus back to Duong Dong straight after the light and water show. The bus is packed as everyone decides to leave then. We stayed another hour and enjoyed unlimited bumper car driving - one of the best memories as a family for the day. 
Pack some food that you enjoy. The food isn't great and even if it was, two meals of junk left us all a bit queasy on the bus ride home. 
There are umbrellas provided as you enter and most of the day you can find shade to stay out of the sun. 
Do the water park ((Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc)) in the heat of the day. It keeps you cool and they close it as soon as the sun sets. It's also the best part of the whole park! 
Be prepared to carry big inflatables. These have to be placed on a lift so you can walk up stairs to the top of a water slide and meet it there. The attendants do everything else EXCEPT help you get the inflatable to the lift. 
Ok, so they're our tips. Hopefully that helps you to maximize your day. 
In terms of an overall review, the main point to make is that you can simply enjoy all of the rides and experiences, minus queues!!! For anyone whose done any theme parks in Australia or the US, you'll know what I mean. At Vinpearl, you simply decide what you want to do and you're immediately enjoying it. 
Our favorite rides were: 
All of the water slides! Especially ones that we could all ride straight down at the same time. I also love the red slide that drops you via trap door. A real rush! 
The bumper cars. All of our kids had their own cars. They go fast enough to be fun And slow enough to be safe. And didn't mention you can ride to your heart's content! 
The big contraption that you get locked onto and it drops straight down before the air compressor catches it and sends it back up again to repeat the scare. Our two boys 12 and 10 loved this and stayed on it for go after go while their little sister sat and admired them! 
The merry go round that flies into the air was a winner. Kids got a real surprise that it was so exhilarating. 
Our favorite experiences were:
The water and light show. Simply dazzling and a really world- class show. Went for just the right amount of time (22minutes). 
The Aquarium. As good as anything the Melbourne Aquarium has to offer. The fish feeding was awesome. The diver shows how the big rays eat their food which fascinated the kids. 
The amusement arcade. The first time we've ever had unlimited use of all of the good video games! We shot and drove for at least a couple of hours in two goes in this kids' paradise. Be aware though that it's hot in there. 
By the time we left, our kids were still eager to do more but aware enough that their energy levels had depleted and we're happy enough to leave. We all talked excitedly on the shuttle back to town. At this point, my second son said that if I write a review, I should let people know that the water play park was closed for maintenance. So there you go. 
Final comment: For $110USD that gets you the shuttle to and from and all rides and experiences available in the park, this has got to be the best value entertainment on the Island for a young family. Enjoy!

My gf and I are here on phu quoc to cap off our vietnam vacation with a calm, tropical setting. We heard from a couple staying at our resort about a waterpark at Vin pearl land, so we decided to give it a try. At 500 000 dong, it wasn't cheap, but also in our budget. We thought we might get a couple small slides and some cool water to refresh us in the heat of the Vietnamese sun. Boy were we in for a surprise! It wasn't some mickey-mouse run operation, but a huge, brand new waterpark with everything you could possibly imagine--the best part? We had it practically to ourselves! No wait times, it was so empty we found it almost eerie. I mean, every shop had an employee in it. Every stand had popcorn every slide and roller coaster open, 40 people in the whole park?! There was an arcade that would put any arcade to shame in Canada or the u.s I have been at no extra cost, bumper cars that hit so hard they left us bruised, and an aquarium almost as good as Ripley' (although we have moral oppositions to that sort of thing). We ended up going with a staff from our resort, so he filled us in on the details. Side note: the pic bus is free if you show them a pass, however we chose to drive there on our scooters as we like the ride, it was about 25-30 mins Solid by scooter from duo dong. Some of the notable info provided to us by PJ: 1.) this park is new, very new. There are 2x the rides and slides as there were last year, and all the rides (and park) are less than 2 years old) 2.) They are currently working on a huge wake boarding pond that's projected to be completed next year. 3.) They are building a casino 4.) There is a newly finish golf course directly beside, and a state-of-the-art international hospital behind. 
We had a great day. For the equivalent of 30 bucks canadian, or 25 US, you couldn't get better value. Also u can eat for extremely cheap, and drink beer! (Awesome) overall, I generally don't like waterparks, but would give it 5 stars!

We went mainly for the water park. Getting there at 2pm or so and leaving after the 7pm water fountain show (free hourly shuttle Bus ride from the afternoon) is probably the perfect amount of time if you are a couple i.e. so not having to cater to young and old alike. You'll probably need all day if you want to go to the aquarium and the arcades too
Having been to a fair few theme parks and water parks in "the west", though this isn't the biggest it does have 6 or 7 big water rides and seeming as there are zero queues it means being able to go multiple times, which counts for a lot in my book!!
As others have mentioned, so few people in the park (at least aside from families with young kids). Only downside of this is that the one ride for which 4 people is a must can difficult to get on to as you'll need to spend some time finding people to fill the gap (as we had to do)
Overall lots of thrills to be had, mainly in the water park (theme park part more of a fairground, no proper roller coasters) and decent value for money (500k entrance per person and free transport)

Vinpearl is a locally known brand name for building one-stop destination entertainment for families. They're not up to international standards, but still good fun for a half-day trip.
The indoor aquarium is new, so it was rather enjoyable to roam in it as everything was in good condition and many creatures to see. There's the interactive pool with turtles, huge eel tanks, underwater tunnel, and mermaid show to watch. Do be early for the show to get a good seat. Maybe an hour and a half here.
The waterpark is large enough to have a wave pool, some 3-storey high slides and splashes for young and old. Good fun for young kids.
The theme park is simply not completed. You still can see hoardings around many uncompleted rides in the park. For those rides which were already working, you can still see wires dangling around and you can tell from the plasticky look that it ain't good quality machines. The indoor theme park/softplay activity area for todds/arcade area was under repair too with wires protruding out in some places. Not my idea of a safe day for kids.
The food was the worst. We went to the most decent looking cafe we could find near the entrance. Other than the fried rice which wasn't much to boast about either, the other items were inedible. The fish and chips was covered in a massive chunk of flour that was so hard it's impossible to bite. The fish is of questionable origin/taste.
I say if you want to go there, have an early satisfying breakfast elsewhere, spend max half a day at VinPearl Land, and quickly scoot off somewhere else for lunch.
Also, they've an hourly free shuttle bus that will pick you up from outside Long Beach Village hotel. It's a 45min ride so probably take the earliest at 8am? The park opens at 9am. Or else a cab ride each way is around usd20.

We got discount tickets thru our Hotel in Phu Quoc so total cost for myself and my tall (over 140cm..this will make a difference to price ) 10yr old boy was only 900,000 ..once inside EVERYTHING is free except food and drink which is reasonably priced , varied and easy to purchase ...
We spent 6 and half hours here and still didnt go on all the rides and slides...
The Aquarium was AMAZING queues is a total bonus ....we were the only ones on the Ferris Wheel which was HUGE...Games arcade awesome ...some of the childrens slides didnt really have enough water pressure for me to fully slide down without having to push myself along which was the only downside but the bigger slides no problem. ...the music was awesome ...everyone was getting ready for Lunar New Year so a few local tourists ...I would definitely go again advice is to make sure you are there for the 7:30pm Waterfall Light show which was totally mindbowing ...we left on a high ...happy and satisfied ...if you have children this is a MUST DO while on Phu Quoc....

If you have more days on the island and your kids are fed up with the salty water it is a perfect option to spend a day away from the beaches. At the time we were there everything worked fine and there are some really cool staff for adults! Unfortunately, as I also read from others, they stick to their rules so won't let anyone use some slides or games under 140cm. It was quite annoying with a 4.5 girl and a 6 passed boy (much bigger and stronger than average) who both can swim but could only use the baby part. We just couldn't explain them why they can not use the same things as they can in our home country. The same everywhere in the the whole park, so we were wondering which consumer group they are trying to target :) maybe only Asian adults go and have fun without their children??
But overall it's a tidy, well operated place. 
By the way, never try to ask a pizza in the restaurant by the lazy river!! Not like on the pictures, they serve you a 15cm 'pizza cake' which we immediately sent back!!

We love water parks and were delighted to see one had been built on the island. The big difficulty was finding out information like opening times and where to catch the shuttle bus. In the end it turns out the bus runs all the way along the main strip stopping to pick up at all the major hotels. Buses run approximately every half hour in the morning and return regularly until late evening. The bus fare is included in the 500k ticket price, although we were able to obtain discounted tickets at 450k through our hotel. Tickets are even cheaper for small children. The air-conditioned bus picked us up at exactly 9.10am as advertised and took 40 minutes to get to the park. The bus was busy with a few people standing but it was not overcrowded. Indeed the park itself seemed eerily empty and I would think the staff to visitor ratio is pretty good.
We headed for the water park first and found some secluded sunbeds near the wave pool. There are a few decent slides and rides but it does become a bit tiresome carrying the rubber inflatables to each ride. They are then winched up by the ride operator while you climb several flights of steps, which I am afraid I found scarier than any of the rides. I am not the biggest fan of heights and didn't like the gaps in the floor or steps. The ground also became very hot to walk on and despite taking advantage of the free flip flops hire my feet still feel cooked a day later. One ride is only open to those weighing between 50 and 90 kilos so I missed out there as did one of my sons. Towels can be borrowed at a fee and lockers are chargeable on a per visit basis I believe. The toilets were of a standard found in high end hotels and the showers and changing facilities were luxurious.
We had drinks at very reasonable prices from the kiosk although nobody searched our bags when we went in. Once we had done all of the rides at least once we went for lunch and again it was very reasonably priced as we are so used to being ripped off at theme parks back in Europe.
After lunch some games were being run in the area we were in with the mandatory loud sound system so we went to the theme park or funfair. It was brilliant. No queues again for any of the rides. We went on some of the thrill seeker ones which were great fun plus the dodgems and the Ferris Wheel which was exceptional. Everything was lit up as it got dark and we had a brilliant time.
The aquarium was terrific. Some really fantastic displays including a tunnel that you walk through as stingrays, sharks, turtles and all manner of fish swim around you. The best bit was the fish feeding show when a frogman in Santa Claus costume appeared with a box of fish which he handed one by one to the expectant sea life. Superb.
We then went to the games castle, which is essentially a free amusement arcade. Yes no cash required and all the driving games, fighting games, basketball, Drum Hero, horse racing, shooting, you name it they had it. Everything was free to play, Mums and Dads. It cost nothing and being a 45 year old who grew up with Space Invaders et al I was in my element.
We rounded things off with the water fountain show which was quite frankly astonishing. We didn't want it to end it was that good. We looked around a few of the shopping boutiques afterwards before boarding the 8.40 bus back to the hotel. We were all exhausted but had the best day of our holiday so far.
Like the earlier reviewer I have been wondering about the finances of this development which is owned by a Vietnamese billionaire. I think he sees the potential on this beautiful island and it is hard to think anyone else will get permission to build a rival park. One day he will see a return I am sure. However, I do have an opinion on why there is such a shortage of very professional, friendly English speaking local people in Duong Dong. They all work at Vinpearl Land. Every single one of them. Go and visit and you will see. In fact bar owners like Rory should pop up there for the day and carry out a recruitment drive. They are out there.
To sum up I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is a must visit. I hope I haven't let the cat out of the bag!

This Hotel(not the water palace) ,if not addressed your comming,you can not just drive in.You are stopped by a Guard who want to know what your intention is!
We told him ,we wanted to have a presentation of the Place .They were very friendly and let us see this nice Hotel.
Water palace,not been inside but outside.It seems to be a lovely place with a lot of different

The theme park is not huge, so you can do it easily in 1 day. 
Is it worth to go there from far from the island ? I doubt it unless you have children. 
If you stay in a Vinpearl hotel next to it like us, of course its great - you have the entry included during your entire stay and then it ads to your hotel experience/entertainment.
The staff could do with some training. They dont seem well supervised, some quite clearly are bored or demotivated, some plain rude or simply making long faces. Vinpearl Land can learn here from other Theme Parks - hard ware is one thing, soft ware (employees) another which I dont think is handled appropriately.

You may have seen the film West World which was a Yul Brynner classic back from the seventies. On arrival by Free bus which was great we entered the theme park and it was dead, I mean no one on any rides whatsoever other than staff waiting in the cabin to activate the rides. It was as if you were waiting for the robots to arrive and join you in the theme park!!
While this was great it was disappointing that many rides weren't working likewise in the water park only 50% were working because they were doing maintenance.
All in all we had a day out but a lot to pay at 500,000 VND per person to enter which with half the rides not working was disappointing. 
Vinpearl, get all the rides working or offer discount as I felt cheated!!

It is an entertainment place or a mini game world with water park, aquarium, modern games center and outdoor games for adult and kids.
So, It worth to go if:
- you are with kids and they like playing more than sightseeing. this place is more attractive for kids than adults.
- you are guess of Vinpearl resort and get free entrance anytime to this park.
- You wanna play and relax instead of sightseeing as normal travel way. You can spend whole day there or back to Vinpearl resort for meal then come back (applied to vinpearl guess only).
If you are not vinpearl guess and want to play in here, to save cost, you may need to prepare: food, drink, umbrella or raincoat (if you travel in rainy season) and other necessities up to your decision. There is few choice for food in Vinpearl land and surrounding area.

A bit surreal...we were there as 2 families and it was pretty much empty. Operators were starting up whatever rides we wanted to go on! Like our own private amusement park! Two thumbs up for the waterpark. Fantastic rides for the older/larger set (some rides you need 4 people over 50kilo's) and a really great play area with water slides fort the younger (lighter) set. For the money not sure you can have as much fun elsewhere with a family.
Aquarium is surprisingly good and the all-you-can-play arcade was a fantastic surprise.
Food is actually quite horrible but you aren't there for the food...bring snacks.

We came here by our rental bike. Each pax cost abt 450k dong which includes admission fee for the amusement park, aquarium & waterpark. Its a huge park! We loved it bcos of lesser crowd, thrilling rides, friendly staff with a smile on always even though the weather were scorching hot. 
They do have free arcade games inside the amusement park too & we love their aquarium. Clean & well maintain. They open from 9am-930pm for amusement park & 9am-6pm for their waterpark. Some of the rides is under maintanence but its a must to catch the ferris wheel ride which captures the overview of the park. Perfect for some phototaking.. (recommended in the evening to catch the sunset, quite windy too)
Waterpark rides is awesome if you go in a group of friends instead. Gopro are not allowed on rides. Some of the slides at the waterpark playground is not allowed for adult as a few times we got called for. We spend almost 1 whole day there to cover everything. Definately a must to pitstop here whenever you're in Phu Quoc island.. we loved it!!

This amusement park is smaller compared to other amusement parks in the world like Sunway lagoon. But this definitely value for money if you are with kids. Kids have many options like small rides, game zone, aquarium, water park. For adults it might be bit disappointment as this park does not have many options and whatever it has is not thrilling. The best part I liked about this park is its water park. Many options for kids and adults. Park also provides free bus service to and fro town. Overall nice place to enjoy a day with family.

After reading all of the mixed reviews on here I had talked myself out of going but I'm so glad I was dragged there. The theme park isn't too big but it does have a few rides, an aquarium and a water park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc). The rides weren't too scary but still a bit of fun and would be great for kids! The aquarium wasn't too bad- they had penguins, turtles, some small sharks and things like reptiles and tropical fish. My favourite part was the water park though. They had a few decent waterslides, a lazy river and a large complex for kids. The 'kids' area wasn't even that bad for grown ups, too! 
Overall, the park was great fun and even if you are from a country spoilt with huge amusement parks, there will still be something for you at vin pearl land- even if it is just the free arcade games area.

We had a day trip here with a 3 year and a 7 year old and it was fantastic. Very reasonable to get in and ones your in everything is free apart from food and drink. Unfortunately it rained the full day so was pretty limited to what we could do. But would be well worth a visit on a nice sunny day.

We went there as old kids. We are in our late twenties, but we had such a good time! The theme park is not good, but the watermark is amazing. No queues, friendly staff and very cool slides. We were there for three ours (waterpark) and we were able to get every good slide (which are about 6) at least three times. The aquarium was very nice as well, although some animals are living in too small cages. Easy to reach by scooter.

In our group we had two small children and one teenager with parents. We really loved the water park and aquarium the best. 
The rides were ok but not outstanding although no queues. There are some rules that no one could explain that some rides only go every half hour or 10 minutes. Disappointing that they stuck to time all day except the last ride of the night and one of my young children was in tears as they ran it early.
Waterslide great and well laid out.
A great place to visit for a day out and fun for all ages.

Mini version of Gold Coast theme parks. Bizarrely deserted but actually so much fun, especially the aqua park. Well worth a visit for families with a free half-day and wanting a change from the beach/pool at their hotel. Free shuttle bus. 30 NZD per person ($50 if you do the Safari also) Aquarium in pristine condition but we felt there were too many fish crowded into each tank.

We visited this place as being adults without children and only recommend it for the waterpark. It is real fun and you don't need to queue. The rest of the park is old-fashioned and not worth a visit. but with children it can be fun.

This place is mental. A deserted Disneyland pumping out Alvin and the Chipmunks rendition of Jingle Bells in the burning Phu Quoc sun. Well worth a visit however - the water park is great fun, the rides are hilarious and the aquarium well kitted out and informative. The facilities are well maintained and pleasant and the staff very friendly. 
The food however is pretty iffy. Stick to what you know and order a pizza; don't go off piste as I did and select a local (very reasonably priced) dish! 

We visited the water park and theme park as part of a large group of friends, with kids from aged 6 through to 15. We spent the day at the water park, then a couple of hours on the theme park rides and topped off the day watching the water fountain show. 
I thought that there was a nice selection of rides for older kids and the younger ones. There were no queues whatsoever, so we could race round from having catapulted ourselves off a twenty foot drop, straight round to do it again! For me, this was the best bit about the park. Maybe if you had to spend ages waiting for the rides it would have been a disappointing day.
The fast food places were terrible, without exception. There is a restaurant in the theme park that provided good food and a nice place to cool off. 
We stayed for the water fountain show, which I would recommend as it was a great way to wrap up a thoroughly enjoyable day.
I would definitely go back - so long as the queue situation stays the same!

We loved this place, it's like a paradise for kids and even us adults loved it. We were there all day (left hotel at 10 and got back at 7) and could have stayed longer. We did the water park first and spent about 4 hours in there. There are no line ups which is amazing! You need 4 people to go on some slides but I was able to find 3 other people pretty easily. The place was clean, well supervised and safe. We had lunch which was yummy and reasonably priced then headed to the rides. My kids couldn't do some rides (or slides) due to their height but that was fine, there was still heaps for them to do. My husband and I took turns going on a few big rides and 2 of my kids were allowed on the smaller roller coaster, so that made their day. Then we went to the aquarium which was very clean and the animals looked healthy. It was of a good standard even compared to Australia. Then off to the arcade zone where the games are all free too. The grounds are beautiful, the staff are lovely, the price was so reasonable compared to Aust, I would highly recommend it!

We stayed at Vinpearl hotel and had unlimited access to the park included in our stay. During a week we spent perhaps 4 afternoons in the park enjoying fully all its attractions - waterland and amusement park / tivoli. It was great. One funny notion was that it seemed at times that there was not so many people there. We had no cueing, and sometimes we went from one attraction to the next one being the only persons taking a ride on a roller coaster. Perhaps the site is still so new and being developed - quality of park, size of park is, compared to number of visitors not justified - it is all perfect.

A medium size theme park that is straight out of the 80's, roller coasters, dodgem cars, water slides, and arcade areas. Also an aquarium with reptiles. The time we went there were no more than 50 people in the whole park so it was fantastic, we didn't have to line up for anything and at some rides we had to wake the staff member up to start the ride.The water park is the best part with some awesome waterslides for us big kids. All in all a really fun time.

We booked the tickets to Vinpearl Land thru the local guide. Got a discount (Adult-480.000VND, children<1.4 m 240.000VND).
The place was emptied and we can played all the rides without queuing. its like a personal park to ourselves and its was really an enjoyable day for the children.
At the water park, the children kept going on the Aqauracer without anyone else except the life guard.
In the amusement park, the games acardes allowed unlimited play. So they kept playing all the games and I joined in too. 
For the outdoor rides, we have to ask to the operator to start the rides! But no problem, only us!! We took the small bus around the park which operated on the hourly basis.
Aquarium kept some rare Vietnamese fish, but a little fishy in the area due to poor ventilation.
We were so tired by the evening that we didn't wait for the night water fountain show at 8pm and return to the hotel to rest.
Overall it was an enjoyable day.

Vinpearl land has everything that you would expect of a theme park without the crowds. We had fun day on the rides, waterslides and exploring the extensive aquarium. The pricing was very reasonable.

After staying in the adjacent Vinpearl Resort, I thought it would be great to spend one of the days at Vinpearl Land. It was an enjoyable day out. There was some interesting aquariums with various sea life on display. I didn't try any of the rides myself and spent a good portion of the day in the swimming pool with a waves machine. I would recommend as a nice day out with a relaxed but lively vibe.
The food was quite reasonably priced in there too, especially since it is a captive audience venue.

This park has a decent amount of rides but they're small compared to regular theme park. They also have 4D movies which are great for little kids - it was my niece's first time watching 4D and she really liked it. 
The staff is overall very friendly. However, at the bumper cars, the guy there was somewhat rude so I left a customer feedback note. I was contacted 4 days after and asked about my experience. I think it was very nice of them that they called and asked for my feedback. 
The park was kept very clean and we rarely saw any trash on the ground. 
P/S: We did not have time to go to the water park, which is included in the entrance fee.

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is great, but it' similar to Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, so not highly reccomended if you've been there. Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc havẹ 4 major parts: waterpark, outside game, inside game center, and water music show.

We were on Phu Quoc for 10 Days it rain most of the days we thought it would be fun to go the waterpark we were already going to be wet. The park is clean the water slides were fun and we stayed in the lazy river for hours it was nice and relaxing, Hardly anyone there. They have a beautiful a aquarium and some rides. Great day for having some fun

We came across this place by chance,riding our hired motorbikes to the north on Phu Quoc island.We did not stay at the resort but visited the theme park only for the day.The entrance fee of about 450k dong about $21 allows entry to all rides,the waterpark and the aquarium.This is quite expensive by local standards,but the park was not crowded and we enjoyed ourselves.Some parts are still under construction.

We stayed 5 days in Phu Quoc and after a rocky start didn't expect much.... 
And what a great surprise this park was. Very modern amusement park AND water park. Great modern water slides and fun pool for both kids and more mini extreme lovers. The roller coaster and other theme park options were modern and new. Plus the park have a huge video / arcade hall - for free. And a very nice aquarium. 
They offer free to/from shuttle bus that helps save on taxi cost. 
Overall great value for money. Recommended

To all those that worship greed ,exploitation and kitch, this should suit you.What a disgusting display of wealth, what ruination of a beautiful coastline,what absolute exploitation of many thousand of workers forced to live in conditions similar to a refugee camp. What arevolting place.

Vinpearl Land is a nice amusement park to visit while in Phu Quoc. It's a small park with a very nice water park suitable for kids and adults. There is a small aquarium and game room. There is also a nice water dance show. I only gave it 3 stars because it's just average. Although it's a small park with few rides, a third of the rides were not even in operation. Fortunately, it's low season so we did get to ride the few over and over again without waiting in line long. As long as you know it's not at Disney or Six Flags standards, you will enjoy it.

Been here twice and both times quiet so practically park to yourself so no queues - mega bonus. Relive your childhood as we did. Only downside half of amusement park rides down for maintenance which would be good to know from ticket office or even lower price slightly as you dont get the same experience.

amazing park with wonderful rides and a great water park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc). We went on a Monday and the park was very quiet and it was great no waiting for rides etc. The food and drinks are very cheap to buy. We bought our tickets which included free transport from our hotel in town, Great value

We didn't plan to go, but went anyways. The park was not even done yet, a lot of attractions were not even op yet, but yet they wanted us to pay the full price. We went to the safari and zoo instead. The safari was fun, but the zoo.. It was way too hot and a lot of the animals are sleeping.

We had a great day at Vinpearl Land. We only got a ticket to the water park and aquarium section, not the safari park. We were sceptical but actually very surprised at how good it was. We spent a whole day there and didn't get bored. We are a young couple and had great fun on all of the rides. The aquarium was excellent and included in the ticket price. The tanks were all clean and fresh. The fish were all very healthy. There is also an indoor arcade game area and an outdoor ride area where unlimited rides are all included in the price. Food was surprisingly cheap for a theme park. Best of all was no lining up! We had the place to ourselves!

Definitely worth a visit. The water park is really fun and well designed. There was one ride we couldn't do as a couple but otherwise it was great! Very well managed with attentive staff members, lockers to put your bag etc in for a 10,000 dong. Enjoyed the games room and light show. Only negative was the aquarium - the fish / animals seemed quite stuffed into their cages at times, suggest this needs to looking into.

The very interesting place for entertainments and rest. I can recommend to visit the aguarium, where you can look at various see inhabitants. For children will be interesting to see the mermaids performance. There is a good aguapark. In the evening you can visit a very nice performance of music fountains.

We are both 20 years old and had a good time in vinpearl land. Litterally no people so we didn't have to wait in line ever. Some parts of the park is not built yet, like the cinema. The food there is also decent. 
The water park area is fun, but can be a bit challenging if you are a smaller group of people as some slides require 4 people. You just have to wait for another group of people and ask them to go with you. 
Check if there is a shuttle bus from your hotel.

In general, Vinpearl Land is a fun and interesting place. Rides are not too scary, but can still give a thrill even to an adult. The aquarium is exciting to see, the games arcade is really fun and the water park is enjoyable both for adults and children.
I did not give it an Excellent rating, because:
- If you're not a fan of water slides, there is literally nothing to do in the water park area.
- Some of the best slides require 4 people to go on to them. What if I am only with 2 people?
- Food could be better.
Still, the small issues above don't mean you should not go. Even as an adult, there is some fun stuff to do and the ticket is not that expensive.

We were there for the Lunar New Year. If you like going on rides with no wait this is the place! The price was very affordable considering amusement park prices in the US. The food is average, but hopefully that will change in time. Overall it was well worth the day we spent there.

We went on a cloudy day, was very few people and plenty of things to do ... So we have very good time and spend very little money. Every activity was free of charge ... It was amazing, play ground was a bit noisy. The 4d show was below average. 
Coffee was surprisingly bad , ice-cream was good. Oceanarium was average, because I have been to Australia and America... If you have not been there, you will enjoy it.

The park is small. With in 1 hour you properly see the most highlights. The ticket is all include mean its include the waterpark. The waterpark is properly better then the park itself but we didn't go there. The park has a few highlights. The Musical Water Fountain shows is one of the best show they have there. without it the park is properly not worth to visted.
If you wane visted make user u visted the waterpark and Musical Water Fountain shows. everything in between is more like fillers.

Such fun! Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day here. Great for adults and children. The staff aren't overly friendly but they do however provide lockers for your things so that's a bonus, however make sure you've all you need with you before you enter the pool as you cannot access your stuff again until you leave without paying a second time. They do not allow gopros in the slide areas either due to hazard prevention which I suppose is a good thing but annoying when you cannot lock them back in your locker. Go!!

The Vin Pearl land is the big amusement park included Water Park and Musical fountain at 7:00pm and 8:00pm daily. With all included in one ticket, kids can play whatever they want and not limited of time. 
This park is very good for family who stay at Vin Pearl resort because it is just next door. They have tuk tuk to transfer clients from resort to the amusement park. It is nice to spent time here.

If you ever been to Vinpearl Land at Nha Trang, Vietnam, you will not like this place much - significantly smaller and less impressive.
Well, if you are tired doing nothing on one of the islands beaches, this is nice place to kill your time. Nothing super impressive, but better than nothing.
Fountains show - really cool! Something like show in Singapore on Sentosa, but different. Very recommend to visit, even though it is at 19.30 (there is one more show time at 20.00).
Water park - some attractions are really thrilling, but water sometimes was too cold for me.

It costs 500,000 VND (£15 approx) to get in here and the fee covers the Water Park, the Theme Park & the Aquarium. We enjoyed the water park, it was very clean with well tended gardens, a nice lazy river, some great slides and no queues!! A few places to get food and drink and lots of sunbeds. You can even hire towels. Most of the bigger slides can only be ridden in groups of 4 so a bit of a problem if you are in a 2. 
The theme park was even more deserted but the aquarium had a few more visitors in in. Probably one of the best aquariums we have ever been to. Soem great sea creatures to see and lots of demonstrations to watch. Also good to go in and benefit from the Air conditioning on a sunny day. Not a lot of shade in the theme park so if there are big queues it could get pretty hot.

Our twins are one, but walking. We actually found a lot of things for them to enjoy. They have a dedicated swimming area for little ones, they enjoyed roaming around the aquarium, and most of all they had a play area with several areas they enjoyed immensely. If you want to take a break from the beach I definitely recommend a visit.

We were in the Zoo and Vinperland with my husband and spend here a perfect day! Aquapark is greate as well as all aquarium, musical fountain and other staff. We feld ourselfs as children! It is better to come here with the first but (with is free!!!!) and get back after water show. Better to go first to the Zoo with Safary. Bus first make a stop near Vinperland and after goes to the Zoo! It is important!!! Dont miss you stop! And it is cheaper to buy a comboticket (Zoo + Vinperland).

We stayed 3 days at Vinpearl Resort - Phu Quoc to wind down after 10 days of traveling around Vietnam from North to South.
The all inclusive resort was very well designed and we also had unlimited access to the Vinpearl Land theme park just a stone throw from the hotel by free shuttle. Lots of rides for any age, and excellent water rides with 3 of them quite thrilling. You can have fun at any age.

Vinpearl land is fairly newly opened. Alot of the attractions were not even working. In terms of water park i think its rather out dated. The slides are all far apart and they have a ridiculous system of sending up the tube by lift one at a time , then you have walk up 5 flights of stairs. The resort was not busy at this time , but i cant imagine that systen working when they are busy . I have been water parks like atlantis and this is very old fashioned. The resort has an amusement park aswell. Many things like the dolphin show and 5 d which is advertised on the pamphlet was not in operation or not even there yet.its good fun though for a day out considering entertainment is not much on an island.

Vin pearl was a very good experience. My children were both a bit over 140 cm so they could both ride all the rides. But there are a few water park rides for under 140 cms. Which is a good thing.
I recommend going in the afternoon or morning till night time so you can ride all the amazing rides, there are ones for adults which are super scary. Also just another tip I went on the first of January and there was barely anyone there in the afternoon that's because everyone's scared of getting a tan or frying there skin so yeah if you are not scared then the afternoons perfect for you.

Don't get me wrong - Vinpearl is a great place. The park including the aquarium an the water world and the zoo with the safari is way more than expected. And the fact that not May people found this yet gives almost no cues for anything. 
What bothers me a lot is the stupid 1,4m height limit that hoes for almost everything. My daughter is 8yrs old and 135cm tall. In Sweden most of the attractions at VP would have had a 120cm limit not 140cm. 
So if you have an active kid just under 140cm who is used to get to do things at fun parks. Don't go and save your family a lot of frustration. 
If they change the 140 to 120 then this is a six star for me!!

This water and theme park is amazing, we did not visit the Safari which recently opened but it was absolutely brilliant, well worth the money you pay to come in! There is loads to do, from thrill rides which scare you to water slides that get you soaked from head to toe! The food here is great, with various drink and fast food stalls around the park, you'll never get hungry! 
Here are some great tips we learnt about the park:
-Don't get the first sun beds you see in the Waterpark, walk round the corner into the wave pool for a relaxing quiet time. 
-Don't miss the water light music show, it's absolutely stunning. 
-Go on the Ferris wheel at night, you can see the entire park it's great for a photograph.
-Visit the aquarium, with a tunnel you can walk through you have sea animals all around you, it's great for photographers. 
Here are some things that can be improved about the park:
-If you're scared of heights, I don't recommend climbing up tons of steps every time you want to go on a water ride, some of the floorboards wobble and you feel unsafe when you are high upon the area walking across plans of wood.
-You have to carry your inflatable to the ride lift which is extremely heavy and it's harder to take it yourself.
-Mid day the floor is boiling, the land needs to spray water on the floor to stop our feet sizzling as we walk over it.
I highly recommend you visit here!

This is a strange one to review.
Locals thing it is a tax dodge for the owners, as it cannot make money, and will not for years to come.
The place is full of staff doing nothing, and most of the shops are not open, and the rides to match.
The cost of 500,000 Dong is ok, but you can only use the water park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc), as nothing else is finished.

Don't get me wrong, in the hot sun, the water rides are a welcome cooler, and fun at the same time.
The down side to someone not under 30, is the floats you need for the A rides, you need to hump to the bottem of the ride, then lift onto the lift, and climb 10 flights of stairs. Repeat this 20 times in a day, and you are ready for a good rest when you leave.
The plus side to the parks, no waiting at all.

We promised my daughter this and I had read about this massive Disney-esque (its def not Disney) theme park land thing built by some rich Vietnamese guy. I heard a lot of talk about it being a blight on the landscape of a pristine island bla bla but surely someone would have said that about any them park anywhere? 
Its actually quite well organised on a sort of 3.5 star level. There was nobody there we walked straight in and its fair to say its very cheap 25 USD per adult for all day and all rides and i think it was 20 for kids. 
The water park is very good, awesome scary rides no waiting and very well organised.
Afterwords we could not believe that there is a whole theme park with rides etc and thats part or the ticket and the aquarium. We ended up spending the whole day there. 
The only joiners I would add would be there is little shade, not enough sun beds and very poor food set up.

We were staying at the Vinpearl hotel so had complimentary access to the fun park and water park. 
The water park was great fun with lots of rides for young kids and older kids/adults. The place was almost empty on dec 25/26 which was great as there were no queues or bumping. 
It was the same with the amusement park where we virtually had the place to ourselves!
Our kids are 6 and 4 and the 6yo (boy) in particular couldn't get enough of it. There is a small but decent aquarium too. 

Vinpearl Land is great for teens because the rides are mostly for them. I was too short (below 1.4 meters) to ride on most of the rides, so I was disappointed, especially because it was my birthday. The arcade was fantastic because there were many games and they were all free to play. Warning: do not play the claw games because they are a waste of time - you never win.

We had so much fun
The water slides are very scary (for me anyway) and you don't have to ever line up cause there is no one else there. Had to wake a staff member up cause it's that quiet there. The only bad thing about the water park is the concrete is to hot to walk on (we just carried out flip flops/thongs on the tubes when we went down).
The roller coaster rides we just as good and if you wanted to go again you just had to ask and sent you off.
The games room was awesome with about 50 different games that were there. A few of them needed coins . 
All of this is included in the approx. US$22 entry fee.

Good points: 500000 dong entrance fee seems quite steep but once you're there it makes sense; you are allowed to do everything at no extra cost. The water park is great for all ages, even the 'kids pool' was used by adults as the slides are pretty good. 

The only part that made me sad: to see how many turtles they jammed into the aquarium. The other lizards in cages around looked really startled when you came close and I suppose it's the nature of any zoo/aquarium. There was a snake that looked so enclosed it would merely move in circles and it's nose was quite cracked looking from trying pressing on the chicken wire at the top of to its cage. Otherwise; fish tanks were very crowded but the penguins seemed happy swimming around in their enclosure, which was clean and had its own snow machine. 

We only really went in to see the penguins and out of curiosity but I felt that most reptiles could have done with more space to move around.


This park is the last thing we expected to find in Phu Quoc, but we happened to be staying nearby and decided to check it out. The water park looked good although the lack of people made us think twice and we knew lots of rides were not yet open/completed. As it turned out, the water park, which is complete, was the best I'd ever visited. The rides were truly fun and thrilling, aside from a few of the standard tunnels that lacked water pressure. There were people, but certainly no crowds, which made for a great experience. No waiting in lines for any rides or food. In fact, the rides outside the water park (Vinpearl Water park Phu Quoc) were the most empty. At times, we were the only ones on a ride and were continuously asked if we wanted to go around one more time for multiple rides. Add to that the games and "shows" being put on by staff (lots of staff for not many customers) and the Christmas music constantly playing made for a very surreal experience. Most surprising of all was the aquarium, which is quite excellent and was included at no extra charge. For families that visit Phu Quoc with kids, this is a great addition to the island. And for older or childless couples, it is a chance to feel young again and just have a great time.