Bai Xep in the film 'Dear brothers - I see yellow flowers on the green grass'

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Like a dream from a fairytale, Bai Xep - Phu Yen is a tranquil getaway where you can slow down life’s hectic pace and forget all your daily worries.

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Text and photos: Quoc Bao

From the real scenery to the film

The scenic  hill covered in  cacti  and wildflowers at  An Chan Commune in Tuy An District has become  more popular  after being  selected  as  the setting for   “Dear Brothers – I See  Yellow  Flowers  on the Green  Grass ” the poignant and highly evocative film released last Fall.  Bai Xep’s picturesque landscape is painted with hues of blue from the clear sky hanging above the vast ocean and endless green grass, highlighted by cacti and thousands of tiny wildflowers. Despite the scorching sun, the setting is still pleasing on the eyes. 

Through it is just outside of the city of Tuy Hoa, Bai Xep maintains its hidden charm as it has yet to be discovered by mainstream tourists.  Bai Xep, along with Xuan Dai Bay, O Loan Lagoon, and Da Dia Reef contributes to making Phu Yen Province a unique and exciting destination. You’ll be mesmerized by the long breezy coastline, the sunlight hitting the sandy yellow beaches and the melodies of the waves. The natural painting of the landscape will accompany you with each new discovery as you explore this enchanted land. Here, you can wander along nearby reefs and reveal your heart to the endlessness of the sky and ocean.

Bai Xep is surrounded by steep, rocky, cliffs. However, the severity of the cliffs is an essential part of Bai Xep’s beauty. The sea is bound by several hexagonal stone formations     varying in size and slope. To get a panoramic view of Bai Xep, you should follow the paths leading up to the high cliffs. On the way there, you will be captivated by the serene hillside with the cacti and wildflowers. The director, Victor Vu, with his talented team and equipment, has made fabulous use of this hill’s beauty in the famous scene with the hill covered in verdant grass and accented by the tiny yellow and white flowers. On this hill, the prickly cacti are likened to beautiful, but aloof, young women with their alluring appearance who ignore all men who seek their company.

A version of Da Dia Reef (Ganh Da Dia)

As you walk around the hill and you can admire the steep cliffs naturally formed by the unique stone formations which are similar in structure to the Da Dia Reef. This special topographic structure was created after a volcanic eruption several million years ago. The molten lava spilled out to the sea where it met water and gradually cooled down, forming countless hexagonal plates of layered stone. These stone plates appear as though they were sculpted by the hand of a masterful artist. Phu Yen is one of only three regions in the world featuring this sort of geological formation, the other two being in New Zealand and Korea.  Viewed from a high position, it feels like you are standing on a giant beehive stretching along the coastline.

With a perceptive set of eyes, you might make out a stone plate shaped like the letter S and wonder how Mother Nature created this for Vietnam. The beauty of Bai Xep has been captured by numerous photographers and has been the backdrop of many sweet memories as couples travel here to take their wedding photos. 

The seawater in Bai Xep is distinctive in its own way. The clear turquoise water is so cool that you will feel refreshed even after everything else has submitted to the barrage of heat. Tiptoe into the sea and you will think that you are going to swim in an icy lake. Perhaps, the steep cliffs keep the temperature of the water cool, giving you contrast as you alternate between the sweltering land and the cool sea. There isn’t any other place quite like it. 

For much of our lives, we are immersed in stress and banal routines. This time, you don’t need to travel so far to get away for a little bit. Just visit Bai Xep – in Phu Yen and allowed yourself to be enchanted by its charm. 

It is about 500km from Ho Chi Minh City to Tuy Hoa and it takes nearly 11 hours to travel by car. Therefore, you should depart in the afternoon and start exploring Bai Xet in the next morning. Passenger car ticket costs about VND240,000 – VND300,000/guest. At Tuy Hoa bus station, hire a motorbike, travel 12k northward to Sao Viet junction and you can easily find the way to Bai Xep.

Phu Yen has attracted traveling lovers for a few years after professional travelers conquered the eastmost point of Vietnam and named it the-land-of-everything. If you plan to visit this province to admire its beauty of mountains, forests, and sea, then don’t forget these useful tips!

Time to visit

The best time to travel to Phu Yen is during the dry season from February to August, but especially from early February to March when it is not too hot. In the rainy season, from September to December, it’s not pleasant to go sightseeing. From April onward, you should bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sun. You’d better spend at least three days exploring these famous attractions.


+ Airline: You can fly from Hanoi to Tuy Hoa with Jetstar Pacific Airlines (JPA) every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The flights are expected to depart from Hanoi at 7:30am and from Tuy Hoa at 9:55am. The flight time is about 50 minutes. If you want to fly from HCMC, you can also travel with JPA every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These flights depart from HCMC at 2:40pm and from Tuy Hoa at 4:15pm. The flight time is about 1 hour.

+ Train: From Hanoi, the fastest train is SE3, depart at 8:00pm. You will travel a day. SE2 and SE4 are the choices for visitors traveling from HCMC. The trains start at 7:00pm and arrive in Tuy Hoa at 5:30am the next day.

+ Passenger car: Phu Yen is located near Highway 1A so you can travel by car from HCMC to Tuy Hoa with the Thuan Thao bus, Thanh Ban bus, and Cuc Tu bus. Price: about VND240,000/turn.

+ You can hire a motorbike to go around Phu Yen for VND100,000/motorbike/day. Groups of 4-6 people can hire taxis during the day. Another choice is renting a car and driver (7-seat., 14-seat or 29-seat car)


Cendeluxe Hotel and Viet Star resort (5-star), Kaya Hotel and Saigon Phu Yen Hotel (4 stars) and Long Beach Hotel (3 stars). There are many hotels on Hung Vuong and Nguyen Hue street. You can book the hotel on,, and


Nhan Tower, Dai Lanh Lighthouse, Bai Mon, Da Bia Mountain, Vung Ro Bay, Xuan Dai Bay, Da Dia Reef, Mang Lang Church, O Loan Lagoon, Ganh Den lighthouse and Nua islet. You can go trekking to Mui Doi – the far eastern  point of Vietnam on the way to Dam Mon.


Single-sun dried beef, banh it la gai, dried fish, prawn, squid, and handicraft products made from shells.


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