Phu Yen, a view from the sky

Curated by BuffaloTripApril 30, 2016 Viewed: 419

Phu Yen is a wonderful coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam and best-known for its incredibly beautiful white-sand beaches and bays, along with natural masterpieces.

Phu Yen is famous for Da Dia reef, Dai Lanh lighthouse, and Xuan Dai bay. I have visited  their  several times to enjoy its pristine beauty and always want to come back.

Da Dia reef is considered a natural masterpiece of not only Phu Yen province but also Vietnam and the world. There are thousands of pictures taken there, making Da Dia reef more famous. Xuan Dai bay attracts tourists by numerous beautiful sand beaches and colorful boats in Xuan Hai fishing village.

I choose a new view to enjoy the beauty of Da Dia reef and fishing villages – a view from the sky. This wonderful land appears more magnificent and impressive in my own view.