The Bright Blue Seas and Historical Impact of Song Cau

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Song Cau lies halfway between Tuy Hoa and Quy Nhon, two new tourism cities along the Central Coast. Song Cau is Phu Yen province’s second largest city and is surrounded by wide coconut forests and clean beaches.

Song Cau offers access to white sandy shores and a range of beautiful natural sights including Tram, Tu Nham and Om beaches, Hoa Bay and Do Shore. The brackish waters of Cu Mong Lagoon and Xuan Dai Bay cover most of eastern Song Cau, providing an abundant supply of seafood such as crab, lobster, grouper and sweet snails. Local fishermen breed cobias in floating cages for tourists who enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. 

Song Cau was a township of Phu Yen Province until 1945. It contains traces of the Long Binh temporary royal residence, where Nguyen Dynasty kings and mandarins stopped on their way to the South. The Vung Lam seaport witnessed the first diplomatic event between Vietnam and the United States in 1832, when Edmund Robert and George Thompson docked at the seaport, bringing with them a letter from US President Andrew Jackson. King Minh Mang sent his high-ranking mandarins Nguyen Tri Phuong and Ly Van Phuc to Phu Yen Province to welcome the mission. The visit was intended to establish diplomatic and commercial relations between Vietnam and America, but unfortunately an inaccurate translation created misunderstandings that prevented this from happening. 

Local fishermen dedicate their lives to the sea, enriching their culture with a love for the water. The Vinh Xuan Dai festival, held annually from the fourth to the sixth day of the lunar month, contains activities like a dragon boat race, a fishing competition, a net-weaving competition, swimming, rowing bottle-shaped baskets, tuong (classic opera), and a ceremony welcoming whales to the area.

Further information

- Itinerary: Fly with Vietjet Air from Ho Chi Minh City/ Hanoi to Tuy Hoa Airport (in Tuy Hoa) or Phu Cat Airport in Quy Nhon. Then drive 50 km to Song Cau by car. Song Cau is halfway between Tuy Hoa and Quy Nhon.

- Natural sights: Xuan Dai Bay is the most famous attraction in Song Cau. In 2011, the bay was recognized as a national beautiful site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Tourists heading for Tuy An from Song Cau can visit O Loan Lagoon, a charming site in Phu Yen. Tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy blood cockles, which are considered the tastiest clams in Vietnam.

- Specialties: There are many coconut farms in Song Cau, making it a vacation highlight to try special coconut dishes. These include su se cake, porridge with coconut milk, chicken simmered with coconut milk, steamed glutinous rice with coconut, dry preserved coconut, or fried coconut worms.

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