5 most beautiful villages in Sapa

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For many centuries now in the high Northwest of Vietnam, the minorities who have lived gather friendly,warm and peaceful forming a community of villages between the harsh, rugged nature and grandeur. Somewhere in villages in Sapa, you will always find the spetacular sightseeing or rustic and simple lifestyle of the local people, to bring you endless inspiration and trembly emotions that are difficult to describe.

1. Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is located about 2 km from Sapa and situated under majestic Hoang Lien mountain range, Cat Cat village is home of the oldest ethnic Hmong. To visit the village, the visitors will have occasion to learn the rustic and simple living of the local people, beautiful natural scenery and discovery many interesting things.

With unspoiled nature but grandiose, dreaming, you will crazy about the beautiful lanscape painting in Cat Cat village, you also see the pretty little house in the mountainside, the men cultivate, the women weave by hand-loom and the small children play frisky.

Besides, you have an experience to to transplant rice seedlings, harvest corn, weave and make agricultural tools. A day in Cat Cat will bring you lots of fun and the value of the meaning in the high life.

2. Sin Chai village

Sin Chai village is located in North pole in the district of Sapa, 4 km from town center, is relatively pristine and calm place. Sin Chai as well as other Northwest villages is surrounded by nature, harmony with the fresh air, so it becomes new exciting tourist spot in the country.

In Sin Chai, you not only enjoy the paddy-field, corn, but also the fresh fruit and vegetable beds, covered with unique colors adorn this place setting.

When the Dawn comes, visitors can stroll around the village and catch the golden sunshine or brilliant sunset views in the windy afternoon or talk with the elders beside the blazing kitchen when night falls.

3. Ta Van village

Travel tours in Sapa, travelers cross the trail winding around the mountain about 10 km to come to Ta Van. The village is situated at the foot of the mountain in the Muong Hoa valley, mostly gather ethnic Giay and other minorities.

The scene of Ta Van is dream and poetic making people infatuated. When prompted about a village of Ta Van, we remember the beautiful terrace fields in the taking water season sparkling as a giant mirror reflecting scenery or on the rise seeding season and golden field brilliant all the land. At the same time, you also see the diligence of indigenous people in the vast fields.

Ta Van will help you to relax in comfort, leave the busy life in back, immerse in the new fresh feeling, enjoy exciting and unforgettable moments.

4. Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village is the home to Dao & H’Mong people - about 12km far away from Sapa’s centre. It’s one of the northwest frontier towns attracting many visitors, photographers and backpackers to enjoy the amazingly natural imposing beauties here.

Ta Phin Village has not only the green nature, fresh& cool air but also the natural caves hiding the mystery by the crags with strange shape and the sparkling stalactites.

Moreover, the travelers are explored the traditional culture via the local festivals, rituals, customs and habits and daily life here. They will be shown the colorful suits, enjoyed the specialties, had the herbal bath and lived in harmony with the simple life of Ta phin villagers. Moreover, you do not forget to buy some unique brocatelle’s goods making the brand to Ta Phin when you have a trip to Sapa.

5. Ho Village

Passing over 30km to the Southwest, the travellers will come to Ho Village for exploring the harmoniously wonderful beauty between the nature and the residents here. This place is considered as one of a -must-great villages to visit on the journey around Sapa town.

The travellers to Sapa will be freely explored and conquered the nature here. And Ho village is well- known with the zigzagging roads, undulary hills, silky springs, imposing waterfalls and diversified & rich vegetation. The more you look at her, the more surprisingly you feel before the charming nature in Ho village.

Moreover, Ho village is also famous for homestay which mostly suitable with the travellers wanting to be experienced in the wooden stilt house, enjoyed daily dishes, lived in harmony with the locals and joined in the nature friendly.

Each village around Sapa has its own beauty of the nature & humans fascinating all the travellers. Hence, let’s start their journey from these villages for exploring and enjoying all the interesting things of the northwest frontier town’s life.


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