Lon muong cap nach in Sapa

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Not only famous for its natural beauty and landscapes, cool and fresh air, Sapa is best known for specialities that have attracted more and more tourists.

“Pork cắp nách” or the pig carried under armpit is good. It’s called “cắp nách” because it might just round 10kg. It is “home pig” but it’s raised in the field or in the forest. So its meat is very delicious and fatless. Such a pig, killed and spiced before frying, is very tasty and the meat is tender but sweetish. Pigs after being cleaned and embalmed will be then grilled or roasted as the whole. Its meat is very thin: the first layer is a crisp skin then a soft sweet layer of pulp, just 2 centimeters thick; and in the deepest layer is bones, usually small in appearance and soft so that we can eat all of them if not the shinbones.

If visitors want to buy piglets, just go to the edge of forests and take whichever piglets that they can catch. Strangely, the big and small piglets are at the same price. The owner says that: when the customer comes next time, the small ones will have become the big ones, so small and big ones are not different. The cold clouds overflow surrounding the fired stove and bring with them the scent of forests at night

When enjoying “carried-under-arm” pigs together with sipping a cup of Sapa wild cat apple wine, over night is not impossible. If visiting Sapa, please don’t forget to order a dish of this “carried-under-arm” pig or else you will regret some day!