5 busiest flea markets in Singapore you can’t miss

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Although Singapore is known bustling commercial center along Orchard road with full of fashion shops, the flea market is a good place to visit. Having some small stores but good quality, it includes many goods from finely crafted to unique designed items. All make for an interesting shopping space for anyone when traveling to Singapore every time. Let’s make some discovery with buffalotrip.com to explore some best things to see and do in flea markets here. 

1. Flea market - Chinatown

Opening from 10:00am to 10:00pm, flea market of Chinatown is always the busiest place. As one of the most famous in Singapore, where you can easily find many featured fashion accessories, unique stylish clothes, souvenirs and even antiques.

Not only that, the market in this Chinese city is also known as the "eating road" for the Singapore food stores in Chinese-style. You can find all dishes: roast duck, stingray, satay kebabs, fried noodles, laksa noodles and dimsum. Each dish is a very tasty flavor that only takes about from 5SGD to 10SGD.

  • Opening hours: from 10:00am to 10:00pm
  • Address: Pagoda Street and the surrounding area

2. Flea market - Bugis

This is one of the markets you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Singapore, especially if you have a shopping enthusiast. Why? Because this market is the largest place, "hot" and it is also a cheapest place around Singapore city.

In this market, you can find souvenirs at bargain prices: keychain, postcards and many kinds of lovely stationeries - all only cost about 1SGD /item. Besides, this colored thousand one night market  also has a fashion district, of course, the price is also extremely reasonable. You can buy a pair of shoes for 15SGD, jeans in style with prices only 10SGD, t-shirts, shirts for 5SGD, while all kinds of sunglasses and hats are sometimes only cost 2SGD.

Bugis Market is located in Arab, Singapore.  Coming here you can find the entrance near Bugis MRT station or from the station and just to follow the crowd.

  • Opening hours: From 11:00am to 10:00pm
  • Location: Bugis Street, Singapore

3. Little India’s Tekka

Little India's Tekka can’t the flashiest place for shopping, but here is the market with bold colors Singapore. As a market is combined with shopping center multi-function, you can find the most fashionable items to the electronic circuit boards at Tekka.

For that reason, tourists usually go to Tekka often are lovers of fashion and looking for items like accessories, novelties, unique. Or many like technology and want to find the item "electronic toys" for many models. It could also be those who love good foods because at the ground floor is a market selling farm products, fresh seafood along with a new food processing are also emissions.

  • Opening hours: Daily from 6:30am to 09:00pm
  • Address: 665 Buffalo & Serangoon Roads, Little India

4. China Square Flea market

In recent years, new flea markets are gradually popular in Vietnam, but this trend has grown long in Singapore. And flea market in China is one of the most special bazaar, the most reliable and also plenty of options for you.

This market consists of 2 floors and lots of stores. You can find toys, comic books, impressive drawings, porcelain, vintage items and antiques. Also, there are items such as antique clocks, phones and all sorts of colorful old books.

This is also where young people come to every weekend. You won’t regret when joining this market and experience the happiest moment in Singapore.

  • Opening hours: from 9:00am to 06:00pm weekends
  • Address: 18 Cross Street, Central Square China, (Marsh and McLennan Centre)

5. Little India Arcade

It is difficult to confuse between brilliant orange bright with the facade of Serangoon Road. This complex consists of a collection of fashion, clothing and household items. Through small alleys filled with stores, you will discover the world full of colors of clothes, jewelry, accessories, colored and Asian culture. You can also find spices dishes made of regional cuisine Middle East - India. This is also a great place for you to record the real picture frame "nature" with architecture and unique style of this region.

  • Opening hours: from 09:00am to 10:00pm
  • Address: 48 Serangoon Road

You will never be bored at this market. Because each market carries a religious color, culture and unique characteristics. If you have to Singapore, you can spend at least a day to visit and discover all the characteristics of this market. Sure you will have many pleasant items and fun experiences, the most interesting.