Best Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore

Best Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore

In the tropical nation of Singapore is home to many talented and creative chefs with breathtaking skills and imaginary concepts. Although the world renowned travel guide Michelin has not provided us a rating for restaurants, they did rate different chefs across Singapore – this is surely a great news for food lovers.

As with all other Michelin Guides, Singapore's edition of the Michelin Guide will showcase outstanding restaurants that serve up the best of the best in our dynamic and cut-throat culinary scene.

How does a deserving restaurant get there, you wonder? Well, the five criteria a dish is judged on include the quality of ingredients; skills in preparation and combination of flavours; level of creativity, consistency in cookery; and value for money. Of course, it is a given that the quality of the food is the overriding factor.

Word has it that Singapore's Michelin Guides may look very much like Hong Kong's, with the inclusion of mid-tier restaurants and street food since our fine-dining scene is rather small compared to giants from the likes of U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Japan.

Even though we aren't certain how our uniquely-Singaporean local food would be judged alongside Western fare, all hope is not lost. Many local industry players welcome the exciting guide and are hopeful that Singapore's edition of the high profile Michelin Guide will help Singapore gain international recognition as a welcoming dining destination in the Southeast Asia region.

Each of these restaurants has been frequented by some of the team, so we have first-hand experience of eating at these places. And no, we weren't paid for this nor had our meals sponsored!

Oh, these restaurants aren't ranked in any particular order in case you're wondering!

Have fun breezing through the list and let us know in the comment section below which restaurant you reckon deserves a spot in the guide!

Here is the list of the Michelin Guide Singapore Michelin Star restaurants and hawker stalls. We have provided links to our reviews of those Singapore Michelin Star restaurants and stall that we have tried. As for those that we have not, this is a “to-do” list for the coming months. Congratulations to all recipients!