South America

Introducing South America

South America is a continent located in the west of the southern hemisphere charge of the Americas, beginning the south of the Panama Canal and down, is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, east and north Atlantic. North America and the Caribbean Sea area is located in the north-west. The total area of the continent is estimated at 17.84 million km2 including 13 countries: Bolivar of Venezuela Republic, the Republic Uruguay Eastern, the Republic of Surinam, the Republic of Peru, the Republic of Paraguay, the Republic of Cooperation Guyana, the Republic of Ecuador, the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Chile, the Federal Republic of Brazil, Multi-ethnic Country Bolivia, Republic of Argentina, the Falkland Islands.

The people of South America mainly used Spanish and Portuguese in their life to communicate with the 14 currencies of each country's characteristics. In addition, the dollar is still accepted.

Experiences you should not ignore

South America is the promising land with more attractive tourist destinations, the most interesting and typical still is:

Brazil country has Carnival festival. This is one of biggest festivals that anyone wishes to visit Brazil once to experience and visit Christ statue in Corcovado Mountain, Maracana stadium, you should spend the time to experience the uniqueness of Rio.

Peru country exploring Machu Picchu: Discovering the "city of stone" used to be the sacred place of kings and courtiers of the Inca Empire more than 500 years ago.

Argentina country with the cradle of the famous tango dances: let's marvel some couples across the street to dance Tango La Boca mix with the heat of the dance and the enthusiasm of the Argentina people, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation and food

As a developing country and tourist centers, booking hotels is not difficult. However, you should avoid high season or need to be a book at least 3 weeks before your trip to ensure that you receive good and cheap rooms. The prestigious websites:, will help you a lot.

Try to go around of South American to discover cuisines of this country

With Brazil country, you should try to eat Churrasco (grilled meats), Kibe cake – a street dish is very popular in Brazil with spicy beef. Acai fruit has sour, sweet and aromatic favor usually grows on top palm trees in the Amazon jungle. Black bean rice (includes black beans, bacon, pig parts like tongue, ears, tail. They are quite spicy and poignant)

With Argentina country: Parrilla - Grilled beef ribs on the charcoal grill.

With Peru: guinea pigs is fried 

What about the purchase gifts?

Came to South America, you should look at:

In Brazil, you can buy a sand pot: Your food will have delicious taste than using cooking methods. In addition, there are flip-flops Havaianas, Cachaca Cocktail - cocktails are very popular in Brazil, soaps Granado Pharmacies famous for eye-catching appearance

In Argentina, you should buy leather products, are sold everywhere, the price is very cheap, chocolate from Bariloche and the wines from Mendoza

Peru is the textile products, handicrafts of the Incas.They are very loved.

Things to note

You need to comply with paperwork and procedures to be able to get a visa.

The weather in South America is very diverse; you should check the weather carefully and prepare clothes for the fullest trip.

Although you can use the US dollar in South America but the best way is still exchanged money into the national currency of the country you are coming.

Each Country has a separate culture, so you should also avoid some necessary taboos.

Essential information