12 wonders of South America that you should visit once in a lifetime

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Not only Macchu Picchu, Easter Island, Iguazu waterfall, Angel, Uyuni salt desert ... every country in South America has its particular wonders that visitors are willing to travel a long way to get to. 

1. Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula

The ancient town of ancient Mayan, overlooking a white sandy beach and turquoise water. This is the only place in Mexico where work built by Mayan along the seashore.

Visitors come to see the temple named God of Winds overlooking the sea in Tulum - Photo: yuuma7.com

2. Green Lake (Laguna Verde) in Bolivia

In Bolivia, if Colorada salt lake surrounded by volcanoes in the national nature reserve Andean Fauna Eduardo Avaroa enchant visitors with red water and flamingos on Andes mountains, the blue salt lake in the highland Potos (the border between Bolivia and Chile) makes visitors immerse into the turquoise water.


Lake Colorada in Bolivia - Photo: wp

The highlight here is Licancabur volcano that blends perfectly into the natural picture as one of the world's highest lake.


Green Lake (Laguna Verde) in Bolivia - Photo:mygola.com

3. The Atacama in Chile

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, the landscape in the solitude of the Atacama with oasis, lakes, hot springs and volcanoes, all these has created the inspiration for adventure-lovers.

Atacama desert is considered to be the most beautiful place with archaeological relics in Chile where the ruins of Inca citadel are gathered, mysterious engraved traces of the desert ...along with unique natural formation from minerals.


Fountain spray Tatio in Atacama desert - Photo:huwans-clubaventure.fr

The Atacama is also well known as " Flowering Desert " as nearly 200 endemic species of plants bloom when it is rain, though this phenomenon occurs occasionally.


Rain caused by El Nino phenomenon make Atacama desert turn into a field of flowers in 2015 - Photo: qiuzhi5.com

4. Perito Moreno Glacier Lake

Gifted with light blue in Los Glaciares National Park, near the town of El Calafate in Argentina, is one of the most attractive natural wonders of Patagonia.

Steep glacier lake is 60m high, spreading 250km² and 30km long is one of the tenth most beautiful in the world.

Legendary glacier Moreno - Photo: guidetrip.com

5. Valley of the Moon

As the result of geological erosion at the top of a mountain 10 km from the center city of La Paz of Bolivia has created the Moon Valley. It looks like a desert of stalagmites with many different colors.


Valley of the Moon - Photo: shutterstock.com

6. The Hill of Seven Colors

75 million years of the sedimentary phenomenon of rivers, seas, and lakes, all created The Hill of Seven Colors named Cerro de los Siete Colores, about 70km to the south of the city of Argentina, Humahuaca.

At certain hours of the day, this hill appears seven colors, from beige to purple, to green. The vivid hillsides create the unique spectacle, especially at dawn or sunset.


The panoramic view of The Hill of Seven Colors - Photo: wp

Located at the foot of the hill is the village of Purmamarca, the stop for those who want to admire  the magic creation of nature.

Standing on the main road at the height of 400 meters just before entering the village is an ideal spot for you to take artistic photos.

7.  Lake Titicaca

At an altitude of more than 3.800m, Titicaca,the largest lake in South America, stretching about 190km along the border between Bolivia and Peru, is the sacred land of the Indians of the Andes. There are many legends about Lake Titicaca such as the first Inca emerged from the water of lake Titicaca ...


The path along Lake Titicaca heading to Bolivia. - Photo: awaytravel.ru

Rain and glacier lakes on the mountain have created emerald water of Titicaca. From April to June Titicaca is full of visitors from all over the world ...

8. Chan Chan 

The ruins of the ancient capital of Chimu, Chan Chan is in northern of Trujillo, Peru, built in 850. In the 15th century, Chan Chan was belong to Inca empire.


A corner of Chan Chan in Peru - Photo: amusingplanet

With the high-walled citadels built from mud and maze-like structure, Chan Chan is the largest work built by mud in the world and is one of the most important archaeological relics at the pre-Columbian era in Americas.

9. Teotihuacan at the Valley of Mexico

Built in 200 BC and inhabited until the 7th century. The pyramid ruins, residential complexes, many frescoes with colors almost pristine ... all make Teotihuacan, "the city where men become gods", become a must-visit destination in Mexico.


The avenue of the death and pyramid of the Sun seen from pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan - Photo: flickr.com

10. The plateau of Nazca

The mysterious giant drawings, mostly by a sharp, on the plateau of Nazca in the desert area of Peru always pique the curiosity of many people.


The 46m long spider drawing, one of the most famous Nazca drawings, - Photo: lexpress.fr

Over 2,000 years-old stylized images of animals, astronauts or long lines of trees on the ground ... is properly come from Nazca civilization - pre-Incan cultures in Southern Peru at 300 BC or signals from the Alien...?

Until now, nobody knows the truth!

11. Guanajuato City

The city of gold mines of Mexico, Guanajuato nestled on the slopes at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, attract tourists with stunning colorful works.


Guanajuato City - Photo: terranovaviajes.com

Theaters, gardens, underground streets and religious monuments densely in the old city with the only  mummy museum in the world has created a hard-to-resist charm of Guanajuato, declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO since 1988.

12. The ruins of Palenque, masterpieces of Maya art 

In the state of Chiapas, Mexico, located between tropical forests, these ruins have attracted visitors by the architectural heritages and unique carved reliefs reflecting mythological themes, as an evidence of the genius of the creation of a lost civilization.


The remaining ruins of "El Palacio", a palace in Palenque shows the magnificent of Palenque - Photo: wp


Just coming up to the Cross temple, you will totally feel the sense of wisdom of Palenque - Photo: wp