10 night street foods you should try in Phan Thiet

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One of the attractions that make visitors remember Phan Thiet Beach City is street cuisine. When coming here, let’s try 10 delicious night dishes at this sea area.

Walking around the coastal city in fairly cold weather of year’s beginning, enjoying some hot night dishes and tasty such as embankment’s seafood, can cakes (Banh can), pancakes, Quang noodles (Mi quang) ... are great ideas for your short trip schedule to Phan Thiet.

1. Seafood Night

In recent years, many visitors come to Phan Thiet have a habit that loiters at seafood pubs at night along the embankment below the Tran Hung Dao bridge along the way to Doi Duong sea or makeshift open pubs along Mui Ne beach.

The air is so cool, airy and fun with a variety menu of seafood dishes, affordable, ... are the main factors causing the pubs are always crowded. Except for some kinds of seafood, such as shrimps, squids, fishes, scallops, crabs, spider crabs ... you can also enjoy other delicious foods at here.

2. Shrimp sauce baked rice paper (Banh trang nuong mam ruoc)

Grilled shrimp sauce rice paper is one of the wonderful cuisines you cannot miss when staying in Phan Thiet. Although it is of rain or cold, you can sit in a tabouret around the fire stove coals of fire, seeing firsthand, holding hands, and enjoy  the grilled grease and onion rice paper rolls, shrimp sauce, butter, eggs, pork bologna, sping rolls ....that’s exciting.

With this dish, you can see it in front of the school gate or along around the city rounds  from the afternoon. But the most popular is baked rice paper roll at Goc Pho (on Thu Khoa Huan Street), the intersection of Tran Hung Dai and Thu Khoa Huan, nearly Tieng Xua coffee shop of Tran Hung Dao Street; baked rice paper on the Ngu Ong Street that is Van Thuy Tu’s entrance...

 3. Bread "waiting" (Banh mi cho)

At late of night, if you feel hungry, you just come down the Le Hong Phong bridge at the market corner. In here, you will “two sisters” bread shop. This shop is only open from 7pm to midnight, but it has more and more guests at midnight. That is the reason why having the name” bread waiting” . Because it is located in the road corner, so guests come here often wait a quite some time.

There are all kinds of ingredients which people in Phan Thiet like from xiu mai, fried rolls, sausage, meat, boiled eggs ... A hot loaf of bread will attract you immediately

4. Fish hotpot (Lau ca)

When traveling to Phan Thiet, if you miss cobia fish hotpot dish with family and friends that are a deficiency! To enjoy this dish, you can visit Ngoc Lan fish hotpot restaurant or fish hotpot May Hue in the Phan Dinh Phung Street (near Phan Thiet market). Except for fatty and fragrant fish slices, the fish stomach is cooked cleverly put together fish sauce plate "tent bucket" as making fun of the night in the coastal city.

5. Squid’s teeth (Rang muc)

Not only having shrimp sauce baked rice papers are sold along the Doi Duong beach, many with pine trees, the menu of many dishes from squid’s teeth such as baked squid’s teeth, steamed, stir-fried, served with pickles or laksa leaves which many people find to eat when coming to Phan Thiet.

If you want to enjoy this dish, you can visit a pub on Ca Ty river embankment of Pham Van Dong, the grilled squid’s teeth pubs on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street – the way to Doi Duong sea, or eating night zones on Vo Thi Sau street next to the Dong Hai church.

6. Pancake (Banh xeo)

Along with can cake, golden pancakes cake like adult’s hand is also a cuisine you can’t miss in your trip to Phan Thiet. At night, when walking the streets selling pancakes, you will be "frozen" by a fragrant taste of everything materials from flour, meat, shrimp, squid and even the bean fish sauce taste served with pancake.

To enjoy this popular cuisine you can look for the Phoenix Tree (Cay phuong) restaurant, Mango Tree (Cay xoai) in Tuyen Quang Street, "scold" pancakes behind Hung Vuong primary school...

7. Can Cake (Banh can)

Phan Thiet can cake is good rely on the simplicity of cake flour, the bowl of red dipping sauce and the multi-taste of the attach foods include fish stocks water, greaves, xiu mai, finely chopped mango, fish sauce, star fruit which put your charming.

A cool night weather, sitting around pouring cake oven, taking hands to collect the cakes from the oven, put the sauce into the flooded bowl, eating your favorite dish, it's also great with anything.

You can look for the cake shop 168 Thu Khoa Huan Street; can cake shop at 8 Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street under the foot of Duc Thanh Bridge 

8. Grilled chopped fish bread soup (Banh canh cha ca)

Grilled chopped fish bread soup is a popular dish is eaten by more people Phan Thiet in the morning and evening. Bread soup broth is usually made from fish bones are very sweet, stick, served with fried and steamed chopped fish are very flavor and enjoying with Phan Thiet style bread. Besides bread soup, you can eat more bread dotted with xiu mai or egg bread in this shop.

Bread soup is present in most of the city streets by the good food, affordable, but you can refer to a few places, such as Ms. Ly bread soup diner at 556 Tran Hung Dao Street, bread soup diner at intersection Cao Thang, Thu Khoa Huan, Ms. Yen bread soup diner at Thu Khoa Huan road near the Thanh Hai church...

9. Quang noodle is cooked with duck meat (Mi quang vit)

If you have not tried the Quang noodle at night when coming to Phan Thiet, that is a big failure Phan Thiet Quang noodle has cooking way quite different than most of the other central noodles. A Quang noodle bowl is often cooked with pork, duck thigh, meat slices, served with slightly sweet taste water mint, basil...

In order to eat Phan Thiet Quang noodle you can go to 129 Tran Phu Street, Ba Phuong noodles  diner where opposite with Tuyen Quang  primary school on Tran Hung Dao street, or a Quang noodle night behind Phan Thiet market and opposite with Tinh Hoi pagoda, Quang noodle diner at Phan Dinh Phung street ...

10. Plate fruits (Trai cay dia)

After enjoying some good dishes, a fruit plate Phan Thiet is surely a perfect ending. In Phan Thiet vehicles which sell plate fruits along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street –the way to Doi Duong beach. Also, having a plate fruits shop near the train station is also much loved.

A special feature of the Phan Thiet plate fruits does not only have the seasonal fruits, plate fruits have add coconut milk, a little syrup, green beans hitting, peanuts, can also add a little durian and especially combines with a cake plate