5 must-visit destinations in South Korea

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Have you had any ideas for your foreign trip this year? Visit the land of kimchi and explore the 5 following must-visit destinations which bring you more breathtaking experiences than you’ve ever thought possible!

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Gangwondo – a paradise for sports lovers

Located in the Northeastern corner of South Korea among beautiful mountains and clean beaches, Gangwondo offers some of the best scenery in the country. Chosen as the venue of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the province is an ideal place for sport lovers. This year, the province has begun focusing its effort to preparing for the Games and developing their slogan, “Hello! Pyeongchang 2018”. Come and join in the atmosphere of the Olympic trial events. Visit the official competition venues and famous ski slopes. Don’t forget to drop a visit to Seoraksan Mountain to check out the harmonious steams and stones. The mountain was also recognized by UNESSCO as the world ecological conservation site. 

To Jeollanamdo – Slow down and enjoy your life

Jeollanamdo in southwestern Korea is home to Suncheonman Bay; Yeosu beach; and slow cites like Jeungdo Island, Cheongsando Island, and Damyang. Slow cities are communities where people live intentionally to enhance their quality of life and to protect the environment for residents, visitors, and future generations. The province is also famous for abundant seafood and its traditional folk music, Panrosi and Arirang.

In Jeollanamdo, you can take a cruise around Suncheon Bay at the sunset, try out the Yeosu’s maritime cable car, ride a bike along the beach, or just relax and enjoy Yeosu’s beauty by night. Thecological city, Suncheon, is the pearl of Jeollanamdo and a great choice for nature lovers. While you’re there, you shouldn’t miss Suncheonman Bay’s ecological park and the picturesque Songgwangsa and Seonamsa temples.

Contemplate the South Korea’s best beaches in Gyeongsangnamdo

Head east to Haeinsa, an ancient Buddhist temple and UNESCO world heritage site in Gyeongsangnamdo.If you are interested in Hallyu culture, have to check out this site adjacent to bustling Busan. 

One of the most attractive destinations in Gyeongsangnamd is Namhaedo Island with Namhae Beach and a section of Hallyeohaesang National Park, where you can enjoy the most beautiful beach scenery in South Korea. Sangju Beach often picks up during the summer. This 2km stretch is ideal for children as well. Go fishing at night on the Namuseom and Dolseom isletsor watch the sunrise’s behind Sangju on Mount Geumsan. This place is a romantic spot for couples. 

Busan– MICE on the harbor city

Situated on the Southeastern corner of the peninsula, Busan is the second largest city and the largest port in South Korea. As the South Korea’s first international city (connected with Asia, Europe, and North America) Busan is an ideal place for MICE tourism. Boasting beautiful roads and public transportation as well as high tech convention centers, Busan is one of the 4 MICE tourist cities in Asia and the world’s best international MICE city. There are numerous places for MICE tourism such as Busan Exhibition center, BEXCO convention center, and especially APEC Nurimaru Building where APEC’s meetings take place. The APEC Nurimaru Building’s name has its special meaning referring to the cooperation among 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific. Spanning an area of 19,000m2, the 3-storey APEC Nurimaru Building is the perfect combination of the latest technology and traditional Korean architecture. Situated on Dongbaek Island, it is convenient to travel from the building to Haeundae Beach, known as the most beautiful beach in Korea with white sand and endless pine forests stretching from the Pacific Ocean.

The Busan International Film Festival and Busan International Firework Festival are familiar to people around the world. The Busan International Firework Festival takes place annually in October on Gwangalli beach, attracting more than 1 million people each year. Soak in the festive atmosphere at an array of cultural events such as laser performances and striking fireworks. Relax on the beach or climb to nearby Mt. Hwangnyeongsan for the best view of the fireworks show.

Busan also boasts SMS (Seomyeon Medical Street), the first medical street in South Korea. Experience advanced beauty treatments and health care services with the most modern technology while enjoying your holiday. Apart from attractive city tours, Busan has also capitalizes on its renowned beaches such as Haeundae, Gwangalli, and Songjeong which feature wonderful scenery and unique rock formations. Amnam, Igidae, and Haean Parks bring out nature’s beauty while Jagalchi has the distinction of being the largest fish market in South Korea. Browse through the market for your favourite fresh seafood!

Experience a truly Daegu

Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea. In addition to being a modern city, the city is known for its natural heritage sites and the long history. Drop a visit to Daegu National Museum or Daegu Tower in Daegu Park – the highest tower in South Korea – to partake in a multitude of sports. 

One of the main destinations to experience the herbal culture of Daegu is the Daegu Yangnyeongsi herbal festival annually hosted at the Yangnyeongsi market. Also known as Yakjeon Golmok (the pharmacy lane), it stretches 700m along Namseong-ro Street, Jung-gu where every corner is full of herbal stores and clinics.

The five provinces and cities above promise to make for unforgettable holidays. Visit South Korea and explore this wonderful land yourself! For further information, please visit the official website of Korea Tourist Organization at www.visitkorea.org.vn or contact 04 3556 4040.

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