Experience the snow season in South Korea

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Instead of waiting for snowflakes in Sapa or admiring your friends having fun in their snow-background photos, why don’t you prepare a wonderful trip for yourself to South Korea this winter? The land of kimchi with snow-covered mountains and ski resorts is ready to welcome you!

Skiing from Gangwon-do to… Seoul

Lasting from November to February, winter in South Korea is drier and colder than that in tropical countries like Vietnam. The temperature is always under 0 degrees, and even drops down to -6 degrees in January. Upon the first snowflakes falling on the mountains, ski resorts are eager to welcome visitors from around the world. With the most annual snowfall, Gangwon-do is home to most ski resorts in South Korea, though many great resorts are situated just outside Seoul, allowing for quick and convenient ski trips. 

Muju Ski Resort


Tucked away in the mountains at about 700m above sea level, Alpensia Resort is known for its excellent snow quality and sweeping views of the majestic Daegwallyeong Mountain Range.  The resort offers 6 slopes with various courses for skiers at different skill levels and can accommodate up to 3,000 people. As the main venue for the Pyeonchang 2018 Winter Games Olympics, Alpensia Resort has recently been the subject of buzz across the nation and within the international sports community. Don’t miss the chance to witness and experience the special completion venues as well as facilities equipped for the upcoming Olympics.

The Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World is the first in South Korea to offer nighttime skiing. It has become a favorite destination for young skiers with exciting slope names such as Hip-Hop, Techno, and Funky. Some of more advanced slopes are designed with unexpected twists and turns for maximum thrills. For those who are new to the sports, Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World provides the perfect setting to safely enjoy skiing and snowboarding. All you need to do is choose the suitable slopes and work your way up to the more advanced courses.

Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Adjacent to an oak forest, Oak Valley Snow Park is smaller than most ski parks in South Korea. As a result, it offers a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and skiing slopes free from the usual crowds. It is also one of the best parks for snowboarders because there is plenty of space to try new maneuvers. 


Konjiam Resort is the largest ski resort in the Seoul vicinity, offering 9 slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. The resort limits its number of daily skiers to a maximum of 7,000 skiers per day in order to offer the best skiing experience with a wait time of 15 minutes or less. It is considered a perfect choice for families because 70% of the slopes are reserved for beginners and senior citizens. Furthermore, there are other amenities including an arboretum, ecological river, spa, and other auxiliary facilities.

Konjiam Resort

Only 40 minutes away from Gangnam, Jisan Forest Resort in Icheon-si has always been a favorite resort for those who want to make a daytrip, even if accommodations are fully booked. Thanks to the 5 high-speed lifts, there is no waiting in line, allowing visitors to reach the peak more quickly. Even though this particular resort is small scale, it is still a great value for its price, thus providing visitors an affordable winter sports experience without sacrificing quality.

Does snow sleep in South Korea?

Winter in South Korea is never boring as snow and ice are the main characteristics of the country’s unparalleled winter festivals.

The Taebaeksan Snow Festival with a large snow sculpture exhibition at Dangol Square will greet you with ice sculptures and a range of other winter-themed art. Take photos of your family, especially your little angels, with the sparkling ice works and share memorable moments by partaking in the light & ice festival around Hwangji Pond where the beautiful world of ice lights compete with the shining stars in the sky. In addition, a number of other interactive programs such as sledding, dog sledding, and other fun activities will be held during the festival period. The Taebaeksan Snow Festival will be the best winter destination providing worthwhile memories for adults and children alike. 

Alpensia Ski Resort

While fishing in autumn is popular in Oriental literature as a peaceful pastime, fishing in South Korea during winter is distinct and exciting as thick layers of ice cover the rivers and lakes. Are you ready to wade in cold water and catch fish by hand or make a small hole in the ice and relax while waiting for fish? Visit Korea and join the two unique festivals, Hwacheon Sancheoneo and Inje Icefish! Icefish fanatics can sample icefish for free and even participate in an ice-fish eating competition. Otherwise, you can bowl on the ice, play ice soccer, and even have a tug-of-war on the ice. 

Mt.Taebaek Snow Festival

Relax in the bitter season

If skiing on white mountains or partaking in winter snow festivals doesn’t interest you, then pick your own way of enjoying the season by visiting famous winter destinations in South Korea. While Jeongdogjin offers couples the most romantic sunrise, Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch is Asia's largest highland’s farm. Here, you can witness dairy cows feeding in the vast meadow. Another attractive destination is the Gyeongpo Provincial Park with Gyeongpo Lake, which is not only home to swans and mallards but also the Gyeongpo Beach - one of the cleanest beaches on the East Coast. Stroll down along the beach at sunset, stop at a restaurant serving fresh seafood when cold winds start blowing, and make your trip memorable.
Have you arranged your schedule yet? No matter where you visit, where you will stay, and which activities will do, your experience in South Korea this winter will be truly unforgettable.

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