5 best vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok you shouldn't miss

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Renowned is the land of temples and Buddhist, apart from the tasty dishes or fresh seafood dishes, vegetarian restaurants Bangkok is also a unique in Thailand cuisine. Some restaurants have both frugal dishes and pure landscape. Others have a harmonious combination of savory and vegetarian menu. So, whether you are vegetarian or just want to try changing tastes, these restaurants will be great places for your trip to Bangkok.

1. Na Aroon 

Na Aroon is famous not only for its hidden location at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 1 but also for this place serves dishes made from organic food with Thais style. Some featured dishes of Na Aroon include yellow curry with peppers, bamboo shoots, vegetarian chicken, along with the lotus leaf rice, shallots, nuts, lotus seeds and fried tofu.

This vegetarian restaurant scene also brings Bangkok natural look, tranquil and surrounds by a green garden. The restaurant also is decorated in an elegant style with the use of old-style tables. If you want to enjoy a healthy meal, equanimity, this is the place you cannot miss.

2. Broccoli Revolution 

It also is located on Sukhumvit road, Broccoli Revolution is a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok with liberal style. Modern decoration with bare brick walls, style lights, large sunny window, brings Broccoli feel like this is a coffee shop rather than a vegetarian restaurant. Because of that strange and non-religious color, it helps travelers to feel comfortable and more delicious when coming here.

In contrast with modern decoration, cuisines in this vegetarian restaurant Bangkok have origin from all areas of traditional vegetarian food in Thailand, Asia, Middle East. Most outstanding dishes can be the mezze (or mezzo) originating from the Lebanon - Mediterranean. With hummus sauce (chicken head cooked, puree with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic), tzatziki sauce (made with cucumber and yogurt), eggplant appetizer with Middle Eastern style and pita bread. Or you can also try a burger served with broccoli, quinoa bean and mango salsa sauce- tomatoes, coal cake (made of refined coal of blueberry plant).

3. May Kaidee 

Talking about the popular vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok, tourists from South to North talk about May Kaidee. This vegetarian restaurant is the best address to enjoy vegetarian foods in the ancient town area of Bangkok. Cheap and very lively, fun, you can choose dishes of various Thais style in May Kaidee vegetarian restaurant from the simple dishes such as fried rice to soups and vegetarian curries. Besides. May Kaidee vegetarian restaurant of Bangkok also opens the Thai cooking class with quite an affordable price.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok May Kaidee lies in Thai Cozy House Hotel, located on the Tanoa Street and behind the famous Khao San Road. The position of this restaurant is quite favorable, appropriate to combine with dining, rest and explore the nearby busy street.

4. Bonita Cafe and Social Club

If you love the nostalgic atmosphere, old with old wooden furniture, the Bonita Cafe, and Social Club will be the best destination. Bangkok vegetarian restaurant Bonita gives diners looks familiar, warm meal like at home with household items, adorable cats, and enthusiastic service way, warm.

Famous for vegetarian dishes, colorful half-done dishes, exquisite, and desserts such as carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake, fruit cake ... Also, vegetarian restaurant Bangkok brings a familiar style and cute, there are pizzas, pasta, and unique cuisines Asian that is sure you will like.

Vegetarian restaurant - Bonita Bangkok is located near Hindu temple on the Silom Road, Wat Khaek, and Surasak BTS station, quite easy to find and inexpensive prices. However, the restaurant is closed on Tuesday and only served lunch and dinner during the day.

5. May Veggie Home

This vegetarian restaurant serves 100 percent from homemade vegetarian dishes. Bringing an international style and retains traditional flavor Thai in cuisine, this vegetarian restaurant always stands the top of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants. This is also one of the favorite destinations of foreign guests when coming to Bangkok.

You can try the vegetarian Thai menu, Japanese gyoza shrimp dumpling, Burmese tea leaf salad, or even spring rolls, Vietnam roll cakes. Along with kinds of vegetarian cakes, ice cream and other vegetarian foods 

It is also quite easy to find Bangkok May because it is closed to BTS Asok, few minutes for walking (from BTS station, walk towards the Benjakittti park).

The vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok carry different colors and styles, but the common feature is that these places are served delicious and unique vegetarian dishes in Bangkok. Although you are a person who eats vegetarian, only a few days or simply want to change the taste, take a look at these places. Buffalotrip.com makes sure that this restaurant is always a wise choice for the good meals in yourself and family in Bangkok city, Thailand.