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When to go & weather


Southeast Asia is hot and humid most of the year. The temperature hovers  around 30 ℃ all year round and it often rains . Among all the countries, Thailand is the hottest. A jacket is enough for January, the coldest month. Countries close to the equator, including Malaysia, Singapore. Indonesia and the Philippines, have only two seasons, wet and dry seasons. The wet season is usually in winter, while the dry season is in summer.

In Indochina, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, there are three well-marked seasons: hot, wet and dry. The dry season from November to February is relatively cool and is considered the best time to visit those countries. The hottest days comes in April with temperatures rising to above 40℃. The wet season occurs around July, which is characterized by sunny mornings and shot showers in the afternoon.

When to go

With a few exceptions, wherever and whenever you travel in Southeast Asia, you are likely to encounter hot and humid weather. All of Southeast Asia lies within the Tropics, and the countries closest to the Equator -- Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and southern Thailand -- have the hottest annual temperatures.

Holidays & Festivals -- Some of the holidays celebrated in Southeast Asia might affect your vacation plans, either positively or negatively

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