10 must try delicious foods when traveling to Spain

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Whether you're taking a city break in Barcelona or Madrid, or have plumped for a countryside or coastal retreat, the food of Spain is packed with flavour and character. This is 10 best foods, buffalotrip.com thinks that you should take note of your list about top things to eat in Spain.

1. Jamón or salty pork

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Jamon (or salty pork) is one of the famous cuisines of the Spaniard. Jamón Serrano has two types; there are Serrano categories (pigs of an industry) and Iberica (pigs which eat acorns).

Jamón Iberica usually has black colour and more flavor than because pigs have a special diet so this kind of production is limited. Jamón Serrano is also made in large quantities and export to many countries around the world.

2. Patatas Potato 

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Patatas potato is a dish wich is made from boiled potatoes and fried for crispy from the outside. Sauces are used to sprinkle on top of the food depending on each region, but it usually is aioli – a special sauce of the Mediterranean region including garlic, olive oil, eggs ...

3. Omlette

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Spanish Omlette is called Tortilla Española, using potatoes and eggs is the main material. This dish is often served with crunchy bread slices anointing with tomato sauce is so delicious.

4. Paella 

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Paella is a popular fried rice dish and it presents in everywhere of Spain. Paella has three types: Valencia rice, seafood rice, and mixed rice. Rice is cooked in a large pan with rice, kinds of seafood and vegetables, depending on combinations of each region but it is necessary to have bomba rice, pistil of the saffron plant, chili flour, olive oil.

5. Churros 

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Churros a kind of Spanish donut, you can sprinkle a little sugar to eat together. Also, travelers should also enjoy the churros with chocolate sauce bowl. This food can be enjoyed at any time at the small cake or ice cream stores on the street.

6. Olive

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Not only having salty pork or tomato, Spain is also known for delicious fresh olive sources. The olive dish can be found in most restaurants in Spain. Recipes are variety such as  dipping into oil, mixing with pepper or butter, and sprinkle with rosemary leaves...

7. Catalan ice cream 

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Catalan ice cream is a popular dessert and also common for the Catalan ice cream area . 

8. Espetos

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Coming to the city of Malaga, Spain, guests can’t miss tasting Espetos. This is a skewered pilchard is grilled directly on coal.

9. Pulpo a la gallega

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Pulpo a la gallega is boiled octopus dish and mixed with salt and pepper and serve with sweet wood plate. 

10. Nail snail

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Nail snail is a kind of seafood in Galicia region, northwestern Spain. Long and crunchy snails are often cooked with oil and herbs.