Tasting Paella — One of the most famous dishes of Spain

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“In your opinion, which is the most unique dish among Spanish cuisine?” Most of visitors share the same answer – Paella, and the place to enjoy this scrumptious dish is nowhere else but Madrid.

Paella which means “the pan” in Spanish refers to the way it is prepare and served –on a large pan. The dish is very popular in Valencia and Murcia – the regions on the eastern coastal of Spain which is renowned for rice dishes.

Paella became popular in Spain thanks to the Moors, a group of Muslim people living in Northwestern Africa. These people dominated numerous areas in Spain from 711 to 1492 and made a great impact on Spanish culinary culture. During the period, the Moors grew rice in the lands of now Valencia and Murcia. Since then, the rice dish has become a significant part in the culinary art there. The most unique kinda of Paelle are Bomba and Calasparra. It is impressive that cooking such dishes requires one to add lot of water when cooking the rice but the grains still retain their original shape, making the Paella perfect.

Little did people know that traditional Paella is not as various and attractive as it now. Before locals began adding seafood to the dish, they only used pork grilled in a traditional style, rice, beans, and snails to prepare Paella. Gradually, rabbit meat, liver, and chicken heart are also added. Nowadays, you can find everything in Paella, but if you want to try the original one, let’s enjoy snails!

If you have a chance to visit Madrid, then do not forget to enjoy the renowned dish. Rice, vegetables, meat, and the spices make Paella the most aromatic and vivid dish one can imagine. There are three main options for you, including Valencian Paella, seafood Paella, and mixed Paella.

There are also various recipes for Paella. The Valencia’s style includes chicken, rabbit meat, snails, and three types of fresh beans. Most modern-day Paella variations consist of seafood, chicken, and vegetables. The dish, therefore, is exceptionally nutritious. It is interesting that you don’t need to follow any recipe, just adjust it to your own likings. Meanwhile, Paella’s ingredients change from region to region, from time to time, and depend on the local traditions and available ingredients. As long as you choose fresh ingredients and cook with passion, you will create great Paella.