The 9 scariest bridges around the world

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The scariest bridges on the planet For the local people, it is easy to go over these bridges, but travelers, this is an adventure sport that requires the courage and skill.

Tree house bridge, Jaipur, India

Bridge through the forest, Tree House Resort, Jaipur, India: We're starting off simple – this sketchy-looking bridge is probably one of the safest you'll see in this list, given that it's part of a hotel in India. But probably best avoided if you've been indulging at the hotel bar – Tree House.

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The Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

It's not difficult to see why this is considered as one of the most dangerous bridge in the world. Every step requires a leap of faith . However, this bridge attracts tourists try and want to admire the majestic scenery here.

A walk and a hike bridge, Western New Guinea

This suspension bridge above the rapids of the Baliem River goes not only across – but up, as well, meaning there's two ways you can miss your step.

Shaky steps over the rainforest, Brazil

This bridge may be part of a jungle ropes course in Pirenopolis, but there's no question it will make your legs tremble – those steps in the middle are actually meant to be free-swinging.

A scary selfie bridge, Kashmir Himalayas, India

A scary selfie, Kashmir Himalayas, India: Our applause goes out to the individual who took this shot. Crossing a bridge like this and then also feeling confident enough to stop and take a shoe-selfie? That's bravery.

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Stepping over space bridge, Austria

Not every sketchy bridge is in the middle of a jungle in a developing country. This pulse-quickening traverse hangs above a healthy amount of alpine air in Austria.

Cirrus business on Mt Nimbus bridge, British Columbia, Canada

This high altitude suspension bridge on Mountain Nimbus is a bad-joke-teller's dream. But with such sketchy footing, it's best to keep your head out of the clouds.

Making it over the Mekong River, Laos

The Mekong River travels through six different countries in South-East Asia and offers conditions from gently moving water to frothing rapids. We're guessing most people want more than two skinny ropes to cross it – but this individual seems to be doing just fine.

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Trekking Everest, Nepal

These bridges are hardly permanent – every year they're put up by Sherpas to help Everest Climbers navigate the incredibly dangerous Khumbu Ice Fall. It's one of the most treacherous parts of an Everest attempt, where precision footwork is required while wearing crampons with a heavy backpack on your shoulders.


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