27 island photos that will make you want to travel

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Even if you've been everywhere on the continent, these dreamy locales (aka your new bucket list) will inspire serious wanderlust. Order your 2015 Islands wall calendar for a mini vacation every month.

Dominican Republic

Every week, about 50,000 people visit Punta Cana, the DR's all-inclusive hub. Sanctuary Cap Cana stands out because it's removed from the others.

Motu Teta, Tahiti

Even if you've been everywhere on the continent, these dreamy locales (aka your new bucket list) will inspire serious wanderlust. Order your 2015 Islands wall calendar for a mini vacation every month.


By boat is the only way to reach Chatham Bay, an epic snorkeling spot that stretches along the west coast of Union Island.


On Mahe Island (the largest among the Seychelles), views like this one at the Constance Ephelia Resort are among the best in the Indian Ocean.


The Na Pali flyover never gets old, even for locals who say views of the 17-mile-long coast and 3,000-foot cliffs still bring them to tears.


The hotel is the Blue Oyster in Jambiani, but what stands out here is the octopus curry... and yeah, that view.

Peter Island, BVI

Check out the space at this private island resort: six beaches, 1,800 acres and just 52 rooms.

New Zealand

Behind those rocks is an actual working farm called Mount Nicholas Station. Stay overnight, then take the sheep-shearing class in the morning.

Bali, Indonesia

The rice terraces around Sidemen Valley are dug by hand. Each small rice stalk is parted the same way — by hand.


Aboard [Southern Cross Timer](http://www.southerncrossbluecruising.com/) is the idle way to see the Greek Isles. Here in Kalymnos, spotting a sponge diver is likely.


The Byodo-In Temple, featured as a stand-in for Korea in the TV series Lost, was buil to honor the 100-year anniversary of the Japanese immigrants to Hawaii.


Claiming to have the world's freshest air, this island off Southern Australia has a rugged coast that's a magnet for whales from October to December.


On the mainland and on its islands, Panama is thought to have more bird species than the U.S. and Canada combined.


Bora Bora's first overwater bungalows were built in the early 1970s. Overwater bungalows are still the no. 1 reason people travel to Tahiti.


Is it any wonder that Fijians are considered the most contented people in the world?

St. Lucia

The towering Pitons flank the private hillside villas at Sugar Beach.

Langford Island, Australia

The sands of the Whitsunday Islands are often hailed as the cleanest and squeakiest on the planet.


Tahiti's first overwater bungalows were built in 1968. They are now the ultimate South Pacific escape.

New Caledonia

Of the 100,000 annual visitors to New Caledonia, only 12,000 make it out to the archipelago's Loyalty Islands.


The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on Mount Desert Island is a photographer's dream. It's also home to a family.


The 16 islands in the Islas Secas archipelago remain as pure as the snorkleing haven around them.


Mist emerges from lava rock at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Park on the always active Big Island.


Castello di Venere takes in the last glimpse of daylight high above the Province of Trapani.


The island of La Digue is best known for gigantic boulders on the beach and enormous tortoises in the bush.


A daybed at the Geejam Hotel straddles the foothills of the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea.

Kauai, Hawaii

The Na Pali coast is named for the "high cliffs" that keep the beach almost inaccessible.


This hut serves as a real-estate office in the only Central American country where English is the official language.


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