Best Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo

Best Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo

For much of the last decade, Tokyo has held the world record for the most Michelin-starred restaurants within a city, beating even Paris. From Japanese contemporary cuisine, traditional sushi and sashimi, to French contemporary, each restaurant pioneers exceptional flavours while understanding the essence of a high-quality dining experience.

Michelin first covered Tokyo, or actually a narrow slice of central Tokyo, in 2007. The results stunned France, and particularly Paris, as Tokyo became the city with the greatest number of three-star restaurants in the world.

The current ranking has Tokyo at number one with a total of fourteen, Paris sulking in second place with ten, and Kyoto in third with six. New York has four three-star restaurants, and London but one.

The rankings - and the Guide itself - have of course not been without controversy.

In Tokyo, some establishments banned reviewers from eating at their restaurants. This was mainly because, in the first few years, there were no Japanese reviewers. (In the latest edition, that problem has been rectified.)

Below, we pick the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo.